Fingering is the handjob for women, it’s supposed to be an easy task but you can barely see what you’re doing which makes you prone to hitting the wrong spot or the right spot at the wrong time.
I’m going to help you not make these mistakes, so you don’t bruise your partner during foreplay or sex. •1) Trim your nails!! No-one wants long nails inside her – your ex lied to you, probably to massage your ego. Pussy Skin Matter😂!! Stop Bruising us! 😭 •2) Don’t finger a woman if she is not wet!! Please stop, some men believe dipping a finger or two inside the woman would help her get wet faster,😪😫 this is not true! You will only end up bruising your partner. 😫If your lady has issues with wetness, there are products available to help them get wet easily. Contact @meafterdarkk to learn more. •2) Fingering is a 2 way job, In or Out. In refers to curved fingers inside the Vagina to flick on the gspot, Out refers to soft petting on the labia and clit. It’s best to gauge the woman’s reaction to your touch, only she can tell you if she wants your fingers inside or outside.😘 •4) Start with one finger and gently build up the anticipation, make sure she is very wet before introducing another finger. Don’t introduce both fingers at the same time and just because you have 5 fingers doesn’t mean you should use all 🙄 •5) Now that you have your fingers inside her; Imagine your fingers as tiny dicks and mimic the in and out motion you do during sex. While you’re fingering her like this, keep her clit in mind. Rub it with your palm as you slide your fingers back and forth, and with your fingertips try to drag just a bit of her inner walls with you. Switch it up by curving your fingers slightly when you go in and apply pressure to the g-spot, hit it with your fingertips on the way in; rub her clit with your palm on the way out. • Some extra tips; have your partner face you & kiss her while finger fucking her or have your partner stay in doggy position so you can’t eat her ass while fingering. Whichever position you choose, you’ll probably want to speed up and slow down as time goes on, but when she is close to orgasm you need to stay very consistent.

Women and Condoms

So yesterday I saw a tweet, where a man named dumba the damba(actually I gave him this name) said if a woman helps her man to wear a condom and even puts it on properly, the man should wear an extra 3 condoms because apparently the woman is a ho!

My sister, don’t mind this damba o, learn how to wear a condom, buy a pack and practice on a cucumber or a yam (whichever size you take 😉) don’t let no man shame you because you know how to protect yourself.
Learn how to properly wear a condom, its not a knowledge that’s wasted, I preach sexual liberation NOT how to catch infections 101. If you and your partner don’t stick to each other, condoms are a cheaper alternative for protection.

Using condoms during sex gives you rest of mind, you will not be worried and imagining all types of things, asking yourself 1 billion questions like “is this guy safe? Did he cum inside me? I hope I dont get pregnant. What if a small drop entered? When was my last period, hold on let me get my phone so I can check the date… Now you are pressing phone immediately after sex to check your last period date, uncle is getting angry because he’s feeling like the sex wasn’t good enough for you which is why you are pressing your phone, he is now giving you attitude, you don’t know where the attitude is coming from, so you give your own back and now you guys have broken up all because you decided not to wear a condom! 🙄🙄 (I’m being dramatic, I know, but you get the point😒) Your life will be a whole lot easier and healthier if you protect yourself during sex. Like seriously, just Imagine you die, like serious cold painful death not nollywood “I aff die” because of N500 condom, do you see how ridiculous it sounds? All the excuses you are giving as reasons why you don’t use condoms will be nothing more than excuses then.
Infact Ladies, wearing a condom on your favourite toy and then using that toy to fuck yourself can help you spot the difference quicker, when the condom is torn during physical intimacy with your partner •••

There are so many diseases in the world, your survival depends on how far you are willing to go to protect yourself. Condoms are a necessity and your knowledge as a woman on how to properly wear one should not be up for discussion.

The number 1 complaint most people have with regards to condom usage is that; it’s less “sweeter” than skin to skin penetration, well if you had bought my vagina sweetener, you won’t have this problem, besides would you rather die than enjoy the “half-sweet” sex. The choice is completely yours.
Another complaint I hear a lot is bruising, Infact I know women who experience adverse reactions when condoms are used, my advice to them is to buy different brands, try them out to find the one that works best for their skin. Some women also have bad latex allergy, that cause them to bruise badly and sometimes even lead to death, (latex is the stretchy material used to make condoms). There are brands that make non-latex condoms for women and men who have these allergies. You must protect yourself by all means, how else will you feel good and relax like they do in the movies after sex? You know that, peace of mind, that good glow that comes after sex, the slowing of your heavy breathing, the happiness that wells in your stomach, the wetness dripping down your thighs, that man rubbing on your hair and giving your forehead kisses… Tell me how else will you have rest of mind to enjoy it, if you don’t use condoms? 😒