The Art Of Communication

So someone just tried to slide in my with
“Ohh Ada, it’s a wet rainy Sunday” I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard as I did. The entire hour was spent schooling him on how to properly slide into DMs
First of all, just quit it with the sexual innuendos, am I supposed to get turned on when I hear the word wet or am I supposed to say “Ohh I’m cold, come fuck me”. 🙄🙄 Seriously, I think the art of romance is lost for most men and they’d rather not put in the effort. Some are just so lazy, they throw a wad of money in your face in the hopes that you are so distracted by the money, you don’t get to to see all their many insecurities, others just gather up the driest innuendos they can find and then try to use them on you.

I have found that the key to successfully getting anyone to actually listen to you, is to paint your message in a way that’s of benefit to them. You want their attention, time, money, collaboration… Curate your message in a way that it appears beneficial to them. This is a very important and useful communication skill that cuts across all spheres of life.
Sliding into DMs should not be so hard, Infact speaking to Anyone of any size (especially fat people like me 😏) should not be so hard. People need to express interest in learning how to actually communicate, how to seduce (not just for sex), how to seduce a person’s mind because come to think of it, you might forget a person’s name but you’ll never ever forget how they made you feel!

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