Valentine Gift Ideas For Women – 2021

Valentine is here and I know and you must have combed the internet searching for valentine’s gift ideas for your woman. But the guides you have been seeing, are they not boring? Get her chocolates, flowers, a bottle of wine, her favourite book – oh please, that’s pretty archaic.

I understand that Valentine’s Day is lover’s day, the day you get to take your partner or love interest on a romantic dinner date, drink wine and get all mushy with each other. While all these are still part of the romance – let us face it, Valentine’s Day is a SEX HOLIDAY. The end goal of the day is to get laid. Honestly, valentine’s day is not complete if you guys don’t end up lying close to each other with sweaty bodies.

I want you to spice up the kind of gifts you are getting your woman this valentine’s day. Get her sexy gifts, she will adore you more.

Stay with me while we explore these gifts but I must warn you – make sure you are reading this alone and that your screen is not visible to your conservative friends, church members, or fellow passengers if you are in a cab.

That said, let us get started.

Nipple Pasties

Now, your woman wouldn’t want to cage her boobs every time she is going out especially for a party or dinner. She might want to wear a backless or strapless dress. This is where these nipple pasties come in handy. They are disposable and can be easily applied and removed.

Knee Stockings

Your bae can rock sexy knee stockings while going on a date with you. It makes her more sexy and alluring. Imagine her wearing it with a flat shoe or high heels. She’d look really classy and the good part is that the stockings will prevent her feet from getting sweating.


Imagine how you will feel if your woman dresses in a pair of grandma pants or worn-out bra on your valentine’s night. Would you even want to fuck her? Well, you would but having her in something as pretty and sexy as lingerie will get you turned on even before the first kiss. Lingerie will certainly make her feel like one badass, confident boss in bed.

Bone Straight Human Hair 

Guys, don’t think that the era of Bone straight ended during the xmas period. If you couldn’t gift her one during Christmas, get one for her this Valentine and watch her face lit up with excitement.

Sexy Body Scents

There is nothing as sexy as your partner smelling nice especially in the other room. It ignites passion and desire. Body oils like Cloud 9 is a nourishing blend of natural plant oils designed to leave your partner smelling like sweetness.


Which of these gifts are you getting for your partner?

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