As I lay in my bed, my clit throbbed as I watched this porn… Thick thighs bouncing up and down a black dick. White creamy fluids dripping down her vagina, their moans filling my ear drums.

I grabbed my dildo and apply some vagina sweetener to it, and I began to stroke my clit gently at first, then vigorously, edging my body to cum.

Flick, flick, flick, flick, squack, squack, squack… Thighs choking the dildo, pussy pressed firmly against the soft rubber, nipples harden.
I felt it, it was there, at the tip, I was going to cum, “Ohh fuck that good dick”- I muttered. “fuck it, fuck me now” – I said to silence. Loud moans erupting from the speakers, I didn’t care if the neighbours heard, I was tired of caring for anyone or anything, if it mattered so much, they should close their ears. “Ohh yaass, fuck me” – I said, again to the imaginary man with the plastic cock who I was fucking.

It was cuming…. And then it wasn’t…
I wasn’t going to back down, I ground my pussy harder on that plastic, imagining it was a thick nice cock, warm with blood and throbbing veins. “Ohh fuck me, fuck me now” – I pleaded to no one, but it didn’t cum… I couldn’t cum. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t cum.

Let’s try this again, add more spit, no turn around, now stick the dildo in from behind..
OK stop, sit on the dildo, now fuck it. Long drags on my nipples, hand to mouth, drag out some spit, put them on my nipples, Ohh yes, now it feels like someone’s sucking them.
“This I love”.
“fuck it harder, drag your nipples some more” – my brain commanded, I followed its instructions, we both wanted the same thing. To reach that tipping high.
“Grind harder” – it screamed at me and I did. The wetness dripping onto that thick silicon.

It was cuming again…… Oh fuck yessss… Then it didn’t. “fuck this” – I cursed, my clit felt bruised.
I got up from the bed, throwing the dildo fucking far away from me. I was pissed. I couldn’t cum. It was not going to happen.

I walked into the bathroom and rinsed the wetness off of me, all the while muttering obscenities angry at my plastic boyfriend for not been able to get me there.

It was almost 7, so i wrote my therapist, it was time for the usual session. “Hi Ada” – he said.
“Hello Doc, I can’t cum anymore, that’s today’s problem” – I said.
He sent a laughing emoji, my therapist had always said I lacked finesse when I was frustrated and I needed to work on communicating calmly even while angry or frustrated. (well I don’t know what he thinks I am, but there’s no fuck way I’m communicating calmly when I’m angry, everybody must hear this voice).
“oh Ada, delayed orgasm is a side effect of the new drug combo you are on” – doc said.
“I wasn’t informed of that, I need my sex doc” – I said, matter of factly and continued. I need my masturbation.
“it will wear off soon, give it a bit of time” – doc continued.
We talked some more but all through it, the only thing I thought about is how to cum.

I needed to cum.

Time was 7:20pm. I needed to cum. So there I am, scrolling down my phone, wondering who to call, before the Lagos curfew began.

My phone beeped, a message from Rita. “Hey babe, Wassup”. Perfect, I thought, she lived closed enough. “Hey babe, wanna come over?” – I typed. I didn’t have the time for pleasantries, I just knew I needed to cum. I knew she was going to say yes.
So I sent her my address and went to change into something more relaxing.

Rita got to my house, a couple of minutes past 8. She wore a short green dress and flat sandals. “babe, longest time, everytime I call you, you are never available” – she said, in her usual hippie manner

Rita had a bubbly personality, I was fucking miserable. Being around her made me feel worse, I felt inferior because she was always happy for no reason and I was the total opposite. “do you want something to drink?” – I asked, ignoring her previous question. There was no right answer to that, I just wasn’t ready to see her, that’s all. ” yes of course na, did you cook” – she asked, as she walked into the kitchen. She was like that, she made herself feel at home without been asked to.

she grabbed the fried rice in the fridge and tossed it in the microwave. “you are avoiding me right, after the bad thing you did to me, today I have your time” – she said and kissed me.

She left the food in the microwave and held my hand so we can both walk back to the room. ” what’s been happening with you?” – she asked as she brought a joint from her bag and lit it.

She puffed a few, her eyes searching my face, she was a nuisance, but a beautiful nuisance. “what’s wrong babe?Anybody looking for your trouble?” – I was going to scream at that point like babe stop talking and let’s just fuck… But this was Rita, allowing her be herself was the best way to make her feel relaxed. It was the reason she liked (read: love) me. I didn’t judge her and I let her be whoever and whatever she felt like.

The microwave pinged and she got up to go get the food. I got up too and poured myself something to drink.

Rita is a lot of woman to handle, I can’t do that sober. “babe won’t you eat?” – she said, ate in hand as she walked back into the room. “I’d eat you” – I said. Face straight.

She smiled and kept smoking her cigarette.

I grabbed the remote and sat on the floor, my back resting on the couch and turned on the TV. I continued watching the series i was watching on Netflix.

Rita tried to pass me the weed,but i couldn’t smoke, I didn’t want to.

A few minutes passed and she said. “is it only Netflix we are going to watch?” –

Rita got up, took off her clothes and sat down in front of me, actually laid down in front of me, her ass facing me and her head towards the TV.

I rubbed on her, soft jiggling skin. She didn’t turn around. She wanted me to have her, that was her saying “eat me” “come sit on my face” – I said.

She arched her back, resting her ass on my face and I took a long swipe, I Licked everything, pussy, ass, cheeks, thighs.. My tongue was wandering like a lost fellow, taking circular flicks on everything, letting saliva drop out of my mouth and then slurping it back up. “Ohh baby” – she moaned, pushing her ass further into my face. I didn’t mind it, I already knew she was a lot of woman, I was ready for it.
I Licked and slurped on everything.
My teeth taking soft bites off her ass, as I smacked it.

I crossed my arms around her thighs, holding her firmly in place as I licked. “Ohh Noo, Ohh fuck, Ohh baby stop, you are killing me” – she squirmed, trying to run away.

I knew she was going to do this, which was why I held her thighs. “baby, please stop” – she begged but I didn’t.

I let my tongue travel from clit, then deep tongue fuck her pussy hole, then a 360 on her ass.

She was dripping but i Licked faster, I was good at this, I knew it and she did too.. She was struggling now, but i held her more firmly, my tongue fucking her, one of my fingers outstretched to her wet clit, stroking it, pushing her off the cliff. “fuck, fuck, fuck…. She was cuming… Then she wasn’t…

She got away…
“babe are you trying to kill me?” – it was a rhetoric. I was indeed trying to ‘kill’ her.

I licked the wetness on my face, all the while, looking at her. “you have a pretty pussy, that’s all” – I said and continued – “come, let me make you cum”. She laughed, we both did.

Then her laughter was slowly replaced by want, that longing look, the one that let’s you know she wants more. “come here” – I said and there she was again. Ass on my face, body pressed to the floor.

I licked this time, my hands smacking her ass, forcing her to grind her pussy on my mouth, just like I did to that rubber.

Lick, flick… Stop… Tongue fuck… Lick… Suck on it… Smack ass.. Spit on it… Slurp it back up… Then repeat.

Her ass clapped on my face… Forcing my tongue to give more… “right there, yes there” – she moaned.
I sucked and ate her. She had great pussy and all good pussies deserve to be eaten. “Ohh babe, fuck meee” – I put two fingers in her, flicking her cove of orgasm, my mouth on her ass, because I had nothing else to do with it. One finger on her clit because you know the more, the merrier.

Tickling every nerve ending with soft wet tongue, fingers driving wetness in and out of her… “Ohh fuckkk… Fuckkk… Aaaaargghhhhh, babeeeeee, you’re the best” – Rita moaned as she reached orgasm.

She laid flat out in front of me in a heap and I continued watching the movie. “My turn” – she said. But I was too tired.

At the very least an orgasm happened.

Ada 1: AD 0

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