man sex story

The most Egotistical, self centred, downright maniacal, violent gender ever created or evolved (choose your pick).
I know, I know, I know that the general consensus is that men are scum but some truth remains- Men are sweet, not by character or by choice though, that much I agree.

There’s just something sensual about them, imagine grinding on a man’s dick while the music reverberates around you.
His hands pressed against your waist, forcing your ass to be thrown back at him.

The long sniffs on your neck that tells you he wants you. He doesn’t need to say the word, his every action speaks it to the embers of your soul.

Very few things can be compared to a man you like, pressed against your body and moaning as he thrusts in and out of your wetness.

The slow kisses at the nape of your neck, the please don’t go, the when will I see you again, the how was your day, have you eaten, the I’m going to fuck the shit out of you, hold your legs apart and suck all your juices, I’m going to make you scream my name… The I’m the man of the house, you should respect me, the men are not supposed to cry men…

The contradiction that is…

While I spoke, she listened with rapt attention, you hate men but the truth is you cannot do without men.

Once you’ve had a taste of that sweet dick it’s hard not to want it ever again.

“There’s a friend of mine you should meet, you sound exactly like him” – She said and continued “Infact let me call him now”

I watched as she brought out her phone from her bag, small fair fingers painted pink shuffling inside a small bag looking for the phone, I watched as the fingers scrolled through the contact list before dialling a number.

“hey young man, what’s up, there’s someone I think you should meet, meet me for circa, come now now o” – she said as she laughed and hung up.

I smiled. I was going to fuck her, it was the only reason I agreed to come on this impromptu dinner meeting.

“what?” – I heard her ask.

I must have been smiling weirdly.

“errmmm nothing” – I said.

I just know I’m going to stuff my boobs in your mouth this night – I thought

About twenty minutes later, this black chunk of beauty walks in, all dressed in black.

In my head, whoever this guy is on a date with is very lucky. This is a good piece of meat. But the meat was walking towards my table, his smile widening as he got closer.

“ok weird much” – I thought. But my friend turned and called out to him.

“dude, because I said you should come and meet someone, see how fast you arrive” – she chided him.

But he smiled, revealing a great dentition.

“This is my friend Adanne, she’s errmmm eccentric and intense just like you, you guys should get married now” – my friend Linda said.

“I’d prefer to know if his tongue works well first” – I said, stretching my hands to take his.

“Ohh it works, it works very well” – Nasim responded.

“What would you like to drink?” – I asked.

But Nasim had signalled a waiter and was going to order for a drink.

He looked so manly, the reckless abandon, the fingers placed firmly on his thigh, there was no jittery no nervousness (or maybe he hid it well) just calm.

I felt at peace more than I’ve ever felt in anyone’s presence.

We talked for awhile, sipping mojitos and pina coladas, all the while my mind was trying to make a choice on who it wants most.

The boy or the girl. Hard cock pressed on my ass, or soft titties pressed on my soft boobies.

It was a hard choice, watching the both of them as they spoke, sharing insider jokes, his dentition, his nails, his smile, her smile, her bouncy cleavage… Everything felt like a buffet.

Ada, be present, join the conversation.

“so what do you do” – he asked.

I waited for the answer.

“Ada I’m talking to you” – Nasim said.

“oh me? I’m an ex-banker turned writer” – I said.

We talked for some more before we decided it was time for us to go.

“I have this mad bud you’ll like” – Nasim said to Linda before turning to ask if I smoked.

“No” – I said, but i can watch you guys smoke while I have a drink.

We joined nassim in his car and headed to his house.

By the time I got to his house, I was pressed and I quickly excused myself to use the bathroom.

As I stepped out of the bathroom, nassim was walking past and for a brief moment it felt like time slowed down…

He stared at me and then smiled as he walked away.
I followed him.

He sat beside Linda and brought out a stick from a pack of bud.

As they smoked I drank some more, getting hornier and more drunk.

I think i want to take a shower, I need something to wear nassim – I blurted out.

“Ohh Yeaa sure babe, come with me” – he said as he passed the weed to Linda.

As I walked behind him, I noticed the curly hair at the back of his head, I wondered why he was so dark even when he was half white, I thought to ask him but I couldn’t think straight I was horny as fuck and all I wanted to play bouncy castle on his dick.

He opened the door to his bedroom and the cold air blasted me to Alaska.

“What the fuck?” – I yelled.

“cold right? ” – he said, smiling wryly.

He walked to his wardrobe and brought out a shirt – ” you are like what… 5 foot 5, this would probably be oversize, I don’t have anything that will fit you sef”

He laughed and I ran to him and hit him on his shoulder “Dude I’m average height, I’m not short” – I said.

“nothing about you is average though” – he said but he wasn’t looking at me.

I don’t know what happened but all I knew was I had grabbed his face and my lips were on his…

It felt like he had been waiting for this kiss, his hands placed at the lower part of my back, forcing me to lean in towards him.

Our lips swirling around each others’

“you taste exactly like I imagined” – he said.

And at that moment I wanted him more…

I began to take off his shirt, pulling my lips away so I could lift the shirt off him but he wouldn’t let my body go.

“I don’t want to have sex nassim” – I said, I don’t know why I said that , I think at that point some insecurity was forming at the pit of my gut.

“what if he doesn’t like my fupa, what if my titties are not titttying enough for him, he might notice the stretch-marks” – I thought.

“ok we don’t need to have sex, but i really do need to lie down, maybe you should shower now” – Nassim said.

I walked to the bathroom with the shirt he gave me and drenched every part of me with warm water. When I walked out, he was sprawled out on the bed, his shirtless body, his hard dick bulging through his sweat pant.

I went beside him and laid down, careful that my body doesn’t touch his.

“can i hold you at least” – he asked, his breathing ragged.

I moved closer, my ass pressed against his waist. A few awkward minutes later and he moved his hand, brushing slightly against my bum to hold me.

“Ada I want you” – he whispered, his hands gently stroking mine, my pussy getting wet and my ass pressing his dick.

“I want you babe” – nassim said again, this time shoving his dick between my ass and holding my arm.

I was moaning now, the cold air, mixed with raw lust and body scents..

We were going to fuck…

I couldn’t take the dry humping anymore but I wasn’t going to make it easier for nassim. He needed to earn this pussy.

“come eat this pussy” – I said.

Nassim slithered his way so fast between my legs, I was left wondering if he even laid on the bed next to me at all.

He was quick with the licking and sucking, no playing, wet tongue slurping and swooshing on my already very wet pussy.

“fuck me please” – I said and nassim got up from the bed, he was going to get protection.

I turned around on all fours, teasing him with that black pussy, the Dripping wetness making squishy sounds as I clapped my ass.

He came on the bed and slowly pushed his dick inside my very wet pussy and then lifted my top off.
Five strokes in and Linda walks in…

“Ohh wow, don’t mind me” – she said as she laughed.

Of course I didn’t mind her, I needed to cum but then she came to lay on the bed watching nassim pound my pussy. Each thrust faster than the previous.

I must have turned around to look at nassim when I felt this chilled feeling shoot from my head to my pussy.

The suckling motions Linda was doing to my nipples was driving me over the edge. There she was bent under me, sucking on my big titties while nassim fucked the shit out of me.

I didn’t know who to give more of me to, I wanted the dick but this nipple sucking was driving me crazy!!

I couldn’t take it anymore, everyone was taking their piece of me.

My pussy getting pounded my nipples getting sucked. This was a soul wrecking what are we asking, kinda sex.

There and then I could swear I was going to date both of them, I didn’t care, we’d be Nigeria’s first throuple.

Nassim held my waist, his hard dick pounding my insides, his hands smacking my ass every chance he gets..

“ohh fuck me, fuck me daddy” – I screamed, throwing my ass towards, feeling the blood rush evweywhere.

If you have never had sex like this, you need to, one person sucking on your nipples, the other fucking you. Whether you are a man or girl, you deserve this double pleasure.

I could swear I would cum soon, the soft licking and flicking of tongue that Linda did on my nipples before grabbing all my areola in her mouth. One of her hand massaging the other nipples, Nassim fucking and smacking.

“Ohh fuck” – I heard him groan, the new burst of wetness my pussy just creamed out.

He was going to cum but I wanted to before him, been holding it too long.

*fuck me harder* – I yelled, throwing my ass so my pussy can take that cock and in a couple of minutes I was bouncing my ass too fast as I dropped cum after cum on his dick.

Nassim held my back, forcing to drop to the bed as he fucked me, his groans buried in my hair and the swell of his dick letting me know that he too has orgasmed.

He got up and went to the bathroom and I joined him to clean up.

“Are you going to have sex with Linda now?” – I asked.

“No, she only likes you, not me or any man at all” – He said and we both smiled.


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