Femi and Ada

“My first name is Adanne and I never actually got used to it. It always seemed to me that my parents were thinking of someone else when they gave me this name or maybe they were hoping for another type of daughter. The name held so many responsibilities just by the pronunciation alone. According to my father, it was a name, fitting for every first born Igbo girl child” – – – I said to her, but she stared blankly as the thick puffs of smoke escaped her lips. “As a child I was often reprimanded by my father whenever my actions were un-befitting of an Ada, it seemed like so much work to try to live up to the expectations of the fictitious standard my father had for my name.” – I said, ending my brief rant. “Babe I feel you, It was like that for me too growing up” – Adanna said.
She was a lightskinned girl and we were at this house party that had broken into smaller groups. It was a party for an old friend of mine, Femi. I turned to look around the room, watching as the guys plotted on who would talk to what girl, how the girls pretended like they didn’t dress that much just so they would be noticed. Don’t even get me started on the constant attention people gave their phones rather than each other, it felt like a fucking naivety fest.
The volume of the music slowly dwindled, as people converged to have private discussions. “So you are Ada and she is Ada” – A random guy on our table had asked. I knew he was trying to start a conversation but I was in no mood for it. I was well above bland conversations where the end goal is for you to try to sleep with me.

Ada shook her head, it was obvious she was not interested in him either. In some way we were alike (apart from being members of the Ada clan), we had some semblance in character. We liked the same drink, share the same views on politics, rape-culture, life, love.

“you smell good” – she said, her eyes travelling round my body. “oh thanks” – I responded, without looking at her. “So do you know Femi?” – she asked. The tone of the message seemed territorial so I smiled and said “Yes, I do”. It didn’t satisfy her, she wanted more but i didn’t offer. I wasn’t the type to offer information for free. I would never willingly give up my power or cower into a lowly state just to stroke another person’s ego. I could feel her staring, but i looked straight ahead, some guy was disgracing the men clan in front of us.
Let’s segue for a bit, Rule number 1- Don’t ever start a conversation begging for her number, she doesn’t know or trust you enough to give you. Start a conversation, give a profound compliment, she will offer it to you!
I laughed as the girl walked away, I noticed Ada didn’t laugh, she wanted more information on how I knew Femi. “so is he like your friend or you guys work together?” – She finally asked. “Friend” – I responded and turned around to pour myself a drink.
My answers irked her, she wanted more, I could smell the entitlement from 10 miles away. she was a scorpio like me, we are very inquisitive and want to know everything about the people in our lives while we share very little. “Heyyy Guys” – we heard Femi say and everyone turned around to look at him. “Thank you all for coming out today to celebrate with me, normally I would give a long speech but this promotion was well deserved. ww.dazal…” “.com” – Some of the guys concluded as laughter erupted from different parts of the room.
I laughed too, as Femi walked towards our table. His dark skinned, handsome frame sauntering towards us. “Hey Ada, you came” – He said as he propped me from the chair and gave me a hug. “Yes I wouldn’t miss it” – I said, one hand on the helm of my dress dragging it down. “Me and you get gist later o – He said to me in pidgin while he turned to talk to some other guests.

Ada got up and walked into his room, she was uncomfortable. I didn’t blame her, Scorpios don’t do well with “not – knowing”, it haunts us in our sleep and sends into a sporadic overthinking box. It wasn’t my job to make her comfy, I was more interested in having drinks and a great time.
As the night slithered away, some of the guests started to leave and only a handful of them were left. The music had all but stopped, as the Dj began to pack his tools.
I called Femi and told him that I needed to take a quick nap, so he took me to his bedroom and asked me to join the other Ada in bed. “Hey babe, you’ve been here all that time? – I asked, feigning ignorance. ” Yea, I just got tired of the party” – she responded. “Im tired too, I just want to take a quick nap, it’s 10pm already.” – I said as I fell into a heap on the bed.
When I woke up 30 minutes later – It was 2am. I swear that sleep was for just 30 minutes. I was alone in the room and there was slow music coming from the living room.

I took off my dress and went into Femi’s bathroom to shower. When I was done, I walked into the living room to look for Femi so he could give me something to wear to bed.
And there he was, legs sprawled out on the couch, hand clamped around skin, the blue light dancing like highlights on his skin. He tried to stop, but she held him down, her tits acting as the stop and search police, her ass firmly placed on his thighs. “Oh My Gawd, Jeez! Sorry guys, I needed something to wear” – I muttered. I didn’t want them to feel embarrassed. ” Don’t be sorry” – Ada said, her voice was a drawl.
I could see her ass slowly bouncing up and down his dick, she was taunting me, teasing him. The sound of hardness prying wetness open, made my pussy drip but I stood there transfixed, enthralled by the flagrant sex they were having.
Kissy sounds, then smack on ass, then a soft moan, then wetness sounds, then skin squeezing and pussy taking dick, taking in every length of dick.
Femi couldn’t answer me, he was in heaven… God damn the clothes I needed.
Ada was killing him (and me). She was my karma, paying me back for holding information. She would fuck him, turn around to make sure I was still there then bounce her ass harder and faster on his dick, making sure her ass clapped on his thighs as she did it. “fuck me babe” – Femi moaned, his hands grabbing her butt, so he could thrust in from under. He took one hand off, placed it on her boobs and Licked her tits, she seemed to like that as she shoved her nipples further down his mouth.

“Ada, go back to the room, you are invading their privacy ” – My brain said, but my legs didn’t move, they didn’t want to.
There was some spell this girl had on me, that beckoned on me to watch them.
She held his head, her ass rolling back and forth as she fucked Femi’s dick, his hands guiding her waist as she took in that cock. “Ada, you are freezing, go in and look in his wardrobe for anything to wear” – my brain said again but I couldn’t moved, it felt like I was glued to that spot.
This time, they had turned around and she was on her knees on top the chair and Femi was fucking her. His thrust were unabashed, neither cared if i was there. “in, out, in, out, ass smacked, hair pulled, fuck me hard, fuck me harder, more thrusting, soft jiggly ass rippling like waves, dark skin glittering, fuck me harder, I’m your fucking whore, fuck this pussy daddy”
I was dripping now, i wanted what they were having, so i moved closer, grabbed a stick of cigarette and lit it. I inhaled, letting the smoke wake me up from this comatose state I was in.
I must have been on my 4th drag when I heard: “Ada, come and suck my titties”
I didn’t wait, ask questions or pondered. I took off the towel and laid on the chair, helping her turn towards me while my tongue grazed her nipples. “slow strokes at first, then deep licks that made her take deep breaths…” “ohh babe, don’t stop” – she said. I didn’t know if she was saying that to me or to Femi.

I took a long swipe by the side of her boobs and then grabbed both of them and stuffed them in my mouth, dragging both nipples with my tongue, her pussy dripping as hard cock rammed in and out of her. “fuckkkk” – Femi cursed. Her pussy was wetter.
I stretched out one of my hand and helped spread her ass so he could truly fuck her as much as he wanted and Femi was thrusting away, his cock drilling in and out of her wet pussy. “come and fuck him, you’d like it” – Ada whispered in my ears, her boobs pressed against mine.
She got up and made way for me to stay on my knees. “go wear a condom Femi” – I said and he left to go to his room to get one… Ada immediately started sucking my boobs; nibbling and tongue licking me just the way I liked it. My pussy was so wet, I knew it was only a short while before I reached orgasm.
Femi was back and he held my heavily beaded waist, kissed my back and slowly began to push his dick inside me. “uhmmm, aaarghh, fuckkk, Hmmm… I moaned as his dick went in and out of my dripping pussy.
Ada didn’t let go, she kept sucking on my big boobies,dragging my nipples with lips, her tongue sending fiery sensation down my spine. ” kiss me” – she commanded; and I did. My tongue forcing its way down her throat. My hands choking her neck while Femi’s dick choked my pussy. “fuck me harder, suck it, don’t stop, suck it, fuckkkm meee” – I was near orgasm, this double combo was killing me.

I could feel the tingling sensation as nerve ending sent orgasm waves to brain, imploring it to burst open the big rush of pleasure… “fuck me please, fuck that pussy” – I said as I threw my ass back, begging for more dick, my eyes rolled back like an epileptic patient. Wet tongue sucking my big nipples, Big cock, thrusting in and out of my pussy, pushing me gently over the cliff… “I’m fucking cumming, fuck me, fuckkkk meeee” – I yelled as the orgasm dripped down my thigh.
I wriggled myself out of mouth and dick and lit another cigarette as Ada removed the condom and resumed riding Femi, she was good at this. I walked back to join them, my tongue masterfully drawing lines down her torso, little bites here and there to help her cum too.
Fuck me, fuck me, babe, fuck… I could hear Femi moaning, he was about to cum and less than a couple of minutes later, he had shot his load on her ass, his arms outstretched to grab my boobs… We all sank into the chair, slowly smoking till I fell asleep.
The End

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