The Corporate Alcoholic

I am a corporate alcoholic, I don’t even know if there is a term like this. Maybe I say this just to make myself feel good.
Stay with me for a minute, maybe at the 59th second, you would understand what I’m saying or writing…
If you watch HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, I am Analise Keating with the Alcohol problem (and yes the sex problem, the rush to scratch an itch problem then dump you like we never met).
A couple of days ago at work, I had my favourite vodka errand messenger ask me “aunty how far na, you no go buy that thing today”. I didn’t need it, but her words took me by surprise, like can you imagine, some one now actually symbolises me with alcohol, while she’s busy taking lunch orders from my colleagues, she’s asking me what brand of liquor I need today. 😂😂 I could only imagine the gist with her peers “see that one with her glasses, na ogogoro master 😅😅” for my non Nigerian readers, ogogoro means liquor. I laughed it off, my colleagues looking at me, wondering if I had gone mad. I bowed my head and looked away, only to raise it up to put the cash in her hand so she could buy the usual. 😅

The thing with corporate alcoholism is, when it’s far, you are fine but when you have it in your lower right drawer, you begin to loose your mind…

I take a couple of minutes, struggling with the inner Christian and ethics committee board of my conscience but as usual I casually stroll to the bathroom, my handbag in hand, a pack of menthol, mouth spray and my body spray in the bag.
Chug 1, chug 2, then shake my body for the good effect, throw menthol in my mouth, sprinkle some mouth spray and then some body spray all over… Ka-ching! I’m brand new!
Walk back to my desk feeling like a goddess who came down from the sun, smiling at this earthly beings like they are not on my level. The alcohol makes everything easy, makes life smooth…. 5 hours later, I’m scrolling through my phone sending “Hey Big Head” to almost anyone I can find. Eventually found a girl, live a couple of minutes away from work…
“Hey Ada, I’ve missed you, this one you remember me today”- She says…. “well I always remember you, I just don’t tell you I’m remembering you” – I replied and continued “do you still have that my red gown at your place”… “yes, are you coming?” – she asked. “no darling, you’ll always cum first” – I replied.

I swear I could see the smile through the phone.

Work done, bottle of wine in hand while I knocked at her door. “hey Ada” – she said, as she opened the door and gave me a hug, that lavender scent in her room giving me a warm welcome. “how are ya, I brought this” – I said, handing the bottle of wine to her. “Thank you hun” – she responded, taking the wine from me and walking into the kitchen to fill two glasses.

I left the living room and quickly walked to the bathroom to shower, when I was done, I walked out naked, leaving nothing to imagination. “heyyy” – she said, passing the other glass of wine to me, my tits bouncing as I walked, the excitement in her eyes clear as day. “Are you hungry” – she asked. I shook my head, I had had enough to eat at work.

And so we sat, in silence, waiting patiently like lionesses going for the kill, the tense air in the room building. “so” – we both said. “you go first” – I said.
“where have you been, been trying to reach you Ada, but you have just not been available” – she said, her eyes piercing me, she was expecting the lie I was about to give and I was not one to disappoint. “errmmm, it’s work” – I replied “you fucking liar, ehh Ada you can lie” – she poked at me as she spoke. “you break my heart small o but no problem” – she continued.

I gulped the wine in my cup and then said. “come sit on my face, let me make it up to you”

In all my life as a woman and being with women, there are a few sentences that I have found out truly makes a woman happy.
◾Take this money
◾Send me your account number
◾I got this for you, I hope you like it ◾Sit on my face
◾I’m going to fuck you or eat you when we get home…just to mention a few, I’ve used some, if not all to 🤐🤐🤐. Back to my story; “Kiss me first” she said as she got up from the couch to sit across my legs, her slender frame preseed against me.

The moment our lips touched, all inhibitions went away, we drew breaths with fiery flame, our hands ravaged our skins, hair grabbing, tongue to neck, hand casually strolling from back to ass.

Celina got up, taking off her clothes before jumping back on me and we both started laughing “you want to break my legs right?” – I said.

She laughed and continued kissing me, then propped herself up so she could fix her nipples in my mouth, I Licked one while I played with the other. My hand working overtime, the alcohol making my mouth numb…
“ahhhh, ohhh, I’ve missed you, yessss baby, suck it, just like that, uhhhhj, fucccck, yes” – her moans were my connection with reality as I alternated between sucking, licking and stroking… Tongue for wetness, sweet beautiful body dancing and quaking under the dim light, pussy juice staining my thighs…. I stopped, are you sure you don’t want to sit on my face now… I asked…

“Get up, stand there” – I said, pointing to the TV.

While she walked away from the couch, I sat on the floor and beckoned to her to come to me. I was going to take my time and I wanted the both of us to be comfortable. She put each leg across me and moved her pussy close to my lips, the couch serving as a cushion for her knees. “tap tap tap” – I slapped on her pussy with the right kind of pressure, then took a big lick, making sure that spit drops from pussy to my boobs.
Ahhhhhhh – she moaned I stretched my hand and dragged her face towards me, so she could taste her pussy juice on my lips.

Back down… “Swipe swoosh” – tongue out, hand in, 1 finger curved inside her thrusting in and out of her very quickly… Hand out – tongue back in, long lick from clit to pussy hole to butt hole, eat, lick, suck, my hands spreading her butt cheeks so I could continue spreading wetness. “ahhhh Ada, fuckkk Ada, Ada pleaseeee, ohhh gawd, fuckkk, yessss”

Celina jerked and grind on my tongue, wanting more but too afraid to take it, she would raise her ass up, beg me only to put it back down as I left my tongue open. “mwaaah, mwaahh” – I would make kissing sounds as I sucked on her clit, dragging it gently, letting the softness of my mouth drive pleasure up her body… “kiss me first” – I said this time, as I stopped sucking her.

And she grabbed my face and devoured my lips..

When celina kisses like that, she’s close to cuming. I raised her up and put my tongue back to work, licking and kissing away alternating between fingers and tongue. “Ohh fuckkk, yesss fuckkk, ohhh yeaaa, my pussy, fuckkk yeaaa”

She moaned, bouncing her pussy up and down my face, my tongue working overtime to bear the weight of her bouncy ass “ohhh put your finger in my pussy, I’m going to cummmm, yessss, Ohh fuck yes” – she moaned.

I place two fingers curved inside of her, flicking the walls inside of her…
“fuckkkk, fuckkkk yeaaaasss” – she moaned as I moved my fingers in and out of her while my tongue lapped on her clit. “ohhh I’m cummming, fuckkkk I’m cummming” – celina moaned as she got up from on top of me and laid on the floor, the squirt gushing out of her pretty pussy. “ahhhbh, oohhhhh, fuckkkk” – she screamed, as she rubbed on her pussy, the gushing liquid spurting out of her pussy. I moved closed to her and kissed her, moving my lips slowly down her neck and down to her pussy to snatch her soul. “aaaarrrghhhhhh” – she screamed as my tongue cleaned the wetness off her pussy.

And we laid there together, before waking up 2 hours later just to go shower and sleep so I could wake up in time for work the next day.

Mr Folom

A long time ago, I was job hunting and I needed some extra money to add to what I was already making from my side hustle, you see I was not the type to beg or ask for favours when times get rough, I might need someone to talk to but hardly would I ever ask for anything (except in dire situations). I went to a popular job vacancy site and began my search for work, applying day in , day out to almost every vacancy I could find, if you live in nigeria, you would understand that getting a job is not always based on your credentials and or experience, but I didn’t let that derail me.

One day, in usual fashion, I had just completed my morning rounds at the local business I owned and I went home to start applying again, I found a job with a very , for a lack of a better word “weird” outline, it was a job position for business manager, those interested were to add a BBM pin and await further instructions.

Initially, I thought this was a scam but I enjoy suffering fools, I would usually stay on the phone with scammers who pretend to be employees of my bank while they tell me how my card has been blocked by my supposed bank and they are calling to help me recover it. I would then proceed to read out fake numbers on my fake credit cards, laughing as they frantically tried to withdraw whatever money was on the card “madam the number is wrong, please call it again” – They would say. “Oh so sorry, the 6 there is not 6, its 9, wait let me get my glasses, I had the card upside down all this time” – I would reply. “ok ma” – they would say as they lie in wait like wolves waiting to devour a sheep.

Here I was, shaking a few papers to create the semblance of a search for my glasses; “Hello, are you there?” – I would say as I continued “ok the correct numbers are 5399865421876478 and the cvv is 071 and the expiry date is 08/2019. Did you get all of that?” – I would ask “Yes ma, but its incorrect” – The reply came on the other end of the line. “yes I know and that’s how everything in your life will be incorrect” – I would reply before bursting into laughter.

“Ashawo, your mama toto, idiot, prostitute” – my bank employees cum scammers would insult me with a barrage of slew pidgin words which roughly translates to Prostitute, your mother’s pussy, idiot, prostitute. In Nigeria, our men have been trained from childhood to believe that the highest level of insult you can give to a woman is calling her a prostitute, but I am a “fucking ho” and I don’t mind being called a ho! LOL.

Anyways, when I saw the ad for the job, it felt more like a thrilling adventure than an actual job, so I added the blackberry messenger pin and wrote the person, there was no response for about 3 days and on the third day, I received a list of 20 personality questions and a shabby apology from the person on the other end. This was beginning to get interesting, the basis of the entire questionnaire was to find out how religious and diligent the candidate was, I sent in my answers and contact details and SILENCE.
It took 3 days and I received a message to meet the next day, I was down with a fever and as much as I would have loved to meet the mystery person behind this online interview, I was too tired to move. In retrospect, I actually thought this was some kind of covert recruitment for a government agency, I was ready to be bound and gagged and put into a bus and then taken to the middle of nowhere, don’t blame me, blame my Hollywood movie collection.

I explained to the mystery man that I was sorry and I could not make it but if he would be so kind as to reschedule, I would appreciate it. He heaved, his voice calm and reeked of masculinity, I wanted to meet my mystery man, the whole dagger and cloak surrounding the recruitment process stirred something inside of me. For me, it wasn’t about getting the job anymore, it was about finding out who was on the other end. We rescheduled for the coming week and I went to stay at my best friend’s place, it was easier to commute to the venue from her place.

Friday 7pm, I was dressed and on my way to Rhapsodys, when I got there, I ordered for a cocktail just to calm my nerves. A couple of minutes go by and a man and a woman walk in, hand in hand, giddy and laughing. “no this is not my target” – I thought, the intelligence I garnered from watching criminal minds and CSI repetitively coming to the forefront. Twenty minutes go by and a dark skinned, average height fellow walks in, a baseball cap on his head with his head bowed, I knew he had seen me; I sat at a position where anyone walking in would. He walked towards the other end and sat in an oval chair designed with names of cities, I didn’t walk towards him, he wanted the illusion of being the first to spot me and I wanted to give him that so I pretended to not see him. “Hi, the man over there says you are waiting for him” – the waiter said. I was right, our unsub was baseball cap man, it really does pay to watch good television.

I walked towards him and when I got to him, I said “So you are the mystery man, I was half expecting to be kidnapped today, I brought along some toiletries just incase”

He smiled and let out a little laugh.

I sat down and he took off his cap and gosh he looked heavenly, I was half turned on, half amazed, half feeling like “I should rape this man” on the table right here and now. You see mystery does have its benefits when played well. “Hi my name is M, you can call me M” – he said. I expected nothing less, if he had given me a full name or a real one, then we would have lost the vibe. “Hi M, my name is Ada” – I said. “so tell me about ….” – M started to speak but I cut him mid way with a bout of laughter. “What’s funny” – he said, his face a mixture of shock and amusement “what’s funny is that you seem to think I am here for your interview, well I am not, I just wanted to know who was behind this cloak and dagger recruitment” – I said, looking directly into his eyes and conveying in no small words how much my motives were ulterior. “is that so?” – He asked “yes it is” – I replied. “well you have seen me” – he said , a childlike smile appearing on his face.

He looked interesting, it was a small electrifying look but we could both feel the attraction brewing. “have you had th chef’s catch of the day here” – he asked, breaking my thoughts. “no I haven’t , I don’t even know what means” – I said unashamedly.

He burst into laughter and said “I like you” to which I replied “ohh that came fast, I thought the I like you part was going to come while we are in bed together”, I wasn’t looking at him while I spoke, I had grabbed a menu and was going through it. “what? What did you say?”- He asked, obviously stunned and intrigued by my boldness. “Well I said , the liking me came earlier than I imagined, I was expecting after we have sex” – I repeated, this time with my arms folded on the table, my cleavage propped up on my arms and my eyes fixated on his. “we are having sex?” – he asked, his eyes widening. “yes we are” – I replied and resumed reading through the menu. I could see the conundrum of emotions on his face as he called the waiter and placed an order for the catch of the day, an extra cocktail for me and a glass of Hennessey for himself.

I enjoyed watching him suffer a little, it was nice to see the ‘hangman in his own noose’. An awkward moment of silence passed before he spoke again. “wait, wait, this was supposed to be an interview” – he said, more like asked, “ok, humour me, I am going to pretend to be interested in this job, tell me exactly what the job entails” – I said, smiling, enjoying the mini chaos I just caused.

Mr. folom went on to explain to me how he needed a business manager for a new business he wanted to start and he wanted to ensure he had a personal rapport with this manager, sort of his own way to build trust as this manager would be in charge of the entire arm for this business. The pay was good, but I told him I was more interested in having him than I was in his job.

He laughed, amused at my straightforwardness and even after the food arrived, I could see he was struggling between sitting there with me or leaving. “Don’t worry, I won’t finish you, I just need to eat you after I’m done eating…

“Don’t worry, I won’t finish you, I just need to eat you after I am done eating , I don’t think I want to even see you after today, that’s how quickly I get bored” – I said, my head bowed as i spoke
He was coughing; he had choked on the food probably from the shock of what I just said. I handed him the water, saying my plenty sorry’s with a mischievous grin on my face.
“you are insane, batshit crazy” – he exclaimed and continued “what”
I just continued laughing while I ate.
Soon we were done eating and folom stayed silent, watching me like a hawk, his eyes running through my body, wondering how we went from conducting a one-on-one interview to him feeling uneasy. I smiled mischievously, “you have really beautiful lips” – I said. “kissing them would be great I’m sure” – I said calmly, my demeanor the complete opposite of his. He tapped his hands on the table, making drivel sounds that seemed more like a nuisance than an anti-anxiety sound.
He was anxious, on one hand, he was intrigued, probably never met a woman as blunt as I was and on the other hand, his paranoia was dragging to take priority. Who was I, why did I reschedule the interview just to fuck him, did I know him, was I sent by someone he knew? All these thoughts ran through his mind, I was not naïve, I knew if I let it continue, he would call it off out of fear and looking back now, in retrospect I was too horny to allow him run away. “we can leave now, I’d prefer a hotel if you don’t mind” – I said briskly but with a smile on my face, treating him like a short time whore who had come to render his services. “ok”- he responded, his voice barely audible. He was beginning to understand that he had lost control, held captive by my charm and bluntness, his mind asking him to stay away from this woman that looks like a heartbreaker but his body yearning to be touched by me, his hands flailing to grab my face, kiss me, smack my ass and punish my pussy.

“we can leave now, I’d prefer a hotel if you don’t mind” – I said briskly but with a smile on my face, treating him like a short time whore who had come to render his services. “ok”- he responded, his voice barely audible. He was beginning to understand that he had lost control, held captive by my charm and bluntness, his mind asking him to stay away from this woman that looks like a heartbreaker but his body yearning to be touched by me, his hands flailing to grab my face, kiss me, smack my ass and punish my pussy. While we walked to the car, I could feel the way his eyes were running through my body, telling me all the ways he was going to fuck me…
“What do you think of Radisson?” – he asked. I nodded to signify yes, my legs raised and spread open on the dashboard and while we drove, I dipped my finger inside my pussy, making sure I wet it enough with pussy juice before dipping it in my mouth, I squeezed my boobs and when I made to remove to remove the strap of my dress. He held my hand, pressing hard on the break. I could hear other motorists hooting horns at warn, but I was laughing.
“Gawd, who are you, are you trying to get us killed? Someone could be seeing you from the car, seeing me and you, any of my staff could be driving past now, please don’t” – he said, as he resumed drivng, one of his hands placed on my hand. This was his own attempt at stopping me from taking the strap of my dress off.
I laughed then asked him “are you sure you don’t want to see my tits, my big beautiful bouncy tits, I am not wearing a bra, you must have noticed” I was making faces at him while I spoke, doing my best to keep him as distracted as I can, fucking every atom that made created his mind.
I made to remove the other strap with my other free hand and he went “please, please don’t do that”
I said “call me big aunty otherwise I will bare my tits to the entire world with the side mirror wound down”
“what” – he said … “wrong answer” – I replied and removed the strap, my boobies dropping like dominoes on my dress. I squeezed the nipples, while he freed my other hand.

I removed the other strap and began playing with both my boobs, squeezing them, while I rubbed on my clit, my legs spread open, my dress rolled up to my bum. Tap , tap on my pussy, while I turn off the car stereo so he could hear the tap tap sound my pussy made due to the over wetness. “gosh you are bad influence, I can tell already that you are bad for me, too bad for me. I have to be honest I don’t know why I’m heading to this hotel with you, I know it in my bones that you are bad for me, you will spoil a lot of plans I already made, my life is going to be turned sideways up with you in it but yet I want you, I need to have you” – he said. He wasn’t lying.

We got to the hotel gate and I stopped my craziness, wearing my dress and returning my face to formal. He looked at me wondering how the switch was so quick, I looked like I was just coming from work and while the security checked the vehicle, he said “you are definitely bi-polar, like see the way you instantly switched, someone looking at you would think you are the responsible person and I am your driver”. I didn’t respond, I just laughed. We paid for a room and I behaved till we opened the door, then I moved in front of him taking off my clothes slowly, unashamedly, first one strap, then the other, then slowly drag the dress down my waist, letting my ass wriggle out of it, while he watched, walked to the couch by the window overlooking the ocean, bent over and pretended to look at the pool, shaking my ass like a tail feather beckoning on him to come fuck. I would throw glances at him intermittently, watching, waiting, and when he came to me, he sat on the couch, watching me, his hand rubbing on my bum. “I want you” – he said. “Then take me” – I replied, arching my back. He got up, stood behind me and kissed my ass, I could hear him shuffling his jeans as he brought out his dick and stuffed it inside me brutely… “haaa” – I moaned “Shut the fuck up!” – he replied, fucking me harder and harder, each thrust harder than the previous, my hands clawed at the glass, my back arching to take more dick, I had been starved, I needed it, all of it.

“fuck me , fuck me daddy” – I screamed, rolling my pussy on his dick, cream after cream spurting out, my hand spreading my butt cheeks apart, imploring him to fuck me so more.
“want, lust, thrust, spasms al in one sweet free flow. “kiss me please” – I said, raising my body up to get a kiss, our lips locked in a wet embrace, he pinched my nipples, rubbing on them as he drew in large breaths, his other hand spreading my butt cheek so he could thrust in deeper, hairy skin rubbing on my back, wetness dripping down my thighs as his dick sank in and out of my pussy.
I felt the thrust getting harder and faster, he let my face go as he began to smack my ass, every thrust making our thighs hit, “aahhhh, oohhhh, fuckkkk, gawd damnnn, damnnn daddy, ohhh gawddd” – I screamed, enjoying being fucked, throwing my ass back just to get some more of that cock.
“ohhh yesss, ohhh fuckkkk” – folom screamed as he reached orgasm, kissing my back as he continued to thrust inside me so I could cum.
I stopped, turned him around and pushed him on the couch, stuffing my boobs in his mouth while I grind my clit on his dick, slowly, my ass clapping on wetness, goose bumps all over my body as he sucked on my nipples
“ohh fuckkkk , I’m coming, suck my fucking nipples daddy, suck it harder” – I screamed as my thigh clasped his dick and the orgasm flowed down my thigh…

Leave Now

I suffer from a vacuous need to love and I usually mostly just delve into anything that even has the prospects of love. I don’t know where the line for love ends and obsession begins. I am passionate, ruthlessly passionate and so many times I try to hide it because God forbid that you show any type of emotion in this generation.

A couple of years ago, I was hit in the head and face repeatedly by someone I thought cared about me, the beating didn’t hurt as much as the hate that flowed from his eyes the more I cried, apparently crying was wrong too. I am supposed to be stoic.

At first, he would drag me from the bed to the floor all in a bid to stamp his authority and I would let it, because I was wrong, I was always wrong. I keep my circle small and the friends in that circle to only the number I can count on one hand because the more people I had around me, the more my flaws would come to bare. “Go to the floor, that’s where you sleep today” -he would say, it reminded me of an old time in the place where I grew up where this type of bizarre commands used to be the occurrence everyday.
Me and my aunt subjected to the cold hard floor, while the man sleeps soundly in bed, no atom of remorse or thought all because he needs to shows who’s boss.

I stayed because I didn’t think I deserved any better, like look at me. I’m fat, had a stomach that seemed like it had birthed 5 children, a round face with swollen cheeks. I killed my self esteem, I let it die everyday with every lie I told myself about how “WRONG” I always am… So while he hit me, i smiled instead, accepting the fate that was to come, the doom I was sure I led myself into. I accepted it, bidding, waiting, taking the slaps and hair drag like a punching bag, my hand covering my face as much as it can. “come here, come here” – he would drag me, trying to peel my hands away from my face so he could hit me some more…but yet I stayed and still I loved…. If you have been reading this and are currently experiencing any of this, pain is not love and love can never be pain. LEAVE NOW!

Witty & Sexy Pickup Lines To Use For Men

This is for all the women who need witty sexy pickup lines for sweet meats they meet physically, sorry I mean sweet men they meet. Before I begin, I have to state that this first line below is guaranteed to work 85% of the time “HEY DO YOU WANT TO FUCK?” You are bound to get a yes and a date alongside. But just incase you are like me and you enjoy the art of romance and the lure/adrenaline rush of the chase, then these lines below might also work for you
◾Hi, you look lost… I believe you are looking for me, its a pleasure to meet you too, my name is Ada” – then proceed to sit down, make sure he’s not waiting for a girl before someone breaks your head 😂 ◾Walk over to him and say “I know you”, allow him register the confusion on his face and wait for him to ask you from where, then reply “from my dreams, you are the man of my dreams, my name is Ada, its a pleasure to meet you in real life” please flash your sweetest smile while you talk.😊😊 ◾If you are bold and daring, you could try this risqué line “hi, you look hard, so hard, come with me, I’d like to drown you in juice”… Smile and then add “I mean orange juice, the sweet, juicy type”. Please make sure you are using my vagina sweetener if you are using this line, it’d be a shame if you don’t actually taste sweet after using this line.😂😂 ◾Walk up to him and say “what kind of movies do you like?”… Don’t wait for him to respond, just continue with “see I’m the type of girl that enjoys happy endings, any type of happy ending would do”. Wink, blow him a kiss and walk away slowly…. The aim is to only use this on a man that’s intelligent. A dumb person would not understand what you just said. ◾Most times, it’s best to just talk about yourself, listening to a stranger tell you what they love with gusto can increase your enthusiasm to know more.
You can start with
“Hey, do you have the mental space to hear me tell you about 5 things i love” most times the response would be yes, because people naturally like gist… Then start talking, make small features look grand, appear happy even if you are not, naturally people are attracted to Happy.

Dear Ada – I Was Raped By My Husband

Dear Ada, of recent my husband has been acting weird, He doesn’t hug me or kiss me or give any affection during the day, but in the evening whenever he sees fit, he will try to use me as his sex object. He also has PE and sex is barely satisfying , i bought the prolong for him but how do i even tell him to use it when we are barely experiencing any passion. I don’t get anything out of ilthe sex because my head isn’t in it. Finally, it just started to make me sick. If he can’t be intimate and loving during the day and only wants me at night. I get nothing out of that either, what’s the point? For the last month, I have been sick to my stomach. I wake up, and he has it on my backside, so I slap it off. I come in the room at night, and he is there with it hanging You would think he would know it’s only making me turned off more.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Then last night went too far. I think it’s been four days actually since I let him “use me” to get off. He was trying again; I say you are not into me any other time, so you aren’t going to use me. I have a huge body pillow so I just held it and slept, immediately he got on top of me and started kissing me and aggressively smelling me and rubbing his dick against me and I kept yelling at him to get off of me. It was giving me flashbacks to being raped before.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I kept pushing his head back and kicking him. I kept leaning to the edge of the bed so that he would fall off, but he kept pinning me down, and I started crying, and he wouldn’t stop finally I scratched his face and got my leg out enough to kick him and that got him off then he got angry and asked what my problem was, before slapping me and hitting me in the nose. I just said you knew I wanted nothing sexual and you want to force it and rape me. He just got up and left the house all through today, I have not seen him.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I feel so violated even though he’s my husband and I don’t know why I feel that way.

Trauma and Mental Health

Too many times, I hear things like “he’s just weak and he should snap out of it , what is all this depression talk” or “she has too much wahala , is she the only one with problem in her life, she should even be grateful for the things she has”. Some even go as far as saying that mental illness is as a result of a person’s character flaw and as such they should snap out of it. Well just incase you have ever been this ignorant, I am here to teach you that Mental health problems have nothing to do with being lazy or weak and many people need help to get better. Many factors contribute to mental health problems, including:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
• Biological factors, such as genes, physical illness, injury, or brain chemistry⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
• Life experiences, such as trauma or a history of abuse⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
• Family history of mental health problems⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
People with mental health problems can get better and many recover completely through a variety of treatment options, but you see in places like Nigeria where mental health issues are still being swept under the carpet, it is almost impossible to speak about any problems that you might be facing and sad as it may sound, it is more harder for you to speak to family and friends. People with mental health issues usually in 80% of cases claim to have no-one to speak to, even when surrounded by multiple family members and friends. The underlying reason most give is “no-one will understand me”.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

for example, I do my best to observe and learn the daily patterns or habits or social behaviours my friends have, any deviation or sudden stop leads to a call from me, I will pester you till you tell me, because I will never take the answer “I am fine” – I personally believe these three words “I AM FINE” is the biggest lie in modern history, a lot of things are swept under I am fine. Ask a person who’s dying, who just lost a child, who is looking for a job, who needs help desperately and the response is always the same “I AM FINE”⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I am going to tell a short story just to portray a point; this story is true and happened to an old friend of mine,⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
She was 29, working as a business analyst, the kind of girl who believes in being faithful to one man, she thought she had a great relationship, was next in line for a big promotion at work, life was bliss. Her company’s annual general conference was coming up; she got a nice dress, bought a new hair, ensured and double checked that all her deliverables were in line with company policy. On the day of the conference, a younger colleague was promoted, rumour had it that she was in bed with a top exec at their firm, she was heartbroken and immediately left to see her boyfriend, he had stated that he had a running stomach and could not attend the conference with her. As she drove, she cried, she had worked so hard for this promotion, everyone knew she was next in line for it, colleagues had congratulated her, “What changed” – she thought. “was she not good enough” – the thoughts ran through her mind almost causing her to drive into a pole, with force she screeched, her car was totalled, she came down, grabbed her bag, dialled her boyfriend’s number “the customer you are trying to reach is not responding , please try again later”- four times she called, where the hell could he be, he had a running stomach, his phone shouldn’t be ringing for this long without a response, it wasn’t like he was a deep sleeper.⠀

She flagged a taxi, after passersby helped push the car away from the road. In the car, she cried, her silent screams building up bile in her gut, the pain reaching a crescendo. “why was today a mess, why the hell did I over extend myself, this money would have gone a long way to help her solve family issues” – the thoughts raging through her mind, overwhelming her. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“I just need to see him, once I see him, I’ll be fine, he will make me feel better” – She thought. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Taxi arrived at her boyfriend’s house; she walked out and used her key to open the door. The rush of pain, the nerve wracking type that spreads from chest to head before running down to your knees making you weak, making your bones creak, putting you in one spot like you were glued to that spot. The clothes, the naked girl with her eyes turned inside out, the pizza on the table and their favourite series on the TV with the volume turned up so high possibly to mask the lady’s screams, it was obviously why they did not hear her opening the door. She stood transfixed, his name escaping her mouth but only she could hear ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“Tunde, Tunde” – she thought she said. Then the blood came rushing to her feet “move” – her mind said to her legs or was it her brain. She wasn’t sure. The girl had seen her,⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “what what , who are you” – side chic exclaims, rushing to gather her clothes. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
He turned, he saw her “what are you doing here” – he asked as he wore the briefs on the floor. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “I said what are you doing here, are you not supposed to be at your conference” – he said, walking towards her, the anger seething in his eyes. He hated her, yes at that moment he hated her, it wasn’t something he could hide. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“Since when did you start coming to my place without calling”- he asked and repeated it again with brute force. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“Speak, you have to speak” – her mind said to her or was it her brain?

“errrmm, errrmm, I, I” – she said, her eyes fixed on the side chic who want making eyes at her. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“You know what, just leave, get out, leave my house” – He said as he pushed her outside, her dress hooking the door handle and even then he wasn’t careful, he continued dragging her until her dress tore. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
There she was standing outside; dress torn at the side, the shock of what just happened dawning on her. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“find a place to sit, before you fall and break your neck” – this time her brain said, forcing her knees to quiver, she sat on the floor and then the panic attack began, she couldn’t breathe, light waves flashing before her eyes, her hand stroking her chest trying to free the oxygen she thought was stuck down there… ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“Breathe, just breathe” – she said to herself, she needed to save herself because no one was coming for her. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Eventually she made it home, resigned from work because there was no need to continue, days dragged into months and each day was harder than the previous, any friend she spoke to will say “babe, is that why you are crying and feeling down, omo you dey fuck up, be strong jor, haa men are like that, that’s how they are, your own cheated only once, you should even be happy. What of mine that is an incessant cheat, babe everyone has problems” but she wasn’t happy, she didn’t understand why he would cheat on her, ok forget about the cheating, why even after he was caught, he would treat her that way like she was some pest, like she was the one bothering him. She had never felt so small, so unvalued, as disgraced as she was in her life. Every time she thought about it, the tears would come plying down, nothing could take away that memory from her head…⠀⠀

“Get out, leave my house” – she would hear it over and over again. The voice echoing in her head, bringing along with it pain and sorrows, her heart tearing itself to shreds, trying to rid itself of the pain envelope it was now in. Home seemed like a stranger’s house, staring at herself in the mirror seemed like she now had a live in guest. Something must have broken; she knew it but didn’t know how to fix it. She wondered why she was in so much pain, was there something else going on, like why was she so sad and hurt and depressed over a man, she could always get another, they were a dime a dozen, why does she feel love, pain, anger and disgust all at once. Her mind threatening to explode if she doesn’t stop over thinking; STOP, she would hear in the echoes of her essence, “YOU HAVE TO STOP” something was telling her, warning her but she was drowning, falling deep into the abyss. Brain flushed, mind unwell, body stank, life stopped and soon even she couldn’t recognize herself. Something did indeed break, that something was HER. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I could lie and say this story has a happy ending but it doesn’t, she moved from man to man searching for the completeness that she had, bearing all things because according to everyone “all men are the same”. She felt since she couldn’t feel happy on her own, maybe someone would make her happy, but the truth is HAPPINESS LIVES WITHIN. The emotional abuse, the torture she bore just so she can feel something, anything, but with each failed situationship, she lost more of herself.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

“Stop crying” – her friends said to each other, “she didn’t even tell us she was going through a bad time” — ohh but she did, she would call and try to talk to you about how she was feeling but you were dismissive, you always said “babe everyone has problems” but you forget not everyone carried problems the same way. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“Breathe” – their minds said or was it their brains, but they couldn’t breathe, the air choked them, it was too much a loss for them to catch a breath⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“You have to breathe” – this time, their brains said. The tears and wails pouring in from mother, brother, friends but nothing would or could bring her back. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
You see my dear family, call your friend today, listen to them and if you can, let them know that how they feel is valid, they are not you and as such they will bear pains differently. Not everyone is as strong as they outwardly appear… ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


I am pleased.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
For your obedience & sexual lack of shame, ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
…you are allowed a visit.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Be here at 7am tomorrow morning. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Visitation notes.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
– Come here directly, no stop overs⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
-No jeans (Do not wear one, do not bring one, long/short/medium are strictly prohibited)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
-Bring that black fishnet outfit you had on in the video you sent to me. Love that shit.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
-Bring your laptop & hard drive, I will be helping you with the designs you need.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
-You will cook for me while you’re here, love eating your food. There is a maid who will buy anything you require. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
-Wear an anklet.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
-Dress to impress me.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Lastly, bring that black fishnet outfit, love… that… shit.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The text read, i had been waiting for it for weeks but somehow this man had been starving me… Repeated calls that goes unreturned, messages that went without replies… I was beginning to loose hope, sexual and emotional frustration drilling a hole in my heart. Everything looked sexy, my pillows, the cucumber my sis gave to me, the water that spilled on my face (cum-shot). I have been on many dry-spells where I shut every and anything out but this was different, I was unprepared, in the former situation, I make up my mind to shut everything out. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I smiled when I got the text, I knew (hoped) that my stripper outfit, exposed pussy and jiggling tits would earn me a visit. Dressed in a fishnet bodysuit with a vagina opening, my lips stained red, my makeup completed with a glitter spray, the sun filtering light into my room, bronzening my skin and giving me just the right amount of glow… ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Camera on, my face in full gear, adjust my wig and click record… “Hi daddy, I miss you, I want your lips on mine” – I said, pouting my lips to imitate a kiss… “I want you to suck on my tits” – I continued, moving my hands gently towards my boobs, as I squeezed on them and dragged my nipples, moving the camera slowly downwards towards my pussy, letting my fingers play with my clit. I got up, placed the phone at the edge of the bed and stood up, the screen showing my ass in full view, i half turned baring my boobs in good fortune “good evening daddy” – I said, “do you like my body?” – I continued. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Then I started dancing, smacking my ass waiting for the ripple effect before I smacked again. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
By the time, the short video had ended, I sent it to him and I received his message. I grabbed my ho bag, wore a nice satin shorts and a top, put my laptop in the bag, a couple of dresses and I went over to his place.⠀⠀⠀⠀

“drop your bag at the stairs” – I heard him bellow from upstairs, I dropped it , slowly walking up the stairs like a model strutting the runway. He was at the top of the stairs, dressed like we were heading out, I smiled, walked up to him and planted a kiss on his lips, a slow deep kiss that felt like it lasted for an hour his hands grabbing and squeezing my bum through the satin shorts.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“you really miss daddy, see the way you are kissing daddy” – he said, I was barely listening, my eyes baring a mix of want and desire. I walked away from him, taking off the shorts I was wearing and the top, showing the red lingerie I had underneath. “come here” – he said. I strolled back towards him, watching as he peeled the lingerie off my skin, turning me around so he could smack my ass. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“smack, smack” – his hands hit the skin on my bum, his lips dropping kisses on my back, slender fingers moving from pussy to bum, smacking away, sending fiery passion up my spine. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“whose bitch are you” –he asked, I could only moan, seeing that finger inside of me had taken my breath away.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“Crawl to the room and bring me toy number 2, put in your mouth and bring it to me” – he said, I loved when daddy tells me what to do, so I knelt down, crawling slowly to the room and this man has arranged my favourite toys on the table each with a small paper beside it that reads TURN ME OVER. I turned the first slowly, it showed the number 4… I was giddy, this was fun and I love fun…i turned all the papers, they all had different numbers until I found the number 2, it was a collar and a arm to wrist binder. I held it in my hands crawling back to daddy… ⠀⠀

“I hope that thing is in your mouth, when you get here or I’ll stuff it with cock”- I heard him say, I quickly put the binder in my mouth holding it with my teeth, I was afraid of him, maybe a little too afraid. When I got to him, he took the numbered paper from my hand, then the toy from my mouth, then proceeded to place the collar on my neck and bind my arms and wrist. He placed me on the floor, spread my legs apart and finger fucked me, the scent of the me after dark vagina sweetener in my pussy filling the air, “ahhhh, fuckkk, ohhhh, daddyyy” – I moaned, my thighs twitching to close. He got up, grabbed me and placed me on a chair, my ass facing him as he began to fuck me, first slowly, then ravagely, ultimately dragging the binder so my back was arched for him, pounding my pussy with so much gusto… thighs tapping on ass, wetness dripping on cock, moans filling the air… love was now a thing of the past, this was pure ferocious lust, I wanted to be fucked, I wanted to cum… first. He held my neck, choking me, forcing me to feel every girth of his dick, every deep thrust going in and out of me, the harder he fucked, the louder I moaned…⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“ohh fuck me daddy, fuck my pussy…………..fuck me, I’m going to cum, fuck me daddy” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I said as I convulsed on his dick… letting out a loud moan to signify that I had just hit climax, he dragged out his cock from inside me allowing me to collapse on the chair for 2 hours and when I woke up, there he was, the restraints on me were on the floor, he was tapping his dick on my lips, rubbing on my damp clit, wanting to start again but I was too tired and I wanted to sleep. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

“I am tired” – I said, but he didn’t move, he lifted me up and took me to the bedroom, commanding me to kneel and make sure I choke on his cock. I put my hands behind me, tilted forward and took his dick in my mouth, sucking on it like I was going to go to jail if I didn’t, my tongue doing a full 360 on his cap “slurp, slurp, slurp” , I made noises with every lick, took one hand, grabbed his dick and spat on it, took his balls in my mouth and sucked on each one, tongue stretching from balls to cap and back down, lick , lick, suck and then lick some more… my face full with all sorts of sliminess as he grabs me up, places me on the bed, face down , ass up and fucks the hell out of me, smacking my ass as he fucked me. I was drained, the previous cum was explosive , it had been a long time coming, so I laid there, taking that dick like a champ, praying he cums on time so I can sleep and when he did, it was splattered all over my face and the rest stuffed in my mouth… ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Yes I know, I’m a nasty bitch… ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Been watching her watch me, shorts glued to her skin, hose torn from her ankle to her thigh… She was big, dragging out puffs after puffs from a cigarette in her hand, making oogly eyes at me as I sat in the corner, her friends dragging her attention with me, a stranger… I wasn’t going to be direct, it didn’t seem worth it, big bitches always do the most, make them cum and you always have to make them cum, especially one with friends, soon, she’ll tell her friends, who’d tell their friends and before you know they are fighting over whose meat you actually are…
Orgasms are scarce, so when people meet someone who can make them CUM, they never want them to GO.
My wine arrived, waiter corks it open, pours into a glass and walks away, she’s still staring. I pick up my phone promising not to return her stare… Bopping my head slowly to the music blasting from the speakers…
Sipping from my wine, signal to the waiter to cover the drink as I needed to go use the restroom… I walked past their table, my stomach pushing past everyone on the way… “excuse me, excuse me” – I said.
When I was done using the bathroom, she was at the sink…. I smiled.
“I was waiting for you” – I said…
“Ohh you were” – she replied, stunned by my directness…
“my name is Celine” –
“nice to meet you Celine, would you like my fake name or my real name” – I asked..
“why would you give me a fake name” – She asked…
I walked close to her, turned on the tap washing my hands, her bulky frame towering over mine, turned to her and said…
“because after I make you cum, I won’t be seeing you again, Meet me by the backdoor stairs”

I left the bathroom, leaving her surprised… I’m sure she thought she was coming to convert me, to try and tell me some bullshit story about how we should be friends… I was past redeemable… And as I walked back to my seat, I thought about it, i should have let it play out, it has been a long time I let women come onto me…
Ohh the laughter, as they plot their little stories to woo me… 😂
That water had sailed, my phone rang, i picked it up “I’m upstairs” – I said into the receiver…
My friend obi walks in, “Ada baby” – he says, his friend with him waving at me.
“obi give me your car keys” – I asked, collecting the keys and walking towards the backdoor staircase, the red light drawing me in… I waited, my back against the wall, my feet tapping against the wood…
“Hey” she said
“come here” – I said. It felt like a David and goliath situation and I was the David in this case…
She came down, two steps below me “you smell really nice” – She said…
I smiled and kissed her, letting my lips wet hers, giving her no space to breathe, my hand running through her skin… Soft skin…
“Hmmmm, aaaahhh” – she’s moaning “you kiss so well” – she said.
I’m pressed against her body, my hand stretching into her shorts, feeling the wetness as it gushed from her pussy…
My fingers making a “kayaking” sound as they brushed from clit to vulva.
“let’s go to the car” – I said.
“Kiss me first” – she said.
We were kissing when I heard a scream.
“Who the fuck are you” – her friend who was standing at the backdoor said.
I looked at her and looked at the girl. I could sense the resolve, she walked upstairs to meet her, mouthing ” I am sorry” as she walked away… I called my friend obi to pay for the wine and meet me downstairs, i was no longer safe here. As I walked downstairs, I could hear their shouting and i knew I’d be next… I left before someone beats me up

Crash Course On Deep Throating

Ever had a cock shoved down your throat? While you were busy licking at the tip, moaning and rolling your eyes for added effect and then your partner in the heat of the moment, shoves every inch of his cock inside your mouth, You would almost throw up but I want to teach you how to train your gag reflex and enjoy that nasty effect while giving a blowjob.
Giving blowjobs is an actual “job” and it is not for the faint hearted, having your spit touch your face over and over can be quite disgusting, I know! I used to dread giving head, hated it even, it seemed like such a dirty act, well look at me now, A nasty fucking bitch!
1. Use a cucumber or a dildo if you own any, gently lick and push down your throat, training your mind to only see rainbows and flowers. This will not be comfortable, you will feel like you are being choked from the inside out, but getting face fucked is not an everyday skill, it’s something you infuse while giving a blowjob.
2. Deep-throating will inevitably make you gag at one point or another. Therefore, you probably don’t want to engage in this activity right after a large meal/binge drinking episode. If you want to have a successful experience, wait after eating until the food/liquid feels settled in your stomach.
3. Take it Slow, trust yourself, the only way to get through this is to think of the pleasure it gives your partner. Slowly lick that tip, lick every side of the dick, lick from tip to balls , then come back up, spit on it, kiss it, this is you training your gag reflex to not quiver at the sight of spit, gently start swallowing the dick, take it inch by inch and then take it all in, Deep throating requires you to swallow whole, come back to the tip and then go back down to the end of the dick, you can do this 2-3 times consecutively before returning to your regular pattern

4. When you deep-throat, a lot of spit will fall on the cock, the worse kind, don’t clean it off, these are your body fluids and they add to the pleasure for the man.

5. If you think, “shit, I’m going to puke”, take the dick out of your mouth! On the other hand, if all you’re thinking is, “don’t puke, don’t puke”, you’re probably going to puke. Don’t stress yourself out, just take a break when you need to, there is no shame in that! I don’t care how many porn’s someone’s been in, no one can deep throat a dick for more than two minutes. It’s totally okay to need to take breaks! .
Now my dear sluts, ensure you go slow, becoming a pro at deep-throating is not a one-day job, it will take time to get used to. Trust yourself and enjoy the process of making your man moan.


This was the third time this week Mia had to sit in this damn conference room and listen to her team drone on about things that didn’t matter. The walls were covered in posters from ancient advertising campaigns and the lack of windows made it seem tiny and oppressive. The only good thing about this room was when the door was closed, the lights were off, and the projector was in wait mode. The blue light made it seem like you were inside a relaxing aquarium and could daydream about anything.
But on and on the meeting ran, going well past the hour it was scheduled for. She had stopped listening ages ago and found herself staring at her coworker Peter’s hands as he rolled a pen back and forth between them. His fingers were long and elegant and her mind drifted to what he could do with them if he wanted.
Thinking about him seemed to be her default activity when her mind wandered off. Something about his energy was intoxicating to her in an almost embarrassing way. He was unusual, both reserved and easy-going. Creative and serious. Somehow casual intellectual conversations had turned into physical attraction so strong it was sometimes hard for her to be around him.
They had been tiptoeing a line between friendship and flirting for months now but he never made a move. She didn’t know what to do about the situation. He had to be aware of his effect on her by now, but she was lucky no one else in their building seemed to notice her discomfort. Getting involved with a coworker is a great way to land yourself in HR.
She was called out of her daydream about Peter’s hands on her body by someone standing up. The meeting was over and people were leaving. Finally. “I am going to keep the room for a bit,” She said to her boss as they all left the room. It was lunchtime so everyone was leaving the building anyway. No one would need this room and she could get some work done if her mind would refocus.
Peter stood up and went to leave too, smiling at her as he came by her chair. Sometimes talking to him was as easy as breathing, but sometimes it made her want to bang her head on a wall out of confusion. She couldn’t handle a mental tap dance

Avoiding his gaze, she groaned internally and dropped her head on to the table. “Can you turn off the light off on your way out?” The light flicked off leaving her in her favorite blue flow. She heard the door close softly. She let out a frustrated sigh. “Rough day?” He hadn’t left. He was standing right behind her chair bathed in the blue light of the idle projector. It highlighted his five o’clock shadow and made him look both approachable and mysterious at the same time. She found herself staring and couldn’t think of anything clever to say. It didn’t look like he was planning on going anywhere.
She ended up giving an exasperated laugh, “Yeah, these meetings are too long and I was having trouble concentrating.” “True. Anything I can do to help you concentrate?” A grin spread across his face in an almost evil way. “Oh please, I think we both know you are part of the distraction.” He had caught her staring at him more than once so she knew it was true. He might give mixed signals, but she didn’t see the point in hiding how she felt.
This was not going to be productive. Knowing she wasn’t going to be able to relax in here she stood up to leave. With her back to the table and him in front of the door, she didn’t make it far. He stepped closer so that he was right in front of her, blocking her exit. “I’d say I’m sorry, but I am really not.” As he said it, he reached up and ran his fingers lightly over her bare arm from shoulder to wrist. She shivered and felt like electric energy moved up her entire arm and into her body. She had to close her eyes for a minute and nearly stopped breathing. “Hmm. I like that I can make you shiver.” He looked like a cat who had caught a bird. Damn it. She hated this power he had to stop her in her tracks. It was such an insult to her character. She tried to give her best tough face, but she only half believed herself as she said, “I wish you wouldn’t do that.” “Do you really?” He asked as he moved both hands down both her arms this time, gently pressing his nails into her skin. A tiny moan crossed her lips. “Ha, that is delightful.”

She sat abruptly on the edge of the table before her knees gave out. Her hands came up and caught him by the elbows before he could move back out of her reach like he always did. She gently drew her nails down the inside of his arms making him shudder instead. Briefly, she was the satisfied cat.
This was the worst part. He would tease her, or she him, but they both stopped before either of them were really satisfied. It was just an elaborate game of one-upping each other. Just as she suspected, he started to draw back before she could do more. She could feel the frustration building inside of her and the anger settling in. It was a game without a winner and didn’t think she could take it anymore.
Something snapped in her head and her brain lost to her body. She couldn’t miss another opportunity to feel everything she had been denying herself. She reached out and put her fingers into the loops of his jeans to pull him closer. She sat more firmly on the table and she spread her legs as she drew him in. She could see his eyes glance down as her skirt rode up her thighs. She held him in place between her legs as she released his jeans and moved her hands up under the back of his shirt.
He held almost completely still as if enjoying the sensation or scared of what she would do next. As always she wasn’t quite sure what he was thinking, but she was willing to push the limits today. She wanted him to show her that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. She was willing to push him until his resolve broke too. She had reached a tipping point where she had to have him or she was going to go mad.
She ran her hands up his back and over his shoulders and he drew in a quick breath. His back seemed sensitive so she took her time gently and not so gently exploring his skin. She moved her hands around to the front as she gently drew her fingernails over his chest. His knees seemed to buckle underneath him, giving her the encouragement to keep going. She grabbed a handful of his shirt to bring his tall frame down to her level and placed her mouth on the hollow dip of his neck.

While she was kissing up the side of his neck, her hands started to undo his jeans. She ran her thumb over the inside top of his boxers. That seemed to finally be enough to make his body finally take over.
His hands found her legs and pushed the skirt up the rest of the way. She had to throw her hands behind her to support herself so she didn’t fall back on the table. He ran his hands up and down her smooth legs before she locked them around him in case he tried to back away again.
He stopped again and her eyes found his. He seemed to be caught between his brain and his body all over again. She reached up to take his face in her hands and raised herself up so that she could put her lips gently against his. He hesitated but she kept her hands on his face. He seemed to give in and her gentle kiss quickly turned deeper. He suddenly seemed to want to drink her in like he was stranded in a desert and she was water.
He moaned very softly and reached back to put his hands in her long hair. She released her hands and finished undressing him, hearing his boxers hit the floor. He refused to break the kiss, so she couldn’t look down at her discovery.
Instead, his hands released her hair to move to her panties and he started to pull them down her legs. She shifted so they would move easier but he still wouldn’t release her lips. Having freed her panties he actually brought his hands to hold her face so she couldn’t pull back. The kiss seemed to last ages, and she thought she was going to explode from wanting more.
Just when she was going to pull away to kiss something else, he broke the kiss and grabbed her waist. Pulling her hips across to the edge of the table. He positioned himself right in front of her but hesitated. He looked up at her. Thinking he was going to pull away again she pleaded, almost desperately, “Please…” She started to reach up for him and pull him towards her when he abruptly pushed forward into her. She was so wet that he slid in easily and both of them moaned softly at the sensation. It was so satisfying to at last get what she wanted, that it was almost enough. Until he drew back and started to push in again…

Then she never wanted it to stop.
His hands stayed on her legs for support as he continued to push into her and drawback. For how much tension had built between them he somehow managed to show restraint and it was driving her wild. Every time he slowly pushed back inside her she felt like she was panting with desire for more.
She hooked both legs around his waist and started moving her own body to match his. Rising and falling with his movements, encouraging him to go faster and faster. Eventually, his hands were gripping her legs for leverage as he slammed into her with enough force that the table moved underneath her body.
She felt the pressure building so quickly that she knew she was going to scream. Putting her arm across her mouth just in time, she came hard and fast, biting down to keep her scream from escaping and giving them away. Her orgasm seemed to send him over the edge too and he came moments later, gripping her legs so hard she knew there would be bruises there. Seeing that tomorrow would send shivers down her spine.
He gently caressed the inside of her leg as she laid on the table panting and trying to stop the world from spinning. Suddenly she heard a loud noise.
The door slammed open and Peter said to her, “Are you sleeping in the fishbowl again?” Mia picked her head up from the desk and blinked slowly at the room as it came back into focus. Luckily in the blue light, he couldn’t tell how red her face had become.