Recently I’ve begun to see the ripple effect of Kindness, how a little seed you plant in someone else’s life can germinate and sprout fruits 10,000 miles away. When I started Me After Dark (MAD), I had one rule– if its not kind or laced in empathy, don’t comment it.
That single rule kept this space clean for so many people for almost 3 years now.
While this year came with plenty challenges for all, I have moved on to experience immense kindness from some of the people in this space. The love I was shown is overwhelming to say the least and when I take a step back to think about it, I truly do not know if I deserve it.

Today, I woke up with a banging headache and a sudden fear that the year is ending. There was this trepidation, this burning need to take stock of my life, this lingering question of “Ada, What have you achieved in 2020” – I know its silly, but we are humans, it’s our nature to do this even when it’s obvious the answer would only further stew us in misery. We do it anyways, because for some reason, pain can be a comfort zone.
We are like junkies, looking for that quick fix of pain.

Don’t ask that question, a lot of people didn’t achieve anything this year, this was the worst year in all of worst land – I thought but no, junkie.

When I was done wallowing in misery, the zeal to do anything else went along it. My mum walked in and ask that I join my cousins who were doing the dishes but I refused. I didn’t want to do anything.

Then I got a text from my friend…

My friend indigo sent me a screenshot of her chat with another friend.

The message reads:

Friend: indi, Haa help me thank God oo
Indigo: ok thank God.
Friend : I finally bought a new black bra o.
Indigo: 🤔🤔
Friend: 😂😂
Indigo’ is this why we are thanking God.
Friend: Yes na, Take a poll in Nigeria and you will see how many women wear the same black bra all year round 😂😂
Indigo: I give up on you
Friend: we have to be grateful for the small things Indi
Indigo: waka!

It’s funny right, when you read that. But she is right. You have to be grateful for the small things in order to truly appreciate big ones. The message came at the right time, it lifted my mood and made me laugh.

Now I’m just laying about, getting drunk for no reason.

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