“Ada you need to join a dating site as a social experiment, we are releasing our app soon and we need to know what is out there in the market and how to upgrade” – Doro, my partner said. “Why me?” – I asked, my hands spread wide open. “Because you are a girl and you are eye-catchyish” – he said, his face registering a wide smile. “what the fuck is catchyish, so I’m not really eye-catchy, I’m somewhere in between… “ – I paused and continued – “This is why I killed one man in 1896, he used the exact same word catchyish. We both burst into laughter.
Later that day, I am on a popular dating app, swiping left, left, left, left x one thousand…. then one right. I was completely appalled by the laziness and entitlement of people, some people actually expect you to swipe right to a quote image and no bio, SERIOUSLY???? One thousand scrolls in, I see this guy, bio was witty, it read – “6.7 tall, Venture capitalist, been told, I make great noodles but I think that girl was just very hungry at that moment. At least be 5.7 & above so it’s not awkward”

Ouuuu, shade thrown, I swipe right and he sends a message almost immediately. “You seem rather eclectic” – the message read. “You tall racist” – I replied and continued typing. “We the short people take your bio as a call to war on us, how would you like to die? You freaking tall tribalist” “Lmao, how tall are you?” – TJ asks. “5.4” – I replied. “Ohh you are short, short, you do look interesting though”- he says “THIS IS SPARTAAAAA!!, nobody calls me short, I am Average height!!” – I replied. “you are killing me babe; I literally imagined minions around me trying to kill me when I saw the Sparta line”- he said. “Haa TJ, you’ll be the first to go down, just wait, my goons are coming”- I typed. “Please give me your number, I’m rarely here, I would like to know what you sound like, at least it will be easier for you to kill me over the phone, no?”- TJ said. “0-VII-0-III-VI-IX-III-IX-IV-III-I” – I replied.

“You see what they say about short people, always bringing trouble, I knew you’d be trouble, I could tell the moment I saw your picture, who on earth gives out roman numerals, where are we, did world time reset to 325BC and I am somehow unaware?”- TJ asked.
I replied with laughing emojis and logged out.
My phone was ringing as I stepped out of the bathroom, it was an unknown number, I picked the call “took you long enough, that’s the problem with tall people because they have so much body mass, their brain takes longer to boot” – I said
TJ burst out laughing – “gosh how do you come up with these things” – he said amidst the laughter. “it’s a special gift reserved for short people” – I replied.
We made small talk for a while and then agreed to meet after work the next day.

There was a popular lounge by the water close to my office, it seemed like a better option than having to travel miles just to meet this tall racist. At 4 pm, I dialled his number: “Hey, how are ya” – I said. “Hello, her roman empress” – his husky voice said. it had a drawl to it and a tiny tinge of pride. “We can meet at The cove lounge if that’s okay with you” – I said. “yes what time” – he responded. ‘how does 6 pm sound?” – I said “cool see you then” – he replied and hung up.
At 6 pm, I walked to the lounge and found a dimly lit corner to sit, I have always preferred the dark even though I was scared of it. It was familiar and it suits my personality better, my phone rang and I was struggling to get it out of my bag. “Hello, hello”- I said, seemingly out of breath. What is it with women and big bags and plenty items we don’t need, like someone please tell me what the fuck I need a hairbrush for when I have braids on? Maybe that’s why our lives are so shitty, we can’t even declutter our handbags and decide what items we need, how then can we decide which men are good for us. It’s the little things, the LITTLE things… “Hey, I’m here” – he said and continued “where are you?”. “errmm, I’m actually here too, I am closer to the door under the shade. – I responded. “uhmmm, I think you should come forward and let’s stay closer to the stage.

“uhmmm, I think you should come forward and let’s stay closer to the stage. Should I come get you? “ – he asked

Ohhh fuck- I thought, this nigga actually chose the brightest place in the room to sit, I hate this, I prefer the dark, I like to be at events and nobody can tell if I came, it never works because according to my best friend, I am a “Yallow PawPaw” “ok come get me” – I said as I got up and began to take baby steps towards the stage area. The problem with anxiety is that it never shuts up, it makes you feel like the world is looking at you while you are taking a shit in public.
I look up and there he was – a “yellower paw-paw” long like a highrise building, dressed in all black and this mysterious smile on his face. I’m watching this man crouch low… “wait wait wait, who are you trying to embarrass, dudddddeeeee, let’s sit down and we can hug when we are the same height” – I said and quickly walked away. I could hear him laughing behind me but I was already seated and pretending to read the menu. “How are you” – he said.
I could see him clearly now, the features of his face were softer than his pictures portrayed, he smiled at me and I smiled back. “oh my god, you wear glasses?” – he asked he was laughing, mocking me “ohh go fuck yourself” – I said. “feisty much?” – TJ said and continued, “so tell me what is it you do again?” “I work?” – my answer was rhetorical. I suck at talking about myself, I enjoyed listening to people’s stories. “I know you work Ada, what kind of work you crazy girl” – He said, his eyes fixed on me like he could my soul.
Why are you looking at me that way?” – I said, his look was unsettling. “I’m taking you in, its what I do, even for work… I like to hear the things… see the things you don’t say. you know as a VC, it’s easier for business owners to tell you what they think you want to hear just so you can invest in their business, but I see what they don’t say and that helps me make a decision on whether to invest or not. I take people in, it’s an old habit…. so yea, I’m taking you in” – TJ responded.

His voice sounded exactly like it did on the phone, I was prepared for that, what I didn’t anticipate were his eyes, they were exactly like mine. I’ve been told, I make people uncomfortable when I stare at them, TJ did the same to me.
As we talked about life, our careers, family, I would occasionally stare at him, he was such a beautiful man. When I stare, he would stare back. it was like….felt like we were making love to each other’s minds. We wanted each other, The shisha we ordered came in and we were both drinking and smoking and having a good time.
One time, we stopped, did nothing for two whole minutes except stare into each other’s eyes, it was electric, we were saying so much but our mouths never moved. TJ broke the long gaze when he said’ “I know two things about you Ada” – He said.
yea yea yea, everyone always think they know me, know something about me, I love to hear it, their little tiny theories about who, what they think I am and I love to see the look on their faces when I turn out to be the exact opposite. It’s for lack of a better word exhilarating. “pray tell, master” – I said, my hand bound together. “One, you are a control freak…and I don’t mean that in the way you think, you want everything in your life to be defined, you hate things you are unsure of and it causes you to lash out. If you are unsure or it’s not going the way you want it to, you freak out. You like mysterious people not because you like mystery but because it’s easy for you, way too easy for you to break down people’s walls, for you its a sport even and ….. wait, don’t punch me, it’s a bit sadistic, I like it.” “ouuuu Therapist TJ “ – i said, i was mocking him, I hate this guy, he was too smart, too good looking, too deep, too….. sinful. “Two..” – TJ said and continued “I will bet a year’s salary that you stay wet all through sex” –
I was uncomfortable now, this man was getting under my skin, he knew me, knew I was not the type to fall for flashy shows of wealth or manly bravado, I was a sapiosexual, you have to truly fuck my mind before you fuck me. It was the only way and he was doing a great job.

The long stares, the compliments about my hair, the conversation that somehow moved from Mozart to jazz, to quantum physics, to climate change, to tech, literature, to mental health and traumas all in one freaking night. He was master at tonight’s game and i walked in like a little lost sheep. I thought, tonight was conversation only, get a feel for each other before we decided what to do with each other but no, he had plans already, he knew exactly what he wanted to do with me…for me… to me. “what are you thinking right now?’ – TJ asks. “fuck no, no way I am telling what I was thinking, there is no way I’m dropping all my cards on the table… I know he was right, save your judgmental opinions for your friends, I am only a control freak sometimes, besides who told you guys being a control freak is wrong, what is wrong about wanting to have every part of your life in order, what is wrong if you freak out when things are not going your way… Nothing. “Nothing” – I said. “I will tell you what’s on my mind though” – He said, those delicious lustful eyes breaking every wall faster than I could rebuild them. “I didn’t ask” – I said. I wasn’t going to let him talk me into more vulnerability. “Tell me, what did you hate most about school” – TJ asked, he was trying to change the subject, I know this move, it was a classic up & squash (I trademarked this name). Up & squash is where you get your prey riled up then act totally uninterested. Its a totally narcissistic move but all is fair in love and war, or so they say.
I played along, I needed to think about something else, this thought about how big TJ’s dick would considering he is 6.7 wasn’t helping, also not helping was the thought of whether we were going to have sex, the wetness in the thong I had on wasn’t helping, pretty sure everything happening to me at that moment wasn’t helping… “Earth to Ada, earth to Ada, tell me what did you hate the most about school? – TJ said, this naivety he was displaying, acting like he couldn’t tell that I was fighting some urge I had inside of me was out of this world. “What do you think about these people there” – he said, nodding towards a trio, two tables from us

I turned and looked at them – “the man is on his phone because he is completely turned off, that girl came with her friend because she isn’t attracted to the man, she is only here either because she is bored or she needs something from him. They will only have this drink and then they will all leave because they can all tell that this outing was a waste of all their time” – I said
Just then, the barman walks in and hands the bill to the man, two tables away. “You are good “ – TJ says. “what do you think of these ones behind us” – I asked. “erm, ok… he’s probably with his aunt or something… I think.” – TJ said. “Wrong” – I started to say – “a married woman with her boy toy, the face cap is supposed to be a disguise, probably bored in her day to day life, hence the need to stay here, I mean close to the stage, otherwise, they would stay close to the gate where it is darker”

He burst out laughing, then he coughed and I couldn’t help but stare at his perfect face. He looked perfect.

He coughed a bit, he had a smoked a bit too much. “sorry I said” – I was staring now, completely lost and he stared back “I hear you, Everything you aren’t saying, I can hear it” – He said. I was silent. “do you want another drink?” – TJ asked.
don’t say it, Ada don’t say it… “Are you going to fuck me ?” – I blurted out, he turned to look at me and he shook his head. “Yes I am going to, but first I have wondered all evening what your lips would taste like, I like the way you talk, I love the way your skin felt when I hugged you, can I kiss you” – TJ responded.
I didn’t wait for him to finish before jumping him, my lips eating up his, my hands around his head, probing his tongue with mine. Gosh, his lips were so soft, I couldn’t let go. “Let’s go to my place” – I said. “ok” – TJ responded.
We got to my place and i led the way in. “Welcome to my humble home” – I said.
TJ grabbed me and kissed, his hands grabbing my ass, his back slouched in half, I was on tippy toes. “I need to shower, I feel icky” – I said as I took off my dress.

I walked into the bathroom, and when I got out, TJ was on the bed, smoking a cigarette I left on the table.
I laid beside him and he started kissing me, his hands squeezing my soft skin, pressing me hard against him like he expected me to melt some more. “you are so fluffy” – He said as he began to lick my neck, his hands playing with my nipples, I held his head, looked into his eyes and said – “I want you to fuck me, no questions asked, don’t be nice, pound me till I cum”. His eyes widened, he was ready to play.
He got up, grabbed his side bag and brought out a pack of condom, he put one on, spread my legs apart and stayed on top of me, gave me a gentle kiss, touched my pussy and shook his head. “You just showered and yet see how wet you are, I am right, you get wet, wet” – TJ said, his hands strolling through my nipples to my mouth, straight into my mouth, my tongue circling his fingers, licking, sucking… my breast soft, nipples hard, fluffy body pressed against his skin. “Take me daddy, take me please” – I said.
TJ shoved some horse stick inside me and I could swear, my breathing ceased. he took it out with the same brute force as when he put it in. “Ohh, gawd, fuck, oh fuck” – I yelled. “ssshhhhh, babe, it’s 2…” Tj was saying as he pushed his dick back in again “am..2am babe” – He was talking and pounding me just as I asked. “ohh gawd” – I was moaning, my breast pressed against his body, my hands wrapped around his back, my body exhausted already but yet craving more. This was too much, he was too much. “in-out, in-out, like a long pipe a plumber was trying to fit into a tiny hole, soaked dripping wet pussy clinging to that dick, I was milking it. dick out, my titties in his mouth, one nipple, soft lick, tongue grazing, that look to check if I like it, my head was thrown back in pleasure, second nipple, ohhh fuck, that’s my favourite, circular licks now, then grab both of them and stuff it into his mouth. “ohh gawdd, leave me alone, you bad, bad man” – I said, I didn’t want to be left alone, I wanted to be fucked. I wanted him to fuck me.

He stopped and turned me around , I arched my back at an angle like a tigress crouching to catch her prey. That was when I saw it, this monster cock this beautiful man was fucking me with… I touched it, “do you like it” – he asked. I shook my head and braced myself.
Long, big, thick cock going in and out of my pussy, pushing in air and dragging out wetness with every thrust. He grabbed my hip with one as he smacked my ass with the other, my wet pussy getting wetter with every motion. He slid his right hand up until he was cupping my breast in his hand, gently squeezing and running his finger over my hard nipples as he fucked me. I grabbed his arm and pulled his hand away from my boobs and placed on my clit nudging him to rub on it so i could cum
I could feel every soft, plush stroke as both finger and dick pleasured my pussy. “Ohhh fuck”- i yelled as TJ pulled my hair, he dragged me back towards him forcing my pussy to take in all his cock, his tongue plastering long wet kisses on my face, ears, back.
He was choking me now, fucking me like an animal, asking me if i wanted him to go harder, who my daddy was. I couldn’t breathe, both my holes had been shut. Mouth stuffed with fingers, pussy stuffed with dick. My knees were weakening. I pushed my ass, wetting that dick, taking it, ass clapping as it moved, body quivering from pleasure, moans and screams rendered the air. I was being pounded, good dick shoving in and out of me.
Then come the Slow thrusts, he leans forwards, half-turns my face and kissed me, Our mouths mashed together as we joined in a lustful embrace, our hands travelling each others bodies as we were grinding on each other, his soft hands drawing lines on my clit while he kissed me.
I was soaking wet and groaned as he resumed fucking me again, he began with slow strokes until the full length of his hard dick was enveloped by my warmth. i turned around and saw him throw his head back, he paused to enjoy the feeling before fucking me faster and harder, his thick cock pushing deep on each thrust. “Ohhh fuck me, fuckk meeeee”- i was yelling, it seemed like I’d explode. I gave a loud groan as I climaxed.

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