He Ran Into My Knife …He Ran Into My Knife 10 Times

************************ “Tick, Tock, Tick Tock” – The clock on the wall talked.
I got up from the floor, pacing slowly, my clothes drenched in wet red, walls bleeding, Time barely crawling when I heard something clatter on the floor.
I didn’t turn around to look, my image on the bedroom mirror lured me… I smiled and then a thought occurred ;
“I have to clean this up, Ayo always hated red, he used to say it was a slut colour, I remembered when I wore the red dress for the kids school party and he shouted at me to go wear something less slutty” I walked towards the mirror, admiring my body, my hands drawing smooth lines up my hips, slightly stroking my pudenda before grabbing the mount of flesh on my chest, I threw my head back, reveling in the warmth, the wet red had. The words spoken by that stranger at the mall replaying in my head as I touched myself – “You are beautiful”
Its been such a long time, I heard that.

I giggled, walked in to the bathroom and grabbed a bucket, bleach and a mop. I went downstairs and turned on the stereo, letting the music serenade me as I cleaned the house. I gently removed the sheets from the bed, rolling him to the floor as I put on clean white sheets, Ayo always loved white sheets. “The time is 3pm” – the clock tocked, this time I looked at it…

I hurried my cleaning, took a warm shower and went to the kitchen to make lunch. The children will be back soon. “Hello, who’s at home” – I heard my mother in law shout from the living room and i rushed out, mama always hated to be kept waiting. “Good Afternoon mama” – I said, my knees kissing the floor in typical yoruba fashion.

She hissed at me “I picked up my grandchildren from school on my way here, is their food ready? – she said in her usual aggressive manner. My children gave me their bags and walked to the dining table requesting their food. ” Aunty Ada, I want indomie” – Kola said, my daughter shook her head in unison. “but I already made rice” – I said but no-one was listening. My mother in law hissed again waving at me to go into the kitchen and make what the children wanted.
I walked into the kitchen and began boiling the water for the noodles when I heard her scream… “haaaaaaaa, oh my God, oh my God, Haaa mo ti ku, Ayo, Ayo”

I didn’t flinch, I continued making the noodles, I could hear her calling the police but it was 4pm and the children must have their lunch before 4pm, Ayo always demanded it.

“you evil witch, you killed my son” – she kept screaming as she walked down the stairs.

I sat on one of the chairs, taking in every facet of my children, I loved them very much but I didn’t have any chance to tell them.

My mother in law sobbed softly and I could hear the police sirens as they entered the house. “That’s her, that’s the evil witch that killed my son” – she screamed, pointing at me. I didn’t look at her or the men that stood beside her. My children were the only important thing to me. “would they ever know that I am their mother, would they grow to someday love me, would they understand why today happened, have I ruined their lives?” “Madam, please calm down” – one man said to my mother in law. “I warned Ayo not to marry this witch but he wouldn’t listen” – She continued, I was unmoved, she had always been loud, at least now she had a good reason to be.
My gateman Mohammed walked towards the dining table and took my kids away

Another man in plain clothes sat near me, i knew him, he was the one my mother reported to, the last time, Ayo put me in a coma. “Ada, did you kill your husband” – he asked, as he sat on a chair near me. “No, I didn’t, he ran into my knife, he ran into my knife ten times” – I said, my face baring all my innocence.

I was arrested and taken to court. My mother wailed when she saw me, my brother hugged me, his pain seeping through his pores, the tears dropping down the side of his face as he stared at me.
Ayo finally ruined my daughter – I heard my mother say as I stood in the docket.
In court, the prosecution called me a cold hearted killer, my mother in law told everyone how her son cared for and loved me and everytime they asked me if I killed him, I said
“No, he ran into my knife, he ran into it ten times”

My defense lawyer told the court that I was mentally ill and tried to show that I was sexually, physically and psychologically abused but no-one believed him because there were no official reports filed during the periods of abuse. The prosecution asked why i didn’t divorce him if he was so abusive, they called it the tricks of a cold hearted murderer.
The court finally appointed a psychologist to talk to me and on the 8th day of trial, I was put on the stand while the court approved psychologist asked me questions. “So Ada, why did you kill your Husband” – She asked. “I didn’t, he ran into the knife” – I said. “Liarrr” – my mother in law screamed.
“order, order in court, the judge shouted. “ok,, but you were holding the knife” – she asked when order was restored. “Yes I was, but he said, I was never good at anything and that there was no way I was going to do anything to him, so i sat back and let him run into my knife 10 times, like he said I wasn’t good at anything” – I replied. “Did your husband beat you?” – She asked. “shhhh” – I said, putting my finger across my mouth, my eyes scanning the room to make sure no-one heard her before continuing, we are not supposed to talk about that, I deserved that, I always wear slutty clothes when going to the market and sometimes I don’t clean the house properly or make lunch on time, please don’t bring that up again or I will never see my children ” – I ended and then I turned to the judge. “madam, please ask her not to bring it up again, Ayo will take my kids away, please” “ok Ada” – The psychologist said

“ok Ada” – The psychologist said…. “tell us why did you clean the room after stabbing your husband 11 times and killing him” – She asked….. “ohhh I had to, everywhere was messy and filled with red blood. Ayo doesn’t like red, I was afraid he would beat me again, the last time, he broke my skull, I still have severe pains, see…” – I said, turning around and parting my hair so she could see the scar. ” but shhhhh, you can’t tell anyone or I’ll never see my kids again – I concluded…… “Ada, Ayo is dead, you killed ayo your husband! Do you know this–she asked…. “Noooo, no, no, no, no, he’s not dead, he’s alive, in here… – I said pointing and hitting my head as I continued yelling “he’s alive in here!!!” The guards rushed at me, while Marilyn the court psychologist injected me with a sedative.

This happened 12 years ago, I have been under Marilyn’s care in the psych ward of the state prison and today I met my children for the first time in 12 years. They did understand and they love me and felt sorry they were unable to do anything to help me and my daughter called me Mum and she gave me a card that read “You are beautiful”, same words that triggered me to kill my husband 12 years ago.

In a mall, 12 years ago, A stranger reminded me who I was, I was not a slave, a play thing, dummy, maid or slut or any of the names Ayo called me right before he gave me bruises or caved my head in. I AM BEAUTIFUL.


Tap, tap, tap… My nails hit on the hard tiled table as I waited on the queue. It seemed to move slower today for some reason.
Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, I was moving my hand faster now, my lemon painted pencil nails hitting harder on the tiled tabletop. It was more out of uneasiness than impatience. I hated standing, too fat to stand for too long. I have old people’s knees. “Yes ma’am, what do you want today?” – one of the attendants said to the woman two steps in front of me. “Yes, hello, Fried rice and….” I heard her responding but what hit me more was the scent of a man’s cologne who was now standing behind me “I like your nails” – he said. “Thanks” – I responded without turning around, I caught a glimpse of him from the side of my eyes.. We didn’t speak again, it got to my turn and I ordered for my food hurriedly. “put it in the microwave and set the time to five minutes, I like my food steaming hot” – I said. “just like yourself” – the man behind me said again. If he was trying to Flirt, he was doing a poor job of it. Nothing about him interested me so far.

I paid for my food and walked to find a secluded space to eat.

Its been barely a couple of minutes after I began to eat when I heard “Hello, is this seat taken” – it was the same man again. “Yes” – I said, avoiding his face, thinking that he’d catch the cue that I wasn’t in the mood.

Instead he laughed and said “naaa, you’re not getting rid of me so easily”

The Nerve!! #meafterdark

My phone battery is almost out, Currently at a group meeting… Not near a charger, when I get back to the office, I’ll continue

I continued eating, chewing quietly, avoiding his searching gaze. It seemed too dramatic for me to change tables, so i sat there, eating, looking at everywhere else but him. “hey, my name is Churchill, but my friends call me chu, what’s your name?” – He asked.

No response. “well I recently relocated here and I’m staying at a hotel with my girlfriend, she’s an oap for a radio station, you might know her, she runs the daytime show on XYZ FM – He said, looking closely at my face trying to elicit some type of reaction from me.

I looked up from the food, I was eating and I said “would she like that you were seated here now?” “Ohh Damnn, She speaks” – he said, smiling…I maintained a straight face! “I’m actually talking to you because of Her” – he said, his emphasis on her. There were small tell tale signs that what he just said wasn’t entirely true. “I see” – I said and continued with my food. “she’s new in town and barely has any friends” – he continued speaking, I wasn’t listening, i allowed my mind wander for a bit, shutting off every sound except the tick tock coming from the clock.

I was uninterested, for some reason… I just wasn’t in the mood. “I’m talking a lot, aren’t I” – I heard him ask… My body moved, but I’m unsure if i agreed or disagreed to his statement. “OK,I’ll leave soon but I’ll really like it if I got your number, I want you to come hang out with us” – Chu said… He brought out a phone and passed it to me, i punched in my number and he dialled it probably because he didn’t trust that I would give him the correct number. “Thank you” – he said and got up to leave… That was when I noticed that he wasn’t eating… He had the food packed in a bag.

As he walked away, I looked outside the window… When I think back now, i do not know why I was so uninterested in him…

The entire day moved like I was in a time lapse, I had drank a lot and seemed like I was floating through everything… Move here… Stop…. Go there… Stop…. Climb the stairs… Stop… Open the door… Stop… Lay on the bed… Sleep… No stop… Get up… Shake the sheets…. Now sleep…stop.
My life that day moved like a telegram sent in the 1800s. I had finished eating and had gotten some liquor which was now the cause of my automation. “walk with me, talk with me, rock with me, talk to me yeah, yeah yeah yeah” – my Nokia phone blurted.

I turned around and picked up the call “yes who’s this” – my disquietude spewing… “Hi Ada, it’s Chu, we met earlier today, we are heading to the club later this evening, we were wondering if you’d like to join us, Cindy would like to say hello” – he says hurriedly and before I could protest his insistence of me speaking to his girlfriend. This voice spoke “Hey Girl” – The British accent striking…
“My name is Cindy” – She continues ” my boyfriend tells me that we would make good friends, that you are really pretty and you had on the same lemon nail polish that I have” – she stops, waiting for me to say something… “huh-uh” – escapes my lips. “anyways, we wanna go to the club today and I feel it would be cool if you can go out with us. Do you know Dj Bombastic” – it was more of a rhetoric because she continued without waiting for a response. “Well i and Chu are close friends with him and his girlfriend, you should come hang out with us, i promise it would be fun” – she concluded… I didn’t want to be rude so I said yes, like how often do you hear that a guy thinks you’d make a great friend to his girlfriend and it turns out she thinks the same too… Most times calls like this ends with “stay the fuck away from my man, I cut bitxhes”

She ended the call, super excited that she had somehow gotten me to come out. The excitement was contagious. I was going to a club, I didn’t want to but I am doing it regardless.

Time was 11:30pm, I had on ankle boots, a very short skirt, a top that barely covered my tits and I WAS OVERDRESSED! Apparently when you know people who own the club slash work at the club, you can dress however you want including wearing flats and jeans… I looked like I was an entertainer paid to come and perform at the club and they were my hair & makeup team. “you look really hot” – Cindy said, but her face said “What the Fuck is all this?” I had a top and a Jean in my bag that I planned to wear back home the next day. I asked Cindy to take a walk with me and informed her that I would like to change my skirt.

The relief on her face showed I made the right decision.

We walked to her car and i went in to change. Cindy waited outside… When I was done, We walked back to meet chu and found him standing with the DJ and his Girlfriend. “Good evening” – I said, smiling. I was a bit star struck but i wasn’t going to let it show. One fuck up was one too many. “Ada, meet Nonye, my friend and that’s her boyfriend DJ Bomb” – Cindy said making disc jockey moves with her hand.
We all laughed and Nonye waved, the cigarette in her hand, dropping Ash as she waved. Dj Bomb shook my hand, the headphones on his neck looked too big for his shoulders.

For a while, we made small talk before walking into the club together. Cindy held my hand, it felt like she didn’t want me to feel out of place or weird and all through the night, she proved to be a great hostess.

The drinks kept pouring as we all danced the night away…

The Art Of Communication

So someone just tried to slide in my with
“Ohh Ada, it’s a wet rainy Sunday” I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard as I did. The entire hour was spent schooling him on how to properly slide into DMs
First of all, just quit it with the sexual innuendos, am I supposed to get turned on when I hear the word wet or am I supposed to say “Ohh I’m cold, come fuck me”. 🙄🙄 Seriously, I think the art of romance is lost for most men and they’d rather not put in the effort. Some are just so lazy, they throw a wad of money in your face in the hopes that you are so distracted by the money, you don’t get to to see all their many insecurities, others just gather up the driest innuendos they can find and then try to use them on you.

I have found that the key to successfully getting anyone to actually listen to you, is to paint your message in a way that’s of benefit to them. You want their attention, time, money, collaboration… Curate your message in a way that it appears beneficial to them. This is a very important and useful communication skill that cuts across all spheres of life.
Sliding into DMs should not be so hard, Infact speaking to Anyone of any size (especially fat people like me 😏) should not be so hard. People need to express interest in learning how to actually communicate, how to seduce (not just for sex), how to seduce a person’s mind because come to think of it, you might forget a person’s name but you’ll never ever forget how they made you feel!

The Morning After

I was up this morning, earlier than I thought, my body craving the love that it lost. I burst into laughter, the laughter is a new level of dealing with angry thoughts I unlocked. I put on some music: “sometimes I think you’re just too good for me” drawled out from the speakers, I have a complete weakness for Sade Adu, there was something about her music that goes into the nethers of my soul.

I laid in bed, eyes closed, body stretched, wondering what I should do to myself. The nasty feeling I had seemed to have run away, I wanted to go back to sleep, but my body wouldn’t let me. It needed to be awake, accustom itself to what it was.

A message dropped on my phone– “I’ve tried really hard to walk away from you….I hate that it’s this hard to”

It was gabriel, we had stopped talking a long time ago, he was angry with me over something I said and even though I had apologised a dozen times, he didn’t want to talk to me… I open his profile picture on whatsapp and his face sent all the shrills to my body, that tingle in my clit imagining what it would feel like to sit on his face. I wanted nothing more than to have his cock buried inside of me and so I began to plot on how this man who had resumed talking to me would be the one to satisfy me.
You see the thing is, I and Gabriel had never met before, we have only been virtual friends.

“let me make it up to you” – I said to Gabriel but he was resolute, continuously complaining about all the many things I did wrong. Gabriel mentioned that he was at the airport heading back to work. I asked to come meet him at work but he declined, stating some mundane reason why visitors weren’t allowed at his place of work. An hour + countless apologies must have passed when he say, “I’m coming back to Lagos for yous” I couldn’t contain my excitement, I had to confirm a dozen times before I begin my “sick act” in the office.
I half dragged myself to my boss’s office and explained how the food I hate might have poisoned and I need to head home immediately I was done for the day, she had this uncanny ability to keep you in the office well over working hours. She said something about how it was Monday and how people are supposed to take their jobs seriously but I wasn’t paying attention.
I practically flew home because Lagos traffic is a distant cousin of hell, had a shower, shaved my legs albeit haphazardly and wore a dress that showed my tits in the most-not-so- subtle way I could find. No driver available to take me, so I called a friend of mine to drive me there.
When I got to the hotel where Gabriel was, I was really nervous, it felt like I was new at this, I had lost my entire hard girl persona and I felt ordinary. I think taking such a long break doesn’t really help you; you seem to get into this world of being on your own and leaving it becomes a problem.
I got to the door, knocked and when he opened the door, he goes “Adanne” with this gleeful smile and then gives me a hug, a big hug. What I liked about this hug was that his hands didn’t stray to grab my ass or any other shii men do when they hug a girl. It was genuine and real and I sort of relished in it.
We sat down on opposite chairs, he offered me the drink he had and got another glass for me while we talked about different things, all the while we spoke, all I thought about was how I was going to fuck this man, he was cute, dark skinned had beards a slightly different shade and the way he smiled was true.

He ordered for some food for me and while I ate, I could see he was constantly staring at me, I didn’t mind because in my mind “oga look very well, because I am going to eat you soon” We talked, he wanted to know why I was still anonymous on my MAD thing, I said I was awkward and I shy away from the spotlight. The conversation was dull on my end because I had only one thing in mind- SEX! I finished eating, went into the bathroom and changed into a red lingerie and a kimono, walked back to the chair and sat down, spread my legs apart and asked him to continue our conversation. I shifted the panty area of my lingerie, exposing my soft, pink pussy lips, my hand stroking it while I talked to him “so you were saying that I should be more outspoken correct?” – I asked , my eyes glued to his face, my hands massaging my pussy and my tits. “Ada, this is… this is ugmmm…oohh gawd” – he replied . “Talk to me” – I said, we can have a conversation or cant we? “How can we talk when you are doing that?” – He asked… “Doing what?… what am I doing… you mean this?” – I said in quick succession, tapping my pussy (tap, tap, tap) … I grab the bottle of vagina sweetener, put some on my pussy and then I began to rub on my clit… clit to vulva, each time adjusting my legs and my fat ass so he can see it, see all of the sweetness I bring to the table. He’s there uncomfortable, adjusting left to right and I felt it. “ohhh, ohhh wow… fuck , I think I put pepper in my pussy” – I said, I forgot to wash my hands after eating the peppered fish I ordered. I got up and ran to the bathroom to wash my pussy, laughing at myself as I did. I didn’t feel embarrassed or anything, I did wash my hands vigorously though just to avoid another occurrence.
When I came back to the room, he asked if I was okay and I just nodded and went to lay on the bed, inviting him to come lay with me. We resumed talking again, mostly about work but when he spoke, all I thought about was the delay and the little time we had before he leaves. I slid down under the duvet and began to lick his nipples, slow, slurpy, long swipes as if I was testing to see if it was something he liked…

“Adaaa, ohhh you are licking on my nipples” – he moaned… “ohh yesss” – he continued, he liked it, so I continued, taking long swipes up and down one nipple, my hand playing with the other, my wet pussy grinding on his thigh. i move my other hand to feel his cock size and damnnn was I surprised, this black sweet man had meat for days, I stopped licking his nipples and decided I wanted to play with his meat, I wanted everything in my mouth.
I slide further down, brought his cock out and started to deep throat him, my mouth struggled to hold all of it but I wasn’t letting go, I kept licking form tip to cap, slurping up wetness and then letting it drool back from my mouth unto his dick. “gawd,I love the way you suck my dick Ada”
Gabriel gets up, drags me to the edge of the bed and plasters his tongue on my pussy, sucking my pussy like he hadn’t eaten in days. The moment his mouth hits my pussy, I had an out of body experience, my mind going into overdrive, all the rainbows and blues shooting out from the ceiling, my pussy twitched and twirled, taking in every tongue swipe, giving out wetness in return. Gabriel stopped, laid on the bed and said “come sit on my face”. I got up, adjusting my thighs while I lowered my pussy into his willing tongue, grinding my cunt up and down his mouth, grabbing my breasts with both hands, the cum welling up inside me. I bent forward, put his dick in my mouth, attempting to complete a 69 so I don’t come too quickly… it was a failed attempt, the way his mouth moved, how he licked and sucked on me without shame made my body convulse. I said “stop, come fuck me, fuck me now please”

Gabriel grabbed me, turned me around, held my lingerie and dragged me backwards onto his dick, I screamed, I felt like my pussy was torn. He didn’t stop; he kept fucking me, dragging me back and forth on this big cock, complimenting how tight my pussy was. I wasn’t actually listening; I was struggling to stay alive. This man was fucking me like he was trying to punish me for all the wrongs I had done.
And soon, my pussy began to twitch, wanting to release all that tension it had felt, he grabbed me by the waist, my ass hitting his thighs, forcing me to take all this dick, to get fucked, to want more, to ask for more… “fuck me daddy, fuck me harder” – I said, even though I knew any harder than this and I would pass out. “haaaaaaaaaaaa…. Ohhhh fucckkkkkk….” I screamed as I reached orgasm and laid flat on the bed, pushing him and his monster cock far away from me.
I slept bare assed, knowing full well, by morning, he was going to take me again.

No Sex June – A Whole Month Without Sex

Day 1 Today has been stressful, lots of meetings that felt like they should have been held over the phone. I would never understand why people always assume because I write about sex, I must be dumb, they come to me about doing business but somehow think that I’m stupid, it beats me… I don’t know though, maybe I am actually stupid, you know… You never really see yourself, other people do 😒😒
Moving on… Today marks day 1 of my one month total abstinence from everything sexual including porn #NoSexJune and this post is a chronicle of my day so far. I have been so tired and carsick, I haven’t experienced any sexual cravings, even right now as I type this post, I still feel very tired but I promised to write everyday which is why I am doing this now.

I am going to order room service, have a glass of wine (or 5), watch Bad blood season 2 and then pass out. I plan to stay in tomorrow, there’s a lovely place I found not far from where I’m staying that sells lovely croissant, I might have a couple of those in the morning… So yea, that’s all the update for today… See you guys at 9pm WAT tomorrow… #meafterdark #NoSexJune

PS: I was going to tag a witch, Yea i needed to call her that, who has been sending me porn all through today, sending me sexy pictures of her body and continually taunting me, in the evil witch’s words, I can’t have peace because I never gave her peace with my stories… Just imagine the kind of friends I have on this page…. 😒😒🤣🤣🤣

Day 2
Today was bleeeehhhh… 🙄🙄🙄 Drowned my thoughts in movie after movie… I don’t know if any of you ever experienced anything like this: there comes that moment when you can’t stop the thoughts running 8,000 km in your head so you shut them off by watching a movie, or singing loudly in the shower or listening to very loud music… It becomes a case of, if the external sounds are louder maybe I wouldn’t hear the voices inside anymore.
I finally rolled over to the side of the bed this evening and I had a shower, I’m still woozy from all this drinking and loud music. I thought of watching porn today, in the midst of Declan hunting Teresa and Christian, I sorta got the hang of it and almost wanted to watch something new… Hollywood series tend to tow a certain path… I know you are probably thinking, porn is also predictable… No its not, (or even it is), it doesn’t matter, every cock, arched back, wet dripping pussy taking big black cock feels different. Every knees that scrape the floor, ass clapping as it rides on dick, head thrown back, nipples sucked, the moans of yesss fuck me, harder, yes Daddy fuck me harder all sound different, no matter how scripted the porn is.

Today, I don’t think my need to watch any of it stemmed from sexual want, I think this need to orgasm came from boredom. I wanted to do something else, I had no friends to call or gist with, there was nothing to do, so i felt porn was the next best thing… I didn’t watch it though… I just continued the movie.

I also had an epiphany today, I have no gisting buddies… Weird!

Anyways, I’m still going strong

Day 3 All I did on day 3 was shop for my trip back to Lagos and pack my bags.

Update: who knows how to properly smuggle fried chicken via the airport

Day 4 I’m headed to another city and while I was at the train station, there was a young man reading a book, he seemed like the poster child for Handsome, dark full hair, full brows, beards, fair white skin, glasses, head buried in a book and I felt like going to sit close to him and to talk to him (OK add the fact that I’m horny🤣🤣). But social media has instilled a certain type of fear inside me. The type of fear that makes me judge and quickly classify all white people as racist even when they don’t exhibit any racist behaviour or even act racist towards me.

I just shoved my madam nice girl inside my pocket and minded my business, drinking my small coffee. My mind drifted, i turned to look at the guy again but he was gone and for some weird reason, I began to miss him.

I wished I had sat next to him and spoken to him, but also glad I didn’t, because then we would have exchanged numbers, he would have said I was pretty, I would reply with you are not so bad for a white boy, he would go on to tell me how he likes my eyes, I would reply with your lips would look nice on my pussy, he would have asked where I was headed, I would have said nowhere in particular and lied that I was a tourist and then he would offer to show me new places and I would have ended up delaying my trip…. Because Penis is life!

Or who knows, he might have just said, GET AWAY FROM ME, YOU MONKEY! and I would scream OBO IYA YIN, WEREY! ◼️
Just thanking God for saving me from expenses of delayed trips, forced yoruba, and penis. (emphasis on PENIS)

Day 5 the craving came fast and hard. I almost touched myself. I was angry at everyone and no-one, wondering why I was doing this in the first place, like my friend and colleague @genwayne504 would say: “Ada always remember your why and it will keep you focused on the goal”
Well Fuck You Wayne 😒🤣, I don’t care about the why, Infact the goal here is just a shitty reminder to myself that I can control my urges and they don’t control me.

Remind me again why I am trying to prove anything to myself, like who even invents this shit, I feel like shooting all these motivational speakers propagating the “YOU HAVE TO PROVE TO YOURSELF” bull. (breathe Ada, breathe…) My sales rep called me yesterday to inform me that we were still experiencing some delays with the airline bringing our products and ohh I screamed, I screamed loud… At some point… She asked me “madam is the anger really for the airline or for something else”… I just ended the call, I don’t like what I hate!
I’m just angry…. Today was an angry day.

Somebody come play with my kit kat (not chunky)

Bye! (I don’t have time for pleasantries)
Still angry by the way…. OK Bye!

Day 6
Been Flying like a kite all through day 6, back in Lagos… I need to rest!! 🤦‍♀️

Day 7
So yesterday while I was still taking a break from life, I received a call from an old crush, he wanted to know my plans for the days and probably take me to dinner… All through the time, we spoke, the only thing running through my mind was how big his dick was and how he always made kissing sounds when he eats my pussy… He was the real life Wesley Pipes, just with a bit more finesse (if you know who Wesley Pipes is, then you are worse than I am 😂😂). David talks dirty, like ground raw dirty when he makes love to you, tells you how drippy drippy your cunt is, how he wants to eat you some more even while his cock is sliding in and out of your pussy. Most times, he would just take his dick out, go down and take a big lick off your pussy all the while asking you if you like “daddy’s tongue, if you want daddy to lick you some more”

The only thing I heard was 7pm, dinner… I also think he said something about changing jobs or something like that… I wasn’t fully present for obvious reasons.
It was my 7th day on #NoSexJune. I somehow survived 1 week without any porn, or masturbation or sexual activity. I wasn’t about to let this real life Wesley Pipes or whatever his name is, make me back slide… I just said I was busy and needed rest and I hung up before he could convince me otherwise…

Day 8
It’s the same ol… Same ol…. Too drained to even type this… 🙄🙄🙄 #stillabstaining #meafterdark #NoSexJune

At the end of this June, the first guy I’ll be with, will have to sign a full indemnity contract because he may suffer bodily and “penile” injuries

Day 9 I got flowers yesterday…. You must have seen the series with @ms_dsf and @mawuli_gavor (PS: Mawuli is my new crush, I just want him for 3hours, who has his phone number should please send it) but mine wasn’t because he beat me… It was a peace offering from Leké. I have written about him earlier,(scroll down my page) blonde coloured hair, fucks like he owns you, eats me like my pussy’s about to save his life…. Yes… That Leké. He’s one of those guys who wants to own what they eat, he doesn’t enjoy sharing. He has been asking to date me since like forever and when I say no, he retreats and comes back again in a few months… Yesterday, The flowers had a small note attached : “Let’s do this babe… I really do care about you Ada. I’m sorry about before” There was a cake and some chocolates, he knows my favourite cake only comes from @amaka_johnscakes
My smile was from ear to ear and when he called and I heard him say “Hey Beautiful” – – – I swear my pussy cried, tears of joy… We spoke for a while, sweat gathered on my chin, my forehead… I wanted him.. There was this raw alpha male vibe about him, I just wanted to smell him, to hold him… The more I talked to him, the sadder I got because I couldn’t have him.

He could tell I was distracted and kept pestering to know what the issue was but I ended the call and sent him a text… Call me July 1, this is a bad time for me – the message read, to which he replied “sure, I’ll wait…. Love, Leké”

I cried, I was angry, really angry and sad and I almost called him back, to say I was sorry too and I wanted to be with him and I’m sorry for always turning him down and that I was now truly healed and would like to actually have a relationship with him. I wanted to tell him so many things because with Leké, I am truly myself, he sees no need to change any part of me, he loves and makes love to me exactly as I “are”. I was sad maybe it was God’s way of punishing me for telling my 8yr old nephew that if he mentions the word “Sex” again, he goes to hell. My nephew had recently learnt that his pregnant mum had sex to get the baby in “there”. So i did a little bit of damage control 😂😂

I hit my head on a wall yesterday, I was walking towards the kitchen, I blacked out and i hit my head on a wall… The pain was excruciating. I thought my head had burst open or I was going to have a brain haemorrhage or something… Even now, it still hurts… But you know what hurts the most, not having anyone there to even tell me sorry….to hold me and kiss my head and even slap the wall on my behalf… 😭😭😭 I couldn’t even tell myself sorry, because I was in too much pain…😣😣 Will probably go see a doctor, because I have a really bad headache this morning… Anyways Good morning…

Day 10 Today was literally the worst day day ever… Its on days like today that you somehow drill yourself deeper into a hole.

I am just so tired, I’m not built for this… I really am not… Everything about everything tires me the fuck out!

I am Tired!!

Day 11
Today was literally the worst day day ever… Its on days like today that you somehow drill yourself deeper into a hole.

I am just so tired, I’m not built for this… I really am not… Everything about everything tires me the fuck out!

I am Tired!!

Day 12 Good Evening, This is the News at 10!
Today at work, it seemed like someone opened the cage where all the fine boys have been held for months. I saw all shades of sweet men today and brothers and sisters, please join me in this testimony, I did not fall. I repeat I did not fall..😂 “Hello, Good Afternoon” – I heard one man say, “Good Afternoon” – I replied… The moment I raised my head, I almost had a heart attack… Let’s segue for a bit: remember that scene in Hollywood High school movies, where the nerdy girl experiences an embarrassing situation and then the high school hunk comes to her rescue, hair flying in the wind, skin glistening in the lights, sharp smile and the nerdy girl starts drooling and smiling weirdly…. Well today, I was that nerdy girl… This first guy looked like he had just walked out of a GQ photoshoot by the beach. I intentionally delayed him, because “eye candy” and my apologies were said with my most sexiest voice like “I’m so sorry sir, I will be with you shortly ( #inmyhead actually more like, on top your dick sir). Just when I thought that I couldn’t be punished anymore, 2 more hand crafted, chiseled, look like I had my bath with chocolate and caramel men walked in… Ohhh Dear Gawd.. The other guy, fat, tall, with beer belly I just want to rub, he looked like a snuggle bear… “Hello there, I’m here to pick up my card” – one said…. “Hay gawd, escuse me sir, please stop speaking, your voice is turning me on” – I thought to myself. I was having a fucking inner struggle, my pussy was busy playing “Eenie meenie miney mo, who do I sit on top his face” and just when I sent the 2 slim ones away, Thanking my stars that I’ve finally conquered my urges…
Someone said “Ada, You are still as beautiful as ever” – it was Alex… 🙄

Right now, it’s 10:26pm, been in traffic for 3hours, I’m outside my mother’s house because my lie to Alex involved a very important errand that I need to do for my mum… Still going strong… I can’t come and kill myself
Day 13 This was a tiring day…. Nothing interesting to report..

Day 14 What is with Nigerians and respect? Like I don’t get it, we are proud even in our own ignorance and yet demand respect without earning it. Lots of people always come to my dm requesting for stuff (somehow they believe I am Don Jazzy or Dangote). But I won’t give you money, the first and most important reason is because I DON’T HAVE MONEY, the second reason is because people are wired weirdly and they usually take advantage.

So this guy slides in my DM and says he needs a job— cool, at least he didn’t start with “I want to see you Ada I will do anything to see you” or “Ada please i need money”. I requested that he sends his CV to my mail and I guess luck was on his side, A friend of mine was looking for someone with his exact skills.

Yesterday was exactly 10 working days since he started working with my friend and my friend sacked him. The reason he told me was as annoying as it was ridiculous… This nonsensical man who had a 3years break between careers slapped a female staff because she greeted him by name. She said Good Morning Ayo and he went berserk, talking about how he wasn’t her mate and how he had warned her to use sir when greeting him.

Fact: Everyone calls my friend who owns the company by his name.

Mr Ayo then went on to tell my friend that he was cultivating a culture of disrespect in his own company.. Just look at this fucking nigga!! You are 39years old, no sense, no job and yet still proud. You must be drunk! Are we here to gain respect or money?

Like who the fuck does sir or ma help, like how does your respect put food on my table?? I currently have someone else appearing as a CEO at a firm my sugar daddy asked me to manage and I go to work there during the weekends as a staff, Everyone who works there believes I’m part of the remote team but this is how I know who needs to be sacked and who is loyal to our firm but this nigga wants to eat respect so we asked him to go back home and get enough of it from his wife.

We employ people to gain more money not dish out respect to people who do not deserve it. Rubbish… I forgot to add: I didn’t break my 1 month abstinence. Still doing the annoying thing😤😤

Day 15 I met a virgin on Day 15 and she had so much enthusiasm, how the man she will marry will appreciate her and never hurt her because she was a virgin… I wanted the same for her, I wished life was like that, She’s a great girl, got a great life ahead of her, very Hardworking, humble and doing her best to grab as many career skills as she could,but the pessimist in me would not stop seeing all the downsides to that thought process. First of all Men are Scum, no, let me rephrase that, since women can also be scum. First of all Humans are scum, they don’t appreciate anything long enough to attach any important value to it… After a couple of months or at most years, they begin to want something else. I wanted to tell her that she shouldn’t expect so much from people, she shouldn’t think that anyone would love her unconditionally except me… Do not attach importance to another person’s valuation of you, nobody matters that much not even your supposed “future husband”. Life was hard, it made people hard… There are a lot of broken people moving around looking for other people to break too, lots of cases of people who were abused turning into abusers.
There were so many things I wanted to say, but i couldn’t… She is my sister, she is young, full of life and hope… I didn’t want to turn her into me… So i kept quiet and said “All your heart desires will come to pass”

There was a couple of minutes of silence until she had to fuck it up by saying “Aunty abeg give me 35k, I want to buy frontal to make this weave you gave to me”

I got up and left her there, this is the reason why I hate family discussions. I somehow loose money. #NoSexJune Day 15 was spent with family, they have been known to kill any and all sexual thoughts… I can’t even feel sexy when I’m home, I’m always on high alert, watching my handbag so my sis doesn’t take my money or wristwatch or perfume, once upon a time, I couldn’t find a dress I wore there, I ended up wearing my mum’s dress to go home… My mum sat on that dress on my sister’s behalf 😂😂 Now when I go to visit, I don’t even take off my shoes.If dem say dem stubborn, me sef go show say I stubborn pass.

Day 16
Sat down today to listen to a long voice note sent in by an old boyfriend (I mean old literally and figuratively). He’s 63years old, Divorced and quite naughty for someone his age. Martello is my soul animal, we are on the same wave length, at a time I actually thought I would get married to him.

Normally, long voice notes tire me the fuck out, but today I listened to everything… It was exhilarating and refreshing to say the least.

Imagine someone sending you a 15 minute voice note just to tell you about all your great qualities and the things they love about you, things that you probably forgot you could do. Someone taking the time to completely remind you how awesome you are, talk about THE PERFECT EGO BOOST.

This is not a voice note that tells you how much they miss your perfect saggy tits or your onion shaky booty, this note speaks to your essence, your being, gets rid of every low self esteem, acne, dark spots, wrinkled skin or zebra lines your skin has developed from stress and overthinking.😂😂🙄 We all need stuffs like this at least once a week, just someone who tells you… I SEE YOU, YOU ARE DOING GREAT.

I feel like a bag of money now, i feel great and empowered to take over the world, the best part of it was it was unexpected. In other to pay this forward, we are going to do a tiny challenge #1minVN
◼️ Send a 1 minute voice note to anyone you care about and talk about all their good qualities. Screenshot their reply and send to my DM.

Day 17
I actually arrived at FUCK all of You stage today.

An old friend, more like fuck buddy contacted me a couple of weeks ago, he had somehow put it together that I am me… Is that even the correct way to say that: “I am me”, I am I, me was me… Anyways you get the point… He was a good friend when everything was good until he disappeared into thin air only to resurface asking a billion questions and expecting to get responses immediately… It was funny to me because I have no plans to say shit to anyone, I was keeping my new found joy under lock and key.

Another friend also resurfaced with a billion questions and when she didn’t get any answers, she fizzled back into thin air… So what was all the niceties for?? People will do anything for gist😂😂😂 Work was dry and boring, currently home, having the wackiest noodles ever made on earth… I’m too hungry to caree…

Day 18
Day 18 was a drag…
Wake up, brush, bath, makeup, traffic for 99hours (Lagos life), work, insults from customers, then traffic for another 90hours, then home, Bath, remembered to eat, brush, then sleep…

Day 19 I’m going out of my mind… I’m loosing it… I want to be fucked, held down and pressed against the bed, a man smacking on my bum while he kisses my back. My hair wrapped in his hand, hard cock drilling in and out of me.

I want him to ask me to scream his name, ask me whose bitch am I… I want to scream while my ass bounces on him.

I want cock, hard cock, thick cock, cum ripping cock… I want all of my body to shudder while this man fucks me good…. Turn me around and kiss me.

I want him to lay me down and eat my pussy, spit on it, then slurp it up… I want to quiver and quake as long tongue goes from vulva to clit and back to vulva… Kiss me…
I’m near my End…

Day 20 I woke up this morning, legs shaking, body writhing from all the pleasure that I can’t have. I’m stuck in a constant sea of thoughts, it feels like a war between Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria and Israel but in actuality – I wonder whether to touch my clit or not, to take my black vibrator and shove it in my pussy or not?… I know this is mundane, everyone says be strong… But i think your body fights you more when it sees that you are purposely refusing to do it. Remember that time you tried to go on a diet and in less than 1 hour you were chugging down soda (fat be damned), you promise yourself that this would be the last soda you drink and then you try to stick to the diet plan only to attend a party and soda and henessey is all they have… Its no-one’s fault, we are natural rebels, we hate rules, we dislike being confined by them, the only reason we tolerate it is because it saves us from all the nasties people would do if there were no rules.

I’m having a headache, my body hurts, I need love, actually I need good good loving… This evening we have group therapy, I am supposed to go there and tell everyone about my progress, but this doesn’t feel like progress, it feels like a deep claw peeling my skin away..

Day 21 Yesterday at therapy was funny… Everyone cheered and laughed and those who could drink did because I passed my 3 weeks mark.

My first and second time attempting this, I failed on or before day 21.

Super proud of myself… But i can’t wait for day 30!!!

Day 22 So I’m on twitter as myself not as @meafterdarkk
And this chap is trying to shoot his shot, I swear I’m weird as fuck. I don’t know how this shit works anymore, he says something nice and I’m just there laughing like a fool, in my head, I’m thinking, I wonder what you’ll say in 6 months time. Dude is wondering what’s so funny about his lines but i have already seen how the relationship will end, the quarrels, the fights that won’t end… He says “OK, I guess this is a bad time” – then I respond with “cool”. I go through the entire conversation and I only said 2 words hello at the beginning and cool at the end, the whole time he was writing, I was responding with laughter emojis, I was literally deadass having the conversation in my head instead of actually responding.

It happened again this morning with someone else, I don’t know how to act when someone is trying to shoot their shot with me, anxiety kicks in and tells me all the shit that could go wrong, so i just disappear into my hut. Worse is when they mention “so when do we see” – huh? See who?? Me?? It definitely can’t be me, i am unable to can… Poof! I’ve vanished!
Someone invited me out for ice cream yesterday, I said no, because I don’t know or can’t remember how to go out on dates, honestly I’m too mentally tired to go on dates (having sex at home has been the most ideal dates for me for a long time). I eventually went out ON MY OWN to get the ice-cream… Is something not wrong with me like this?

Like I don’t want to be with anyone, don’t want to go anywhere, don’t want to have intimate conversations, don’t mention relationships or dating to me, don’t tell me you think I’m pretty, don’t say shit, just shut up, get your dick hard and fuck me, then be on your way and don’t talk to me in public or try to bring up the fact that we had sex ever.
I’m not Alright, I really am not!

Most people think I’m anonymous on Meafterdark just because, it’s because I don’t know how to act, I don’t know how to be around a lot of people, I want to be on my own 1 billion % of the time and not a lot of people would like that.
I’m done for today!

Day 23
Breathe, time passes, you’ll be fine, dream of thoughts, pleasant. Let nothing come near you, take back control. Breathe, it will all be fine, your heart racing like a speed of light is not a sign that all is ended.

Tell me about your dreams at night, the touch you savagely want, the cock that drove you crazy, turned you out and drove you over the edge. Are you happy?… I ask you… Are you happy at the way things have become for you, that you cannot say stop to your own gaddam self, that even your own body disrespects you, it doesn’t listen to you.

You solve every life issue with the quacking sounds of hard dick sliding in and of wetness, cry your tears over the backs of the men who hurt you, because they’ll hurt you more if you cry in front of them. It’s easier, you say to yourself, to be this easy person than who I truly am.

You pick and choose not for love, but to have someone pressed against your body, bolanle today, Tinuke tomorrow and Nkiru the next. Its easier this way, buried deep in that hollow, time stops, only the wet, tight cunt gripping your cock nags at your reality… Don’t cum, don’t cum… Your shaky ego tells your manhood.

Breathe, time passes, you’ll be fine, dream of thoughts, pleasant. Let nothing come near you, take back control.

Day 24

Day 25 Can’t wait for this month to end… Already selected the hot fish I’d like to eat….

Day 26 Tick, tick, tick, tock…. I’m tired, I swear!!! But we are women of our words, we do what we say, and say what we do!

Day 27 Day 27: it’s exactly 3 days till the end… I can’t wait for this to end.. I really can’t…

Day 28 Yesterday, I was up to no good. Went out with Mrs Ayo to a club and we had so much fun. It was the first time we were meeting outside a hotel or an enclosed space. She really found it funny that I was taking a month off sex but supported me either ways and was lobbying to be the person to break my new virginity.

We drank like tasters at a brewing company, chugging everything and anything… I was wasted before we could even tour the 2nd club.

I met some guy here from Me After Dark at the second club, cute guy who’s always been in my DM asking to meet me. He walked over to meet us, I nearly jumped out of my skin.

My already drunk but now paranoid mind was all over the place, I was uncomfortable, immediately sweaty wondering if he had somehow found out who I am. He was way more cuter than the pictures on instagram. He asked our names and I gave a fake name(not like knowing my real name meant anything) but I was too paranoid to say my name, Mrs Ayo did the same, laughing as she stuttered to say her own fake name. 😂

We spent time together, dancing and drinking some more again before we left. I knew him but he didn’t know who I was.
I can’t add any more details to this post, before he knows I’m talking about him, but that was pretty close. Too close for comfort! Pheeew!! Its almost the end of No Sex June

Day 29
Day 29 was spent recovering from hangover…

Day 30
The End, it wasn’t easy…. Not easy at all!!!


“Hello” I said, it was a call from a number that I didn’t save “Good day Ms Belle, My name is Ivy and I’m calling you from X,” – a pretty voice said. X(not real name) is an elitist matchmaking company I was registered to. “OK” – I said “how was your week ma’am, was it stressful?” – she asked like we were long lost girlfriends chatting over coffee. “Good I think” – I said, I wasn’t really sure of anything nowadays. “And how is today starting out” – she continued, the smile on her face, I could hear through the phone. It made me feel relaxed, I could breathe… “errrmm, I was thinking of just driving around, I had an accident last year and since then I’ve stopped driving, so i thought to give it a try today” – I said, half wondering why I was giving this much information to anyone. “Ohh so sorry about the accident, I hope you are able to conquer the fear, I totally understand why you’d stop driving after that…. If i may ask, would you like company today, someone to go around with you, someone to eat you afterwards?” – she said matter of factly, ” wait, what? Someone to eat me?” – I asked. ” yes ma’am, someone to eat your pussy, give you a massage, make you feel good today. You are one of our elite customers and we know we are yet to find you a match, we feel that you shouldn’t miss out on fun too” – she said, more seriously now.. Was I being pranked,is this a joke or something? I thought… “OK hold on, what did you say your name was again?” – I asked her. I know the X people to do some really weird, fun shit but this was new. “I know you might worry, but ma’am, anyone we send to you is fully tested”- she continued “I just feel it’d be nice for you to have company today and end it on a really happy note” – she dragged the really happy in air quotes stance.

I paused for a minute, a part of me wary but all the other parts excited, I couldn’t tell if it was the way she spoke or how professional she sounded… “yes I’d like some company today” – I said, my voice barely above a whisper, afraid someone might hear me, even though I was alone at home.

She let out a small laugh, then said “great,is your address still the same as we have on file”

“yes It is” – I said, repeating my address to her for confirmation sake. “OK, expect him within the hour, Thank you for your time and do have a great day” – She said and hung up.

I sat down, my eyes darting from left to right quickly, wondering what the fuck just happened, what kind of company does this, joining them was hell in the first place, i was turned down at first, then my friend who introduced me sent a mail on my behalf just before they let me back in.

I pranced around a bit, thinking about what kind of man or woman they’d send me, after wasting about 20 minutes of my life thinking, I decided to quickly shower and apply some makeup.

When I was done, I went on instagram Live, chatting with my friends and followers just to relax my mind, I was too anxious to even calm down… It felt like I was 16 again and waiting for my first date.

During the live video; my phone rang, “Hello Ada, My name is Mfon,Ivy from X sent me, I’m almost close to yours, I really can’t wait to see you” – This husky voice said. Gawd I was turned on, been a long time, listening to a man talk to me turned me on. I wanted more, for him to keep speaking but he had hung up. “I’m leaving soon, my meat is arriving any moment from now” – I said on IG Live, discharging everyone so I could prepare for whoever this man was.

I grabbed a bottle of wine, opened it and poured myself some.

Waiting… Letting thoughts drift around my head, pussy getting wet from all that thinking… I was going to get fucked today…

While I drank the wine, my mind drifted to very dirty thoughts, thinking about the things I would let this husky man do to me… I closed my eyes to bask in it, drawing dainty breaths while my hands played with my body.
My phone rang “Hey Ada, I’m here with Mohammed”- Mfon said, that sweet husky voice clouded with a smile. “Give him the phone” – I responded and waited for him to pass the phone to Mohammed, “bring him to me” – I said to Mohammed.
I grabbed the edge of my long flowing lacy kimono, it felt like an overkill wearing it; I didn’t want this man thinking that I had somehow over-prepared myself because of him. I opened the door and he was standing there just about to knock on the door when I opened it. oh dear lawd, this motherfucker was cute as fuck. “Hi Mfon” – I said , stretching my hand , but he took it and drew me closer to him to hug me, I felt small (well I am small) , but I felt smaller. “you smell really good” – He whispered. I quickly said a thank you “Mohammed was standing there awkwardly wondering whether he should leave or stay “aunty make I dey go?” – he asked. I waved my hand signifying that he could leave. Mfon was done coddling me now, because that was most definitely more than a hug. “you look way better than your picture” – He said. “errrmm, thanks I guess and you look Caucasian, I don’t like bright people, they tend to dim my dark side” – I said, hoping, praying that at least this guy understands sarcasm. Side note: if you don’t speak or understand sarcasm, we can’t even be friends. “ohhh touché” – he said as he laughed. I looked up to my ceiling like “Thank God, at least he isn’t blonde”(no offense to blondies). I led him up the stairs and for a minute, I felt really body conscious, wondering if my ass was jiggling while I walked. I almost stumbled but he held me. “sorry, are you ok” – he asked. “yes, thank you” – I responded, staring at his face. He had a beautiful face, small eyes, nose slightly scanted, a small scar on the bridge of his nose probably from an accident or something, the most ethereal smile I’ve ever seen, I couldn,t tell if he was a male whore for fun or for money, it was difficult to tell.

He exuded a certain kind of confidence that made it hard for me to tell if it came from a place of self awareness or insecurity. We sat on the couch in the Living room staring at each other, no words escaping our mouth, it was awkward, I am usually not afraid to speak but for some reason I didn’t know what to say, after about 10 minutes of awkward silence, he said: “Would you like me to eat you first before you eat, I’m actually a great chef, I’m sure I can make something you’d like” “errrmm, wait, what? – I said, my heart racing… “Ohh she finally speaks, I thought we were just going to be in that awkward silence forever” – he said and got up. “so what do you have to eat ms Ada, or do you have a dungeon where you keep your guests to starve and die” – Mfon said with a straight face. “What? No I don’t starve my guests” – I responded rather shyly, I have no idea what about the man unsettles me but I was not in my comfort zone, not in control of this game, my brain was struggling to play with the cards I’ve been dealt. He walked towards the kitchen and I followed him. “do you have a maid?” – he asked . “not anymore, I was a better cook, my gateman’s wife buys most of the things I need” – I responded.
He leaned on the counter, facing me, shaking his head while I spoke….. another awkward silence…. “you are really beautiful” – he said again “yea thanks, you said that already” “you know what…. Fuck this” – he said and rushed towards me, holding my face in his hands and kissing me, our lips thriving as it touched the other. “kiss me” – he said, as if that wasn’t already happening, but I knew what it meant, he wanted me to come to him, he was used to being in control and this time I didn’t mind losing it.
While we kissed, his hands grabbed my tits, giving me feather light strokes on my nipples. He held me by the waist and placed me on the kitchen counter. “Hi” – He said, his lips placed on mine, dropping soft kisses like a plum. “I specifically requested for you, you know” – it was more of a statement than a question.
I pushed him away slightly, my eyebrows raised, “how do you mean requested for me”

He smiled before speaking “promise you won’t get mad and that you’d at least let me take you to dinner, I just really had to feel your lips on mine”
Now I was getting worried, I got down from the counter and walked towards my aquarium slowly so I don’t arouse any suspicion from him and pressed a button, this alerts Mohammed my gateman to come to the house. “I’m a member of X, not a gift, your picture was shown to me as a potential match, but I requested to be sent to you as a gift first before being introduced to you, my real name is mezie , my mother was the….” – mfon or rather mezie said. “Why?” – I asked, not because I didn’t hear him clearly the first time but because I needed more answers to the many questions in my head, were they allowed to do this at x, well come to think of it, he wasn’t shown to me so they were within their rights, they offered me a gift which I accepted. “I like you”- Mezie said and continued “I really like you and I wanted to meet you in the most natural of circumstances, I was tired of the whole cut throat dating ish, wanted something new”
I sat on the couch, looking at him… he was really cute and the way he spoke had a drawl to it, his voice complimented his body and gawd, the way he kissed… ohh dear Lawd, the way he kissed… he walked towards me and sat close to me… “Ada I…” – Mezie began but he was interrupted by Mohammed who had slowly walked into the house using the back entrance probably in a bid to surprise my supposed attacker. “Aunty everything dey ok?” – He asked. “Yes Thank You, Mohammed. You can go now” – I replied, mezie didn’t seem like a threat anymore or maybe it was the MAD RUSH I had going into effect. Mohammed left and mezie looked at me and said “Should I leave Ada, I understand if you are uncomfortable with me being in your home but I like you and I didn’t want to keep lying to you, that is all”
In my head, I said yes but when my mouth opened, the word “No” escaped from it. He moved closer towards me and put his arms around me, dragging me closer to him, he smelled so good and I just wanted to stay there forever. “Mezie” – I said….

“Mezie”- I said, raising my head up to look at him, he had such beautiful eyes, I forgot what I was going to ask him and we resumed kissing. Our tongues wetting each other’s mouth, I got on top of him grinding my tits in his face, while his hands rubbed on my bum.
With his hands firmly placed on the low of my back, he removed my kimono, gently watching the strap fall off my shoulders before placing a wet kiss on it, he squeezed me, resting his face on my boobs before leaning up to kiss me again. “Hey” – I said, holding his head. “You are so beautiful” – he replied. “you are just saying that because you are horny” – I said to him and he chuckled…
We kissed again, this time more slowly, we wanted each other, the passion burned brightly… ok it wasn’t really passion; it was just a huge innate lust. We wanted to fuck each other… I felt the wetness stain my thighs when he placed me on all fours and his tongue touched my butthole, licking and slurping me up. I have never felt this much excitement before, this man ate my ass, kissing my pussy and thighs in between. “fuck me please… please fuck me” – I begged but he held my thighs, his arms wrapped around it, my shrt gown pushed up to my waist, my ass clapping in his face, I bent over, arching my back some more, letting this hot hunk of 200kg pot belly man eat my ass and pussy. “fuck me please” – I said and he got up, pulled down his pant, I was rubbing on my pussy and twerking while he wore a condom. “Please don’t scream babe, a woman’s moan turns me on like crazy” – I heard him say before smacking my ass “uhhhhh” – I moaned, waiting for him to slide his cock inside me. He grabbed my ass, propping me up and arching my back some more, I felt that stiff cock slide inside my pussy… “ohhh gawddd, aahhhhh, fuckkkk”- I moaned. “I told you babe, don’t moan” – he said, his dick going in and out of my pussy, hands grabbing my waist, dragging me back and forth on that dick. “see how wet that pussy is…. Aaahhhhh”

“see how wet that pussy is…. Aaahhhhh” – mezie said, his dick grinding slowly in and out of me.
I was rolling my waist, doing this 360 dirty whine on his cock, enveloping it in wetness after wetness. “ahhhhhhh”- he was grunting as he began to pound my pussy, deep, hard strokes, eliciting cries of pleasure from me. I bit on the chair in a bid to hold in my moans, but this man kept fucking me, deep strokes after deep strokes, long dick choking my pussy. “aaahhhh, ohhhhh, yeaaaa, yassss, fuckkkk, ohhhhh, aaaahhhh, yesss daddy” – I kept moaning, my ass bouncing back and forth on his cock. He was pushing it further, deeper inside of me , smacking my ass as he did so. “I told you not to moan…. Ohhh fuckkk…” – his cock fucking my pussy. “fuck, fuck, fuck” – He kept repeating as he dragged my ass, reveling in the wet bath I was giving his dick.
He dipped a finger in my butt, using the other hand to drag me backwards to take more cock. That drove me insane, I was bucking wildly, screaming basically as that shaft pushed in and out of me. “aaahhhhhh, gawd, yeaaaassss daddy fuckkk me good, fuck that pussy, ohhhh fuck, yassss” – I screamed louder and louder, spurring him to fuck me harder and soon I could hear him grunting, his cock pushing deeper inside of me, his hands smacking my twerking ass. I knew he was going to cum and sincerely my knees were hurting. I began to grind on his dick, twisting and twirling as he exploded inside of me.
He kissed my back, his breathing labored.
When he took out his cock, he walked towards the bathroom, when he came out, he had my baby wipes with him, which he used to clean me up. He gave me a kiss before going to dispose of them. When he got back , we both fell asleep on the couch.

A Lonely Night

“I Hate You, I Hate You, i hate everything you stand for” – someone outside was screaming. I stopped the carrot chopping I was doing to listen properly.
“You foolish man”… “shout some more so the neighbours hear you, you are not loud enough”… “I hate you, I hate you, I HATEEE YOU”

I washed my hands in the the sink and walked to the window where the noise was coming from. It was my neighbours, there were clothes sprawled on the floor, the man had no shirt on and the woman was by the corner, child in hand, crying as she pointed to the man
“God will punish you” was all she kept saying…
The man sat on the pavement in front of the house, dejected, seething with anger, his hand over his head.
I was stuck, wondering whether to go over, i was friends with their 6year old daughter & 4 year old son and they would stay in my place most Saturdays, I knew the sponge Bob squarepant theme song by heart.
“Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Spongebob Squarepants
Absorbent and yellow and porous is he
Spongebob Squarepants….”
And it was their favourite cartoon, overall, i was better company to watch cartoons with, i made good chocolate drink, i always gave biscuits without any limits and a frizz drink to go with it.
The mother would always say “Ada, only 2 biscuits today and no soda”, her eyebrows raised to indicate seriousness, “I’ve heard, I’ve heard” and then I’ll close the door to giggles from the children. “Aunty Ada, don’t mind mummy, she always say 2 biscuits is OK for a day but she used to eat 10” to which we’d all laugh and exchange high fives like 3 musketeers and then sit down to devour biscuits and hot choco, dipping our biscuits in the hot choco, our legs spread open on the floor, as we watched every cartoon we could find… Right now, i know all the Disney princesses by heart and what happened in most if not all of the spongebob episodes.

And so my dilemma stood, i wondered, was it fair to her pride to interfere, some people might start avoiding you if you’ve seen them in a bad state and i didn’t want that, her kids were my best friends but if I don’t interfere, doesn’t that mean I’m a bad friend….

And so I took off the apron, washed my hands again, grabbed my phone and walked to their house. All the way there, my mind kept telling my legs to turn back but I couldn’t, I needed to be there if not for anything but for friendship sake.

I got there, knocked on the gate but it was slightly ajar so I walked in. “Hellooooo” – I said, announcing my presence. “Silence” I walked towards the lady while I greeted the husband. “Good Afternoon Sir”, He responded with a wave of the hand and walked inside the house “Let’s go to my place” – I said to her, holding her hand, my eyes imploring her to come with me. I bent down and carried her daughter while she held her son’s hand and walked out of the house with me. ******************* “here” – I passed her a glass of whiskey as I sipped from my cup in silence, watching her hold back the tears. “It’s okay” – I said, to no one in particular, it wasn’t in response to anything, I just wanted her to know it was okay.

I excused myself to check on the kids who were now fully engrossed in the cartoon they were watching and most of all because I wanted her to feel free to shed whatever tears she was holding in.

I waited a few minutes before walking back into my room. “how are you feeling” – I asked “I’m OK” – she replied with a soft stutter. “I don’t need to know what happened, but you and the kids can stay here tonight if you want, I will go and let Oga know I’m keeping you guys for today, but if you want to talk, I’m here” – I said, looking at her.
She seemed small, pain does that to you, shrinks the sweetness and robustness out of you.

She was silent, just shaking her head to acknowledge what i had just said. I left her and went back to her house to talk to the husband, he seemed relieved they were with me and thanked me for my interference in the matter. “Ada help me beg her, its not what she thinks, I have talked to the girl but she’s saying she won’t remove it” – He said, obviously thinking his wife had told me what the problem was.

I shook my head, playing along… “don’t worry, I’ll talk to her…. I said.

On my way back to my place, I kept thinking why do men who decide to stray do not also make the decision to use protection and worse still what kind of demon of a girl would decide to keep a baby for a married man?? Is that how low your self esteem is?

I decided I wasn’t going to bring it up except she does.

When I got home, the kids were asleep and akua had placed them on my bed. I quickly packed the carrots and the other vegetables I was previously dicing into the fridge.
I walked over to my small stash, i always had a pack of cigarettes for days like today… My friends called me the 1 pack per year girl.

We went to the balcony facing away from their house and we lit a stick, both sharing, puffing and passing like 2 bad girls in a confraternity. “you know I have never cheated on this fool, not once! I was a really bad girl when he met me but I gave all that up for him since we were married, since I started dating him from Ghana till he brought me to Nigeria, I have never cheated on him” – she spoke rapidly, her voice quivering, the pain seeping through her pores. She was broken and betrayed… I listened because that was all I could do… “and now he goes and impregnate another girl, my mother warned me, my mother is Nigerian, she warned me about him but I was too in love” – she said and for the first time since I’ve known her, her ghanaian accent was very pronounced. “I just don’t know what to do” – She ended, passing me the cigarette and lighting another. I walked in and brought the bottle of whiskey outside, there was no need for cups, misery loves company.

We drank from the bottle, chugging because we both knew that this pain wasn’t going away, it would only disappear as long as we keep drinking. “I was married once” – I said and continued “He died…. He was the love of my life but he didn’t love me well enough to live for me” – i caught the disbelief in her eyes. No one would guess I ever experienced such pain, I had the biggest smile at all times. “I’m so sorry Ada, I didn’t know” – She said, immediately seeing that whatever she was going through could never compare to loosing the person you love.

I brushed it aside and said “Akua, only you know if you can bear this pain, only you truly knows where it hurts, if you decide to leave, nobody will fault you, everyone has a different threshold for pain, but if there is anything I’m sure of, it is that, this is a test of the love you share with your husband. He loves you that much I know, everyone on this God damn road knows it. Search your heart and be strong because tough times are coming. If you decide to stand by him, please understand that you now have 3 children no longer 2 and that you have to inconvenience yourself and your kids just so he can take care of the other child. It will hurt, you will cry, your marriage might never feel the same again, you might even blame yourself, but always remember, IT WAS NOT YOUR CALL! He fucked up, he will bear the consequences of his actions, this has absolutely nothing to do with you, you didn’t take his penis and place it inside the other girl” – when I was done, you could hear a pin drop, the puffs from our cigarette joining the blue sky above us. “I just want to hurt him, I want to hurt him back” – She said after a while. “Revenge is not sweet my darling, it’s draining, whoever coined that statement Sweet Revenge Lied, i know this for a fact” – I said.

She looked away, then grabbed the bottle of whiskey and gulped a huge amount of it. “Now that’s enough” – I said, collecting the bottle from her. “Let’s go inside” – I continued and led the way. “Here, you should go shower, you can wear this when you are done” – I said to Akua, passing her a nightgown and a towel.

I waited in the living room for her to finish before going in to have my bath… The night seemed slow… Or maybe I was just too high

I was drycleaned, kids snoring soundly Akua laid on the floor, a glass of juice in her hand attempting to clear her head of the alcohol.

I laid next to her on the floor rug, the TV playing some old music video…. Silence, gulp… Silence…. Silence…. Another gulp.

The TV volume was turned down completely but we watched still, hearing nothing, reveling the peaceful ambiance, my head doing the most to purge the effect of the alcohol…Akua had gotten up to get the bottle of whiskey again… Silence…. Gulp… Silence…. Gulp… Sip…. “I really think you should stop drinking” – I said.

She turned away from me, obviously not wanting any advice.

I kept to myself, waiting for sleep to come to me… It seemed like a long lonely night for both of us. We felt alone even though we were together…. And soon, I started to drift away… I must have fallen asleep no more than six minutes when I heard her ask… “Have you ever been with a girl before”

I turned to face her – “why do you ask?” “no reason, I just want to know” – she responded.

I heaved, took a pause and said “you should sleep, you really should sleep.”

“no really, you should tell me” – she said. “No I dont need to tell you anything Akua, you are hurt, high and most probably horny, what you need is sleep not making inquiries as to my sexual preference” – I said, my back turned to her
***************************************** I was asleep, the TV was off, I am sure because when i opened my eyes, the room was dark and I don’t sleep in the dark.

Boobies pressed against my face, the silk nightgown rubbing across my thighs. “What are you doing” – I asked. “I’m so high, I can’t sleep, I just need to cum so I can sleep, just help me please, pleaseee”

She talked like she had been crying, I was shocked (ok not exactly shocked but surprised and most importantly wary). I was wary of the fact that we were friends, she is a married woman, her husband trusted me enough to let her sleep here. That was the day, I understood why my ex used to say I couldn’t be trusted around men or women. “Akua you need to stop this, I can’t, I just can’t” – I said, afraid of pushing her completely over the edge with my refusal. She bent down and kissed me and dear gawd, she had the softest lips in the whole world, it melted every inhibition I had, I found myself grabbing her head and kissing her hungrily… My ass running through her ass, clawing her dark skin….
“breathe slowly” – I said to myself. “you might pass out”
Akua kept kissing, rubbing the palm of her hand against my nipples,drenching my lips in wetness. We were both struggling to keep our demons in, to not let our wild cats out of its cage.

Just then, her son called out in the dark “Mummy, mummy I want to wee wee”

Just then, her son called out in the dark “Mummy, mummy I want to wee wee”

We stopped and she quickly got off me, hoping her son didn’t see anything. I sank into the floor, my hands placed over my head wondering what the fuck I got myself into. This was not the plan, I should have just stayed here chopping my vegetables instead of going over to settle their quarrel, like what the hell is it about me that makes people feel I’d be open to fucking them? This woman knows nothing about me, yet somehow here we are kissing. I was already drilling a hole through the back of my neck, when I felt her on top of me. “hold on hold on, wait…. Akua wait first” – I said. “why” – she asked and continued “he’s already asleep” ” it’s not about your boy, I… I… I just feel that this is not a good idea” – I said, looking directly in her eyes “Ohh stop, we are both adults” – she said, the ghanaian accent seeping through. “or you don’t find me attractive?” – she asked and in that moment, I could see that she was seeking validation, she wanted to feel like she was in control, I was the forbidden fruit and she thought that if she “took” me, she could feel a bit of power again.

I dropped my hand down slowly, not out of fear for her state of mind but because she was a good kisser. I wanted more than anything to kiss her again, at that moment, I didn’t care if she was the president’s wife, I wanted her too.

She pressed against me, kissing me while she ran her hand on my body and like the moon shines at night, our monsters came out to play… Kisses wet and slurpy, soft body on soft body, hard nipples pressing against my skin, hand rubbing on soft ass, body weighing like a feather, pussy juicy from all that wetness.. Kiss her, grab her skin, hold her by the neck, choke her, then kiss her again… “Ahhhhhh babyyyy” – she moaned, raising her body up and grinding on my thigh, her hands rubbing my clit. I sat upright and took her boobs in my mouth, holding her waist while I sucked on both of them, slow licks…everywhere, making sure my lips sopped her tits. I turned her around so I was on top of her careful not to let my clit rub on any part of her, I didn’t want to cum yet.

I sat astride her for a minute, then got up and walked to the chair. She got up and followed me “Ada, what’s wrong?” – she asked… “Nothing” – I said, shaking my head. “kneel on the sofa” – I said to her. There was a spark in her eyes, you could see the sheer excitement brewing.

She knelt down and i went behind her
“Hello” – I said to her, smacking her ass and reveling in the high it gave me.

She drew a breath and responded “Hello”. I knelt down, gave her a kiss on her bum, black skin taste different (like chocolates and roses). I wrapped both hands across her thighs because I was half expecting her to run away and I didn’t want my knees scraping the floor while my tongue struggles to lick her.
She was wet, dripping wet, thighs soaked and thick, ass bouncy, i held her as tightly as I could, letting my face Bury in between her ass while I took a big swipe right up till her butt… If i was going to be a ho and fuck someone’s wife, I might as well be the best ho that ever lived. “ohhhhb damnnnnn” – she moaned, her ass bouncing on my face… “swoosh, swooooooosh, long swipe from pussy to butt….” ” ohhhhhh gawdddd, fuckkkkkkkkkkkk” – she screamed and tried to run away just like I thought… “suck on your fingers, you will wake up the kids” – I said, taking a break to give her space to collect herself.

And while she was busy stretching to grab a throw pillow to silence her screams, i dipped a finger inside her pussy, curving it and drawing out every wetness I can, my tongue drawing circles on her butt, one of my hand smacking every part of her ass and shaking it on my face… “ohhhh dearrrr lawd, ohhhhb fuckkkk, this feels sooooo goooood”

I put my hand down, pressing her thighs towards me, licking every crevice of her pussy, long sweet swipes… Finger in….. Then out…. Curved back in… Spit on her pussy… Then slurped it all back up with my tongue…. Take my tongue out… Put my finger back in… Then arched my back deep enough so I can lick on only her clit…. “ohhhh fuckkk, yesssss fuckkk meee” – Akua moaned… I just kept praying that the kids don’t wake up and catch up…

The more I Licked, the more she threw her ass back, bouncing ass on my face… Wetness staining my face like it rained. Stuffed, hushed moans escaping from the couch fabric she was biting into. “Ohh Ada” – she placed her hand behind to push my head further in, but i held her hand, placing it behind as I spread her butt cheeks with the other, drawing long lines with my tongue… “ohhh my fuc… Ohhh my…. Ohhhhhhh my fucking gawd” – Akua was a loud bitch, enjoying every swipe, every lick, every gulp of wetness I took from her.

My tongue going in circles… Then going inside her…. Back arched, so i could do a 360 on her clit…. “don’t stop” – she said… Well i didn’t plan to but that thanks for the reminder… I stretched my hand and played with her nipples, then back to her ass to smack… “fuckkk, fuckkkk” – she was throwing that ass back quicker than I could breathe, but I’m a big girl… I didn’t need oxygen… 😏

I Licked, sucked… Tongue fucked and then Licked her over and over… I’m cuming, I’m going to cummm” – she screamed, her ass bopping against my face. I took out my tongue and replaced it with 2 fingers inside her, other hand rubbing on her clit… “ohhhh yesssss, yesssss, yessssss” – she screamed as she orgasmed… And then laid on the couch.
I got up and laid on top of her, dropping my nipples in her mouth and grinding my clit on her thighs. “suck on it” – I said and she did, hungrily like she was saying thank you for making me cum… She sucked and dragged on my nipples, pushing her thighs up between my legs so i could cum faster. I propped myself, shaking my tits on her face, while she Licked on them. “suck it good” – I said. Watching a person cum gets me to cum quicker… I moaned, grinding my clit on her thighs some more… “ahhhh yesss, yesssss” – I screamed, my hips bucking wildly, my boobs swinging as I stuffed them in her mouth… The sweet cum dripping down my thighs….and then the sighs of relief followed.
We both laid on the floor tilll morning… She’s still married and I still watch cartoon with her kids and sometimes her.. (OK, me and her don’t really watch a lot of cartoons 😂😂😂😏) The End.