Valentine is around the corner, what plans do you have for your beau? Whether it’s your husband, sugar daddy, boyfriend, fuck buddy, you would want to give him something unique, heartfelt, and sexy. And no, I am not talking about singlet and boxers; I mean gifts that will ignite the passion you both share. I have rounded up the best sexy Valentine’s Day gift for that special man in your life.


I don’t know if you have noticed but guys look so damn sexy when they are wearing sweatpants especially if they are big down there. You will be forced to look at their dick print. The good part is that they can wear it anywhere as long as it is a casual outing.

Customized tee shirt

You can get a Tee Shirt and customize it for your lover, sugar daddy, or fuck buddy. Captions like, “Together forever”, “She fucks me so well”, “Sorry, I am taken” and other captions that you think might fit well.

Naughty cufflinks

Cufflinks do not have to be so serious. Do they? Get him something naughty.


If your man is a game freak, get him the latest PS-5 and watch him worship the ground you walk on. The same way we are crazy about bone straight is the same way these guys are crazy about this gadget. You can do this, sis.

Sex doll

This is specifically for people in long-distance relationships who are constantly worried about their partner inserting their penis into another vagina. Get your man a doll he can fuck instead. It will also help if you are pregnant or not in the mood to have sex. There is a doll to serve him. You can even decide to name the doll after you.


Most men are not usually bothered about how they smell. They are so busy thinking about the next hustle to jump in that they forget to take care of their selves. Get him body sprays like cloud 9 that will leave him smelling like sweetness.

While these gifts are thoughtful and nice, you should stick to your budget. You should not rob a bank because you want to impress your man

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