“Hello” I said, it was a call from a number that I didn’t save “Good day Ms Belle, My name is Ivy and I’m calling you from X,” – a pretty voice said. X(not real name) is an elitist matchmaking company I was registered to. “OK” – I said “how was your week ma’am, was it stressful?” – she asked like we were long lost girlfriends chatting over coffee. “Good I think” – I said, I wasn’t really sure of anything nowadays. “And how is today starting out” – she continued, the smile on her face, I could hear through the phone. It made me feel relaxed, I could breathe… “errrmm, I was thinking of just driving around, I had an accident last year and since then I’ve stopped driving, so i thought to give it a try today” – I said, half wondering why I was giving this much information to anyone. “Ohh so sorry about the accident, I hope you are able to conquer the fear, I totally understand why you’d stop driving after that…. If i may ask, would you like company today, someone to go around with you, someone to eat you afterwards?” – she said matter of factly, ” wait, what? Someone to eat me?” – I asked. ” yes ma’am, someone to eat your pussy, give you a massage, make you feel good today. You are one of our elite customers and we know we are yet to find you a match, we feel that you shouldn’t miss out on fun too” – she said, more seriously now.. Was I being pranked,is this a joke or something? I thought… “OK hold on, what did you say your name was again?” – I asked her. I know the X people to do some really weird, fun shit but this was new. “I know you might worry, but ma’am, anyone we send to you is fully tested”- she continued “I just feel it’d be nice for you to have company today and end it on a really happy note” – she dragged the really happy in air quotes stance.

I paused for a minute, a part of me wary but all the other parts excited, I couldn’t tell if it was the way she spoke or how professional she sounded… “yes I’d like some company today” – I said, my voice barely above a whisper, afraid someone might hear me, even though I was alone at home.

She let out a small laugh, then said “great,is your address still the same as we have on file”

“yes It is” – I said, repeating my address to her for confirmation sake. “OK, expect him within the hour, Thank you for your time and do have a great day” – She said and hung up.

I sat down, my eyes darting from left to right quickly, wondering what the fuck just happened, what kind of company does this, joining them was hell in the first place, i was turned down at first, then my friend who introduced me sent a mail on my behalf just before they let me back in.

I pranced around a bit, thinking about what kind of man or woman they’d send me, after wasting about 20 minutes of my life thinking, I decided to quickly shower and apply some makeup.

When I was done, I went on instagram Live, chatting with my friends and followers just to relax my mind, I was too anxious to even calm down… It felt like I was 16 again and waiting for my first date.

During the live video; my phone rang, “Hello Ada, My name is Mfon,Ivy from X sent me, I’m almost close to yours, I really can’t wait to see you” – This husky voice said. Gawd I was turned on, been a long time, listening to a man talk to me turned me on. I wanted more, for him to keep speaking but he had hung up. “I’m leaving soon, my meat is arriving any moment from now” – I said on IG Live, discharging everyone so I could prepare for whoever this man was.

I grabbed a bottle of wine, opened it and poured myself some.

Waiting… Letting thoughts drift around my head, pussy getting wet from all that thinking… I was going to get fucked today…

While I drank the wine, my mind drifted to very dirty thoughts, thinking about the things I would let this husky man do to me… I closed my eyes to bask in it, drawing dainty breaths while my hands played with my body.
My phone rang “Hey Ada, I’m here with Mohammed”- Mfon said, that sweet husky voice clouded with a smile. “Give him the phone” – I responded and waited for him to pass the phone to Mohammed, “bring him to me” – I said to Mohammed.
I grabbed the edge of my long flowing lacy kimono, it felt like an overkill wearing it; I didn’t want this man thinking that I had somehow over-prepared myself because of him. I opened the door and he was standing there just about to knock on the door when I opened it. oh dear lawd, this motherfucker was cute as fuck. “Hi Mfon” – I said , stretching my hand , but he took it and drew me closer to him to hug me, I felt small (well I am small) , but I felt smaller. “you smell really good” – He whispered. I quickly said a thank you “Mohammed was standing there awkwardly wondering whether he should leave or stay “aunty make I dey go?” – he asked. I waved my hand signifying that he could leave. Mfon was done coddling me now, because that was most definitely more than a hug. “you look way better than your picture” – He said. “errrmm, thanks I guess and you look Caucasian, I don’t like bright people, they tend to dim my dark side” – I said, hoping, praying that at least this guy understands sarcasm. Side note: if you don’t speak or understand sarcasm, we can’t even be friends. “ohhh touché” – he said as he laughed. I looked up to my ceiling like “Thank God, at least he isn’t blonde”(no offense to blondies). I led him up the stairs and for a minute, I felt really body conscious, wondering if my ass was jiggling while I walked. I almost stumbled but he held me. “sorry, are you ok” – he asked. “yes, thank you” – I responded, staring at his face. He had a beautiful face, small eyes, nose slightly scanted, a small scar on the bridge of his nose probably from an accident or something, the most ethereal smile I’ve ever seen, I couldn,t tell if he was a male whore for fun or for money, it was difficult to tell.

He exuded a certain kind of confidence that made it hard for me to tell if it came from a place of self awareness or insecurity. We sat on the couch in the Living room staring at each other, no words escaping our mouth, it was awkward, I am usually not afraid to speak but for some reason I didn’t know what to say, after about 10 minutes of awkward silence, he said: “Would you like me to eat you first before you eat, I’m actually a great chef, I’m sure I can make something you’d like” “errrmm, wait, what? – I said, my heart racing… “Ohh she finally speaks, I thought we were just going to be in that awkward silence forever” – he said and got up. “so what do you have to eat ms Ada, or do you have a dungeon where you keep your guests to starve and die” – Mfon said with a straight face. “What? No I don’t starve my guests” – I responded rather shyly, I have no idea what about the man unsettles me but I was not in my comfort zone, not in control of this game, my brain was struggling to play with the cards I’ve been dealt. He walked towards the kitchen and I followed him. “do you have a maid?” – he asked . “not anymore, I was a better cook, my gateman’s wife buys most of the things I need” – I responded.
He leaned on the counter, facing me, shaking his head while I spoke….. another awkward silence…. “you are really beautiful” – he said again “yea thanks, you said that already” “you know what…. Fuck this” – he said and rushed towards me, holding my face in his hands and kissing me, our lips thriving as it touched the other. “kiss me” – he said, as if that wasn’t already happening, but I knew what it meant, he wanted me to come to him, he was used to being in control and this time I didn’t mind losing it.
While we kissed, his hands grabbed my tits, giving me feather light strokes on my nipples. He held me by the waist and placed me on the kitchen counter. “Hi” – He said, his lips placed on mine, dropping soft kisses like a plum. “I specifically requested for you, you know” – it was more of a statement than a question.
I pushed him away slightly, my eyebrows raised, “how do you mean requested for me”

He smiled before speaking “promise you won’t get mad and that you’d at least let me take you to dinner, I just really had to feel your lips on mine”
Now I was getting worried, I got down from the counter and walked towards my aquarium slowly so I don’t arouse any suspicion from him and pressed a button, this alerts Mohammed my gateman to come to the house. “I’m a member of X, not a gift, your picture was shown to me as a potential match, but I requested to be sent to you as a gift first before being introduced to you, my real name is mezie , my mother was the….” – mfon or rather mezie said. “Why?” – I asked, not because I didn’t hear him clearly the first time but because I needed more answers to the many questions in my head, were they allowed to do this at x, well come to think of it, he wasn’t shown to me so they were within their rights, they offered me a gift which I accepted. “I like you”- Mezie said and continued “I really like you and I wanted to meet you in the most natural of circumstances, I was tired of the whole cut throat dating ish, wanted something new”
I sat on the couch, looking at him… he was really cute and the way he spoke had a drawl to it, his voice complimented his body and gawd, the way he kissed… ohh dear Lawd, the way he kissed… he walked towards me and sat close to me… “Ada I…” – Mezie began but he was interrupted by Mohammed who had slowly walked into the house using the back entrance probably in a bid to surprise my supposed attacker. “Aunty everything dey ok?” – He asked. “Yes Thank You, Mohammed. You can go now” – I replied, mezie didn’t seem like a threat anymore or maybe it was the MAD RUSH I had going into effect. Mohammed left and mezie looked at me and said “Should I leave Ada, I understand if you are uncomfortable with me being in your home but I like you and I didn’t want to keep lying to you, that is all”
In my head, I said yes but when my mouth opened, the word “No” escaped from it. He moved closer towards me and put his arms around me, dragging me closer to him, he smelled so good and I just wanted to stay there forever. “Mezie” – I said….

“Mezie”- I said, raising my head up to look at him, he had such beautiful eyes, I forgot what I was going to ask him and we resumed kissing. Our tongues wetting each other’s mouth, I got on top of him grinding my tits in his face, while his hands rubbed on my bum.
With his hands firmly placed on the low of my back, he removed my kimono, gently watching the strap fall off my shoulders before placing a wet kiss on it, he squeezed me, resting his face on my boobs before leaning up to kiss me again. “Hey” – I said, holding his head. “You are so beautiful” – he replied. “you are just saying that because you are horny” – I said to him and he chuckled…
We kissed again, this time more slowly, we wanted each other, the passion burned brightly… ok it wasn’t really passion; it was just a huge innate lust. We wanted to fuck each other… I felt the wetness stain my thighs when he placed me on all fours and his tongue touched my butthole, licking and slurping me up. I have never felt this much excitement before, this man ate my ass, kissing my pussy and thighs in between. “fuck me please… please fuck me” – I begged but he held my thighs, his arms wrapped around it, my shrt gown pushed up to my waist, my ass clapping in his face, I bent over, arching my back some more, letting this hot hunk of 200kg pot belly man eat my ass and pussy. “fuck me please” – I said and he got up, pulled down his pant, I was rubbing on my pussy and twerking while he wore a condom. “Please don’t scream babe, a woman’s moan turns me on like crazy” – I heard him say before smacking my ass “uhhhhh” – I moaned, waiting for him to slide his cock inside me. He grabbed my ass, propping me up and arching my back some more, I felt that stiff cock slide inside my pussy… “ohhh gawddd, aahhhhh, fuckkkk”- I moaned. “I told you babe, don’t moan” – he said, his dick going in and out of my pussy, hands grabbing my waist, dragging me back and forth on that dick. “see how wet that pussy is…. Aaahhhhh”

“see how wet that pussy is…. Aaahhhhh” – mezie said, his dick grinding slowly in and out of me.
I was rolling my waist, doing this 360 dirty whine on his cock, enveloping it in wetness after wetness. “ahhhhhhh”- he was grunting as he began to pound my pussy, deep, hard strokes, eliciting cries of pleasure from me. I bit on the chair in a bid to hold in my moans, but this man kept fucking me, deep strokes after deep strokes, long dick choking my pussy. “aaahhhh, ohhhhh, yeaaaa, yassss, fuckkkk, ohhhhh, aaaahhhh, yesss daddy” – I kept moaning, my ass bouncing back and forth on his cock. He was pushing it further, deeper inside of me , smacking my ass as he did so. “I told you not to moan…. Ohhh fuckkk…” – his cock fucking my pussy. “fuck, fuck, fuck” – He kept repeating as he dragged my ass, reveling in the wet bath I was giving his dick.
He dipped a finger in my butt, using the other hand to drag me backwards to take more cock. That drove me insane, I was bucking wildly, screaming basically as that shaft pushed in and out of me. “aaahhhhhh, gawd, yeaaaassss daddy fuckkk me good, fuck that pussy, ohhhh fuck, yassss” – I screamed louder and louder, spurring him to fuck me harder and soon I could hear him grunting, his cock pushing deeper inside of me, his hands smacking my twerking ass. I knew he was going to cum and sincerely my knees were hurting. I began to grind on his dick, twisting and twirling as he exploded inside of me.
He kissed my back, his breathing labored.
When he took out his cock, he walked towards the bathroom, when he came out, he had my baby wipes with him, which he used to clean me up. He gave me a kiss before going to dispose of them. When he got back , we both fell asleep on the couch.

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