“I gave you all the love I got
I gave you more than I could give
I gave you love
I gave you all that I have inside
And you took my love
You took my love”….

No Ordinary Love by SADE ADU blasted from the speakers as girls walked around disrespectfully in lingerie. They had no regard for anyone; we were on their turf and they planned on doing whatever the hell they wanted…

“I keep crying
I keep trying for you
There’s nothing like you and I, baby
This is no ordinary love
No ordinary Love
This is no ordinary Love
No ordinary Love”…

The song continued, I was humming along to it by now, moving my head side to side as puffs of air from the cigarette I was smoking left my lips…

I must have had my eyes closed, enthralled by this song I was listening because I didn’t see her walking towards me.

“Hello there” – Rose said.

She was my first stripper friend.

“e don tay o” – She continued in pidgin. I was half expecting her to end that statement with Customer.

😂😂😂. I know sounds weird, but these women that prowl dimly lit spaces say the darndest things.

“Yes it has rose” – I said, extending my hand to receive the famous debutante handshake

“Would you like something to drink?” – I asked.

She nodded Yes and signalled to a waitress to get her a glass cup…

“”Keep trying for you
Keep crying for you
Keep flying for you
Keep flying, I’m falling
And I’m falling…””

The Sade Adu song was ending now…

In some ways, I liked rose. She wasn’t the type to tell sob stories. She didn’t say a lot but you can tell from the way a person carries themselves that they have plans… That whatever hole you saw them in, is not where they see themselves stopping.

She was bold, fearless and could talk about everything; from Nigerian men who enjoy getting pooped on to women in their 50s who are Cuckqueans and enjoy watching their flailing 65 year old husbands get fucked by 23 year old girls.

I wanted to have my drink in silence, watch these girls shake their thighs and asses and then be on my way, but rose is not the type to let you drink in silence. I was kind to her, I’m always kind to everyone I meet, and I think she pays me back with the various gists, the other girls bring back from the “wars” they go on.

“See that one, last week, one man nearly beat her die, she go him house go thief his watch. The man vex eh, pretend as if him no know say the watch loss, come club come carry her say he really enjoy her and him want more”.
She paused to confirm I was listening… Then continued –

“As them reach for road, the man beat her eh, say him dey carry her police station, she call me for phone to bring the watch where she hide am to come meet her for ikeja, so she go give the man back” – She said in Pidgin.

“Wow” – I said, widening my eyes to show my fake surprise. I wasn’t really surprised.

“My sister, things dey happen o” – Rose continued.

I held back the sarcasm in me, i was going to say ” Yes rose, things are happening, but your friend stealing a watch isn’t among the first 1,000 things”.

Instead I nodded my head in acceptance. “Things are truly happening” – I responded.

“So Wetin you go like today” – she asked me and continued… “Today wey I see you, I dey follow you go house”

“No problem Rose” – I said. There was no use rejecting her, she was great company and she didn’t steal.

A few more songs played before I started to feel sleepy.
“I want to start going now rose” – I said.. “I will be outside, I know you want to go and get your stuff” – I said as I walked towards the gate of the club.

I lit another cigarette when Rose appeared with another girl, beautiful, thick, and dark skinned.

“Ada meet my friend tutu, na nice girl” – Rose said, her face conveying the rest of her request, she wanted Tutu to come with us…

“No problem, she is welcomed” – I said.

We got to the house a few minutes past 1am and Rose went into the kitchen to make some food for her and her friend. I wanted to just shower, I was way too high and I needed to calm my spinning head, I took off my wig and sat on the bathroom floor, allowing the water from the shower hit my cornrows without care.

“Ada, Ada, you go chop” – I heard Rose call out.

“No” – I said.

I put my hand over my head, I was trying to relax, to not be bothered by anything. I needed to stay calm, so this initial drunken state can pass quickly.

When I got out of the shower, I wore a nightgown and went to bed. I needed to sleep. I must have been asleep for maybe an hour before I heard the first kissing sounds

I opened my eyes slowly, letting the warm reflective led lights guide my eyes… There they were, sprawled across the bed, tongue flicking nipples, body pressed against each other, fair soft skin pressed against that thick melanin.

They turned to look at me.

“You girls are having fun- I said with a drawl. My body slowly waking up…

” Join us” – Tutu said. She was soft spoken and was really enjoying having her nipples Licked.
She threw her head back, grabbed Rose’s ass and forced her very tiny nipples into Rose’s mouth.

I needed to smoke, so i got up, and lit myself a cigarette.

They rolled over almost immediately as if they’d been waiting for me to leave. So I sat on the chair and smoked my cigarette as I watched these two women fuck.

There is something primal about women when they make love to other women, there is no pretense, there is no struggle to impress… There is just give me orgasm and I’ll do the same.

Tutu was on top, her huge black ass facing me, as she ate Rose’s pussy, her fingers travelling up and down Rose’s nipples. Their moans of yess, uhum, hmmmm, aaahhh, right there, ahhhh filled my room.

My body was trying to shut down, the nerves endings chanting ” we need sleep, we need sleep” – my pussy yelling at all of them “be fucking quiet, we don’t need sleep, we need this FUCKING entertainment”

“Choke me” – I heard that soft spoken voice. It was Tutu, she wanted rose to choke her. Rose was back on top, she had her pussy firmly placed on tutu’s face, grinding wet lines across her face, drenching tutu’s face in a sea of wetness. Their moans serenading us as tongue licked up wet juices.

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