Are you afraid? – He asked, his hands running through my hair, the blood trickling down my face. He squatted, his face barely a few inches away from mine, his horrible breath enveloping my face, he dragged my hair, lifting my face upwards and he asked “Are you Afraid?” I heaved and struggled to hold back the tears brewing.

ARE YOU AFRAID?? – He screamed at me, spit from his mouth plastered all over my face, I squeezed my face in disgust, heaving and sighing as much as I could. “Where una keep the girl” – He asked me? “I don’t know sir, I don’t know anything about any girl, I have only been to this house twice”. “ok you no wan talk abi?, no worry, spider bring that pliers come for me, i go show this ashawo say here no be hotel”…
“please sir, please, I don’t know anything about any girl, I’m a student, I have only been to this house twice, I went to the market to buy things for soup, when I got back, I saw you guys, I don’t know anything, I’m still a student, check my bag, my school ID is there, I can call my HOD, I can ask my room mate to bring my admission letter, I know nothing about a girl, I don’t know anything ” – I kept yelling, the words pouring faster as the other man with the pliers got closer. ” boss, see the pliers dem” – He said, handing it to the man with the bad breath.. “please, I beg you, I know absolutely nothing, I have no idea what is going on, check my phone, my password is bahamas, see our BBM messages, see when we met. I swear to you, I know nothing about any girl”.. Bad breath wasn’t listening, instead he kept playing with the set of pliers, deciding on which one to use, then he yelled at spider again.
Bring me that hammer make i take one of her finger. “Haaa sir, I swear on my life, kill me today or tomorrow, you will see that you have killed the wrong person, you can confirm all I have said if you just go through my phone, it will only take a minute… Spider brought the hammer, he was also holding my handbag, he gave bad breath the hammer and he held my phone, “Wetin you call the password again” – “B A H A M A S” – I spelt it out loud, “his BBM name is owoade, have you seen it?” – He didn’t respond, my body stiffened.

Silence… Hammer swinging from left to right looking for bones to crush, bad breath smiling, his rotten teeth looked like we were on the set of a horror movie. “Sir have you seen it, I’m telling you the truth, please I’m the only child of my parents, I have never stolen a dime in my life, I am not a thief, I don’t know anything about any girl, I am…”… “if you no shut-up, I go give you better slap” – bad breath said, cutting me short. The hammer in one hand, pliers in the other; he was pure evil, I could see the blood lust in his eyes, he wanted to break me so bad.

We heard screaming and we turned around, there was a man, he was dragged in by some other people, I blinked, the blood on my head was covering my eyes, the cuffs made it impossible for me to clean off the blood. Bad breath walked towards the screaming man and i could hear him kicking and shouting at the man. Finally, I thought, at least someone else to bear the brunt of his anger… “O’boy Wetin you still dey read?” – he asked spider and continued “make we clear this girl comot here”… “Remove the handcuffs” – Spider said… “Sir, have you seen it, have you seen it sir” – I asked, relief coursing through my veins… A slap landed on my face, it felt like the hammer was used on my face… “I think i tell you, make you shut up” – bad breath said in pidgin and continued “try am again, you go receive times 2”

My head was ringing “Ada steady, Ada, Adaaa, focus or you will die here, Adaaa” – my mind called out to me… I was dragged from the floor to a chair, I cleaned the blood as much as I could from my face, praying the ringing stopped, I was sure that I was now partially deaf. “No be you dem dey talk to” – Bad breath said, hitting the table! “Sorry sir, I’m sorry sir” – I said… “Tell me everything from the beginning” – spider said.

On October 1, my friend Sarah invited me to a birthday party, we lived in the same hostel in school. She said, it was her boyfriend’s birthday and she wanted a lot of her female friends to attend the party so that it wouldn’t be boring.

I and about 30 other girls from my hostel attended the party, it started at about 2pm and we got there around 3pm.

There was a dance competition, where we went around chairs and at the end of that competition, I won. The price money was N5,000, Ade was the one that gave out the price money.

After I collected the money, he asked for my number and I gave it to him and that’s how we met. •

“What is the name of your friend’s boyfriend?” – Bad breath asked. “Chinedu” – I said. “For where una do this party? ” – spider asked in pidgin… “For Chinedu house, I know the place, I fit take you there” – I replied in pidgin…. “OK Wetin come happen after you give am your number?” – bad breath said, spurring me to continue… “He collected my bbm pin, and he added me on bbm. Once in a while, he’d write me messages asking about my schooling and welfare. The conversations were usually short. ” ” So na your boyfriend?” – bad breath asked.

I nodded, ashamed to even say it.

A man walks towards us and they all stood at attention to greet the man. The new man looked at me and asked “Is this the suspect?”… and bad breath responded
“Yes sir”…. I couldn’t help it anymore, I began to cry, I had never been in that position before… “put her in the cell, chief is around, we are having a meeting upstairs with him”

Bad breath got up, dragged me by the arm and dropped me in a cell. He locked the gate and that was when the tears came free flowing, I couldn’t help myself, I felt lost, dejected and unlucky.

Flies buzzed around my wound, the women at the station counter laughed hysterically at some show on TV, I hated them, here I was, struggling to breathe, fighting for my life and they were right in front of me laughing. What in God’s name could be that funny?

In that moment; I realised, I was truly on my own. I sat on the floor, my back pressed to the wall, tears mixed with blood trickling down to the blue shirt I had on, I remembered, I remembered everything, everything that got me to this point. “October 1, independence party, they had called it, the girls in my hostel squealing like rats… please pass me your eyeliner, I could hear one girl say, please pass me your brown powder, said some one else… Ada what are you wearing, don’t over dress o, you are not the celebrant’s girlfriend, my room mate said… It seemed like a carnival, the mood was gay, everyone was happy, girls were running up and down the stairs, borrowing makeup, wigs, lipsticks, dresses, just so they could look their best”

I remembered sarah knocking on my door, yelling “Adaaa ooo, we are late please, if you come outside, other girls will hurry up”…. “I’m sorry, I dey come” – I said to her in pidgin, checking out my curves in the half broken mirror, planning how I would hold my stomach in.

I remembered everything.

I told bad breath and spider that I met Ade at the party, what I didn’t add was that we were the last contenders in that dancing competition and I dragged the chair away and he fell on the floor all because I wanted to win.

I didn’t add that while I danced, Ade was grinding on me, while I flung my hips from side to side dancing to lady saw’s PRETTY PUSSY, his hard dick pressed against my soft bum, his hands parting my hair, as he whispered sweet nothings to my ears. We were smitten with each other, him more than me. I wasn’t there to impress anyone, I played, danced and laughed hard. He was turned on by my realness.

I didn’t add that while we danced, his hands roamed all through my body, grabbing my ass, fingers running through my hair, “Your body is so soft” constantly whispered in my ears, lots of I want you and I can’t wait to have you whispered on a loop as our bodies touched.

I didn’t add the kiss, how primal it felt, we had both baited each, it was clear as day that we would do this, there was no feeling of love just a complete tussle for control, we both wanted to be in charge and neither of us was willing to back down. we aimed to tame, he used words, I used my tongue taking long swipes on his face, letting him know I wasn’t afraid, I wasn’t going to back down to please his ego. I like challenges, I loved the thrill of a chase.
He laughed at some point and said “You are a very stubborn girl”
“So are you” – I replied, letting my tongue nibble on his ears. “What’s your name?” – he asked… “Ohh you already forgot?” – I asked, teasing him… “I heard your friends call you but it has escaped my mind, do you even know my name?” – Ade asked… “No I don’t, I don’t think I even want to know your name, because after today, we may not see again?”- I said. “Ohh wow” – Ade exclaimed.. •

• “Aunty you need pure water” – one of the women at the counter asked, breaking me out of my thoughts. “Yes ma” – I said

She handed me 2 sachet water, both hot, I opened the water and drank, it burned my throat but i didn’t mind, I was so thirsty. I tried to wash my face with the other but it felt like I was going to die!! “Fuckkkkkk, aaaarrgghhhh, fuccckkkkkk” – I cursed…

The pain shot through my spine. Lesson to self, don’t pour water on an open wound”

The laughter again , the one that gave me the water bade farewell to the others as she left. “Fuckkk” – I screamed this time, I needed to wash this wound, the side of my face felt sticky, I remove the satin scarf which I used as a belt on my jeans and made a stupid attempt to cover the wound. My head nearly exploded in pain… The tears came pouring again, I was loosing my mind and I thought I would die there…. •

• “Let’s go back to my hotel” – Ade said as we moved to a corner outside the house to talk, the music was too loud inside the house. “Lick my pussy first and then I will think about whether or not I want to go back with you. – I said, defiantly.

He kissed his lips and dropped to his knees, raising one of my legs and placing it on his shoulder, he shifted my panties and his tongue went to work, sucking and licking my pussy, I tried to stay steady, but his tongue was sending bouts of pleasure too fast for my brain to process, i held his head as he drove a finger inside me, curved it and began to flick my g-spot, his tongue gently stroking my clit, slow, wet strokes back and forth… He said nothing, he knew he had me exactly where he wanted me… “Fuck me please, just fuck me” – I said

Ade got up, grabbed his wallet from his back pocket, brought out a condom and wore on his cock, I turned around, my hands placed on the wall, ass resting on his thighs as he shoved his cock inside me… “Hmmmm, yessss” – I moaned.

Ade grabbed my tits with one hand, the other hand dragging my waist back and forth on his dick. “Ohh yesss, yesss, fuck me Harder, fuck me, Ohh yeas fuck, fuck me good” – I screamed, my voice drowned by the music.

He fucked me, his hands rubbing on my tits, my ass clapping on his thighs, him stealing kisses from behind. We were in sync, we both wanted to be fucked. “kiss me” – Ade said as he thrust in and out of me, dragging my hair. His hands grabbed my throat, choking me while my left boob hung outside my dress. This man fucked me until he felt me spasm on his cock… “Don’t cum, I didn’t say you could cum” – Ade said and took out his dick, leaving me…

I grabbed his dick just before he could put on his trousers “I would cut it off and fuck myself with it, if you play this game with me” – I said, matter of factly.

He laughed, I grabbed one of the party chairs we used for the dance competition outside and I asked him to sit on it.

I lowered my pussy on his dick, slapping my big boobs on his face. “Lick them” – I said.
Ade grabbed one of them, his tongue licking as I rode his dick, my ass going all the way up to the tip and then going back down in one fell swoop. “Arrghhh, Ohh damnnnn” – He moaned, holding my waist, smacking my ass, impelling me to go faster.

We were both hot, hard cock in wet warm pussy, titties clapping in his face, ass bouncing on his thighs. “Hmmmm, aahhh, fucckkk, yeaaasss, yesss, ohhh fucckkk me, fuck me good, fuck me
harder, fuck yes” I bucked and whined my hips as I reached orgasm… I made to stand up but Ade held me by the waist, thrusting his dick farther and farther inside me, grunting and moaning, his head buried in my boobs, screams of “Fuckkkkkk” as he reached orgasm too.

I felt his dick pulsating inside me, before getting up. He took off the condom and said “Your name is Ada, I remember now” •••••
A lady opened the cell I was in.
“come with me” – She said

I was outside now, it was raining.
“sit here” – She said and continued. “I want to help you, you just have to tell me the truth ok?”
I nodded, I was too tired.

She continued- “you said that you have only been to this house twice, when was the first time?” “Last month” – I replied.

She nodded her head and asked. “This time around, that you went there, did you see any other girl there? “No ma, only my cousin came there one day with one of Ade’s friends but they left immediately”

She said OK. “You didn’t see any girl tied in any of the rooms, they did not mention anything about any girl while you were there?” – She asked. “No ma, nothing like that” – I said as the tears poured down my face. “Tell me the truth, I can’t help you, if you don’t tell me the truth” – she said.. “please ma, I heard nothing about no girl, I don’t even know this guy like that, we are just getting to know each other, I am not a bad person, please help me ma. ” – I said, pleading. “I know, but you are already in this problem, you leave school wey your papa and mama send you to, instead you come see man, now see your life, you better tell me the truth, otherwise you see this man wey dey there” – she paused and pointed to bad breath who was standing a bit farther from us “for night, he dey rape girls wey dey inside cell and you be fine girl” – she concluded in pidgin. “haaaa God, please help me ma” – I cried, my head threatening to explode as I pleaded with her… “Na you fit help yourself, come with me to my Oga office”

She got up and I walked behind her, crying, thinking about how much I have failed my parents.

We walked up a couple of stairs until we got to an office, she knocked and a man opened the door… “Sir here is the suspect” – she said immediately we entered…. “Adaaaa” – I heard a man scream… It was my father.

My dad was in the office with my uncle, we call him Chief, he was the richest uncle I had but very stingy. “Daddy, I’m so sorry” – I said. “What are you doing here” – he asked in igbo and turned to the police man who bad breath saluted downstairs. “How is my daughter a suspect?”… “We found her in the house where the boy who picked up the money went to” – The police captain responded.
My father shouted in pidgin “impossible, this my pikin no dey put hand for such thing”

My uncle tapped his legs asking my father to calm down but my father was having none of it.
I couldn’t contain myself, I was relieved, happy and sad all at the same time at least I knew I wasn’t going to die here, my father would not allow it….

• “Ada” – My uncle spoke this time. “For the place where the police arrested you, did you see Amaka there?”.. “”yes sir” – I responded…. “you see, so she know about it” – My uncle shouted at my father…. “Wait, wait wait” – My dad said. “Ada, listen to me, explain everything to me, don’t hide anything, do you understand? ” – my dad said in igbo. “Do you know the people that kidnap amaka?” – he asked…. •• ••
“Kidnap? Amaka was not kidnapped daddy! She is with her boyfriend, her boyfriend is friends with my ‘friend’, he owns the house where police arrested me”


Apparently my cousin connived with her boyfriend who was friends with Ade to rip her father of five million naira.

The day we met at Ade’s place, she kept telling me, if anybody ask you whether you saw me, say no… I laughed, wondering why anyone would ask me about her. We were in different schools, I only travelled to this state to see my boyfriend.

They bound her in a room, took pictures and sent it to my uncle, requesting for five million naira or she dies. My uncle contacted my father a day before I was arrested and they travelled together to Inform the police about the kidnap, they dropped the ransom and amaka’s boyfriend picked the money and came to Ade’s house to get his car.

I was at the market when all of this was happening, completely oblivious. Ade and his friend escaped and when I returned from the market, the police assumed I was part of the kidnapping gang and arrested me for a crime that never happened.

This singular incident made me wary of going to any body’s house.

My father paid my bail and brought me back to Lagos, waited for me to get well before he and my mum descended on me for leaving school to go visit a boy… My cousin spent 4 months in jail and more than 10 years later, I still don’t talk to her… ••
The End.

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