Do It Anyway

First, you jump off a cliff and build your wings on the way down, seems scary right? It was to me too, at first when I saw this quote, I thought who writes this shit! Everyone always trying to sound philosophical but yet they can’t invent anything. ⁠
Why in God’s name would I jump off a cliff when I know I can’t fly, let’s just say on this day I was really hungry and my brain wasn’t working at full capacity (so much for 10% usage)⁠
After a complete meal of Afang soup and pounded yam followed by a local beer ( not doing free adverts) … Yes, a local girl drinks beer… chop-chop, move it along and hold your beer belly snide remarks, let’s continue!⁠
I finally got it, it’s a different or edgier version of NIKE’s “JUST DO IT” and you know me I’m all for living on the edge. My derivation from this “quote” was, do it scared, do it weak, do it running, do it standing, just do it… you will die anyway (this is me adding a bit of dark humour not like I’m saying you will actually die). ⁠
When you are at that edge that seems like moving forward is deadlier than moving backwards. JUMP OFF THE CLIFF. Sometimes, we become our truest selves under the most intense of pressure. ⁠

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