On some mornings, when you wake up, there is a deafening silence… I’m not a scientist but I think that your brain is trying to get accustomed to the fact that you are awake again?… Yes i added a question mark not a full-stop because sleep is the cousin of death, and I think we all know this, which is why some of us pray only at night… We pray that all our tiny little sins does not catch up to us while we sleep.

For a few months now, I’ve been tired. I’ve wanted to do nothing, say nothing, be nothing. My therapist says it happens to even high-functioning “great” people like me. As usual I wasn’t listening, there must be something wrong, I kept thinking, what went wrong in the past few months, what broke AGAIN? I wonder why I pay for therapy if I’m not going to take his advice, every time over a phone call or a zoom call, As I explain my issues to him, I begin to gain more clarity and I start to think of the ways I can fix myself.

“Ada can you hear me – I’ve sent the new prescription to your email. Just show it to the pharmacist, they’ll give it to you” – Dr Prescott said.

“Yea sure, Thanks doc” – I murmured
I knew he was going to push further, ask me what I’m thinking about, so i said ” I have to work now, thanks doc” and I quickly ended the call.

Time was 4:43am

5:51am. I came to the realization that I have no ambitions. I do not actually want to be anybody important or powerful. I just want to lead a regular normal (almost boring) life of servitude. My love language is acts of service, I don’t really like Jollof Rice, I eat it out of societal pressure (Nigerian Jollof Rice is great, so therefore all people of Nigerian descent must speak no evil of Jollof Rice) I don’t like men who are trying to have sex with me, i only like the ones I’m trying to have sex with, I lost my ability to tolerate anything, I will not be quiet for peace to reign, I bask in chaos and will find my way in it easily because its all I’ve known. I have no aspirations and there is nothing wrong with that, ok scratch that, I have only one aspiration and that’s to be happy. I want nothing more, if I make enough to pay my bills and take care of my family, then I’m good. I don’t want 25 houses in the Bahamas, I can go to my friend’s if they have it.
I want nothing from anyone. This scared me, when you don’t need anything from anyone… YOU ARE FUCKED. This is the part where you take a long stroll into the loneliness abyss.

“Ring Ring” – My phone was buzzing on the TV stand.

“who the fuck calls some one at 6am? Don’t you sleep? Like what the flying fuck??

I looked at the phone in disgust, some number I don’t know.

“Hey, Good morning, sorry I’m calling so early” – The most soothing man voice I’ve ever heard said.

Time was 6:12am

“Hi” – I said, beckoning on my heart to slow down, don’t race, stop fidgeting.

“Good Morning, Is this Adanne?” – The unknown man asks.

“Yes, speaking” – I said, I felt sleepy suddenly, this man should just sing me a lullaby.

“Well Adanne, you are under arrest, please send your address so we can pick you up” – Mr unknown said.

“I’ve been a good girl officer, I’m pretty sure I have, but anyways I live on Rue de Paris St germain” – I said, a small laughter erupting from my lips.
I always found it difficult to pronounce Rue, is it Rue or Rue?

“My name is Black, I know you are wondering what kind of assassin name is that? I promise you I’m not an assassin. – he said, laughing.

I laughed too, ok but seriously what’s your name, I don’t know who I am talking to – I asked.

“My name is black but my mother calls me Obi” – He said.

“Nice to meet you black Obi” – I said.

“so about the arrest, will you be sending your address or?” – he was laughing as he spoke.

“who the fuck sends their address so they can be arrested” – I responded, taking a walk back to the chair so I could rest my tired knees.

“ouu, a woman that curses, I like… you gave me your number on bleep, do you remember now”.

” Yes, yes i remembered” – I said, but i didn’t remember, I didn’t know how we met.

“so I’m heading to the gym now, I’ll call you when I’m back” – he said and hung up.

Time was now 6: 26am

A thousand hours must have passed, I was feeling giddy, enjoying my fresh peppersoup I just made when Obi called me again.

“Hey Ada, sorry I did not call back sooner, its been a day” – he said as soon as I picked up the receiver.

“it’s fine” – I responded.

I knew who he was now, i remembered how we met, so i was a bit more receptive.

“so I hope your day went well” – I asked.

“Yea it did… I’m just so hungry, I need to order for food… Ermmm, would you like something too? – Obi asked.

I smiled, it was a nice gesture -” Thank you, I just finished eating some peppersoup I made”. I said.

“nice, you cook and you curse” – I like you already – He continued.

“really dude? That’s your summary of me? On my tombstone, would it be here lies the girl that cooked and cursed? – I said, smirking my lips.

We both laughed.
” I want to..
“do you maybe want to…

We were both speaking at the same time.

“What did you want to say?” – I asked.

“I want to meet with you, doesn’t have to be today, but i feel like you are my kind of girl, and I’d love to meet you” – Obi said.

“I’m sending you my address, you can come now” – I blurted out.

It was a spur of the moment but I wasn’t waiting, I like to get the seeing and the touching done quickly so we can both really be our true selves.

“That would be gre…” – he started to say

“Yea, ok bye, see you soon” – I said, hung up and sent my address via text

Today is a good day to have sex – I thought. Today is an even better day to torture someone..

I got into the bathroom and started the smell good, feel good routine.

Legs shaved ✅
Pussy clean shaved – Always ✅
Eyebrows ✅
Lip shining gloss. ✅
Orange oil for my skin ✅
Dab some strawberry oil ✅
Spray a light scent ✅
Stay under the air conditioning so the oils really dry into my skin ✅
Sheer or Fishnet
Sheer ✅

I grabbed a wine glass and poured myself some wine, I knew he’d be here soon, we lived in the same location.
Twenty minutes after I was done, my phone rang. It was Obi and he was outside. I grabbed a kimono and I went outside to get him.

“It’s nice to finally meet you” – He said.

“same here, have a seat” – I said.

He sat down and dropped the bag with him. He continued – “I eventually got pizza, the store did not have what I wanted”.

“I can make you something, if you’d like” – I said, taking my kimono off and walking into the kitchen to get some water”

“It’s fine Ada, I don’t want anything…errmmm….. Except you” – he said, his eyes taking in my big full titties as I stood across him.

“come here” – he said. That soothing voice wasn’t commanding. He wanted me.

I sauntered towards him, the sheer edges of my gown flowing as I walked. I laid beside him, his hands wrapping around my waist.

“Gosh you have a really great skin” – Obi said. His hands running through my back gently, he wasn’t expecting that I’d be this ready to wet his cock. He needed to take a break so he could match my pace…

I pushed him to lean further back into the bean bag chair and then I laid down on him, making sure my soft titties pressed into his skin.

The cool air blowing the scent of my skin into his, hardening my nipples, I moved so he could feel it on his arms.
I was not taking any prisoners… I was going to kill him over and over again as many times as I could.
I got up and made as if I want to take something behind the chair and I rested my boobs on his face…

“oh Gawd” – I heard him mutter, slowly swinging his face between my boobs. I wanted him to feel everything, the wetness brewing within my thighs, the soft oiled skin, these up and down thick lips I have, my thunder thighs, my fat belly, my soft ass.

He placed his hands on my ass, and gently smack it, that smack made my pussy throb on his hard dick.

“you are trouble Ada” – He said.

“I know” – I said as I sat back down on his dick, facing him.

He grabbed my head, kissing my lips. He kissed me like he missed me, his hands grabbing everything almost at the same time, ass, skin, back, thighs, boobs, face, hair… His hands travelled.

I had turned him on too much, he was grabbing, squeezing, kissing, reveling in the things my tongue did to him, taking long sharp breaths, his hand grabbing my ass, struggling to feel the wetness stuck underneath it…

Obi lifted me and placed me on the chair, he grabbed the sheer lingerie I was wearing, dragging the straps to free my boobs.
Then gently lowered his tongue on my nipples, taking in slow licks at first, my pussy spurting out more wetness as he Licked my nipples.

“ouuuuuu fucckk, yeaaa aaahhh”

As soon as I felt that cold fingers on my wet pussy, flicking my clit, dipping into my vagina and running it further on my clit…. I lost control. I began writhe my body in pleasure, twisting and turning, imploring him to fuck me.

“Gosh you are so wett”- Obi said.

His finger fucking the shit out of me, fuck me please, please fuck me… I said… He knelt down, raised both legs and licked my pussy, kissing and slurping up wetness, then spitting it back onto my pussy… It was nasty as fuck. I was covered in goo.

Obi got up and took off his clothes, grabbed his wallet and wore a rubber, leaned forward and kissed me, as he slowly guided his cock into my already Dripping wet pussy…

Sharp back and forth thrusts, his hands holding my legs up, his thighs smacking my ass as he fucked me…

Ahhhj, fuck, yes, fuckk me harder, fuckk me good, dammnnn, yes, ohhh gawddddd. Please don’t stop… I moaned..

My body pushing me to take in all that cock, to slabber it with wetness. I got wetter just by thinking of it. I push him away and turned around, my hands placed firmly on the chair as he pounded me. Each deep stroke, sent me spiralling, I wanted more and more…
So I threw my ass back, rolling my pussy on his dick, massaging that black cock with this wet sweet pussy.

Turn around so he could see the woman he was fucking, stretch my hands and run it through his chest just to let him know I like that I’m your bitch. Fuck this pussy, it’s yours, love my ass, take it, it’s yours, want to suck on my nipples, it’s yours… Want me to smother you with my boobs.. Come here, let me put my big jiggly boobs on your face.

Fuck me harder….

Obi would smack my ass, holding my waist down, so his didk could really go inside me

Fuckkk, you bad girl… Fuckkk – he moaned.

His black cock choking my wet pussy. He smacked me harder, as his dick thrusts in and out of me. One of his hands outstretched to grab my neck.

He began to drag me backwards– stop, Ohh fuck please, stop – I yelled.

But he didn’t stop, he kept me pounding my pussy, his hands slowly snuffing my life away, my pussy betraying me now, by remaining wet.

Fuck I’m going to cum, fuckkk, fuckkk, Gawdddddd fuckkk…
His hard dick throbbing inside me, his body quavering as he dropped that cum. He replaced the condom and continued fucking me.

“I need you to come too” – He said.

He would stop, do a 360 whine and then pound my pussy, then thrust slowly and then pick up the pace again… I was going crazy….

I pressed my boobs into the chair, my ass in his face and then begged him to fuck me harder…and in a short while, I reached orgasm. I rolled myself away from him and just stared at the ceiling…

Now we can go back to being strangers… I got what I wanted…

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