About Us

Hello, my name is Adanne; I started meafterdark in 2018 because I wanted a place to anonymously tell stories and sort through the romantic wreckage of my 20’s.

I am a voracious daydreamer, foodie & wine connoisseur and I’m obsessed with horror movies, 90’s R&B and true crime stories. I like my lipstick red and my coffee strong.

When I’m not writing, I analyze the intricacies of modern romance (In plain English, I masturbate) or you might find me bent over a desk at my day job, responding to work emails, which for some reason always starts with “Hope you are having a great day?”

My favourite saying is – Jump into the fear and you’ll see it doesn’t exist!

Want to chat? I’ll love to hear from you.

Adanne Belle  / Founder

The Philosophy

Meafterdark is a unique adult community inspired by a need for sex-positivity. Over the years, we have built a strong online community with over twenty thousand followers who read our stories for their pleasure.

While you’ll find lots of stories about sex and dating in the sex stories section, meafterdark is constantly evolving and you will see articles on mental health, women empowerment and lifestyle.



Our content is open, honest, and relatable. We reflect the modern-day sex, dating, and relationship experiences with a twist of wittiness.


We inspire and empower women to feel confident, take control, and discuss their sex lives openly, without shame, judgment, or double standards.


We share expert advice and other information through our articles, guides, and reviews, with a non-judgemental voice that men and women trust.