Efe The Stripper


It was time for my annual leave, I decided to go to Amsterdam, I had heard of so many lovely things about it, first thing I heard was; weed is legal.
I don’t smoke, but it was the thrill of been in a place that’s so liberal.

I packed my bags very early on the day of my planned trip. I got to the airport and after all the immigration checks, I sat in the waiting lounge with other passengers waiting for my flight. A nice, not so tall black chocolate (man) came and sat close to me
He looked impeccably clean, his shorts were a little too short though, shoes were snow white, hands looking like they had been polished… I was wondering, who goes on a long flight like this; looking like they are about to go on a runway. Anyways, we got on the flight and this beautiful man is seated close to me.
As soon we took off, he started talking to me: “Hi, I am Efe” – He said “ada, nice to meet you” – i replied
Efe was very easy to talk to, he was a kind, soft gentleman. In less than 6 hours before our stopover in Istanbul , i had told him all about my life… He listened with rapt attention, when i talked about chief, he held my hand as i cried… We hit it off almost instantly.
Efe read engineering and works at a construction company in Amsterdam.
When we stopped over in Istanbul, we both walked around the airport holding hands, checking out coffee shops, window shopping… It seemed like we were a couple… I was very comfortable with him… He had this great aura around himself
We landed in Amsterdam about 4 hours later and efe’s friend came to pick us up. They dropped me off at a popular hotel close to central station in Amsterdam. Immediately I checked in, I fell asleep.

I woke up at almost 8pm, Showered and dialled the number Efe gave to me, I was hungry and i needed directions to a good restaurant.

The line rang twice, before he picked “Hallos” – he said….. “Hi Efe, its Ada, I just woke up” – I said….. “Hey beautiful, Sleep well?”- He asked….. “Yea, Yea, I’m hungry though, can you give me directions to a good restaurant” – I asked…… “Hum, ok, how about I come take you” – He replied…… “oh cool sure, All the more better, so i dont become a missing person here in Amsterdam” – I said…… We both laughed, said our goodbyes and hung up.. I decided to go to the bar downstairs to wait for Efe, I wore black leggings, a sheer top, boots and a jacket. I didn’t feel the need to go over the top.
Efe is the kind of man that makes you feel comfortable in your skin, he doesn’t give off this vibe like you need to do anything extra to impress him… He seemed like a “come as you are” kinda person.
I got to the lobby and went straight to the bar. I decided to have a little bit of alcohol before he comes. I ordered a martini from this nice white waiter (probably from any of these Spanish speaking countries), Hair falling to his face, lips pure pink, eyes totally blue… He was so handsome. He smiled back at me.
#Inmyhead, I am going to have this one before I leave here “Here you go ma’am” – He said, while dropping the martini on the bar counter….. #Inmyhead – I’m not your ma’am ooo, don’t be doing that professional shit with me, i will sha chop you before i leave this country…. I sipped on my drink while i made small talk with him, I eventually got his number before Efe arrived…

Efe eventually arrived with his friend from earlier; We went to a restaurant about 10 minutes walk from my hotel and when we got in, we found a booth and sat down. Efe and his friend Bram sat down together, I found it weird, that they were too handsy with each other… They laughed a lot, Bram mostly… He seemed smitten by Efe.. At first, I thought maybe, this is how white people are, but when efe stood up to go use the restroom. Bram spoke to me “I have really missed him, He has been away for over 4 months, his family in Nigeria wanted him to marry a Nigerian girl but our love is deep, he turned them down and came back to me”
Wait what??????? The fuck?? Are these two, gays??! OMG!!! “I really thought, I had lost him, it was such a hard period for the both of us but now I’m just happy he’s back” – Bram continued.
Efe Returned and we continued our conversation, I was mildly heartbroken, I thought I had just found my own prince charming. After we were done eating, Bram suggested we go to a male strip club he owns and Efe dances at. Bram is a white guy, mid 40’s or early 50’s. I was half disappointed, i had actually thought, I would finally have something serious, you know…… But then, it hit me, that’s why he was so easy to talk to…. When we got to the club, after our second round of drinks, Bram left us to attend to some business and I decided to hear from Efe. He knew, I was aware of his sexuality. because during our walk from restaurant to club, Bram told me how they met “So are you really an engineer” – I asked…… “Humm yes and no” – He replied and continued…… ” I have a degree in engineering though, but I couldn’t get a job when i moved here after schooling so i dance for a living now….. ” Why didn’t you tell me you were gay originally though” – I asked…… “Really? You know Nigerians are the greatest judges, if i had told you, you might not have connected with me as you did… Efe said….

“Bram told me they wanted you to get married back home, how did that pan out.. Does your fam know? “Ehh, Know? Not a single soul knows o, I married the girl though, the pressure was too much. My mother was already saying, she will do something to make me come back home permanently. I had to just go and marry the girl. Everyone kept complaining that i am almost 40, I have no kids..” He said, his expression changing to that of sadness

I held his hand… He smiled “Bram doesn’t know, you got married, does he?” – I asked “No, He doesn’t and i want it to remain that way” – He said, giving me a knowing look. “of course, i understand”- I said
We had the rest of our drink in silence as the night rolled in.
#inmyhead i thought this is how people are forced into ruining other people’s lives just because we cannot mind our business, parents pressure you, society pressures you, even so called friends and peers pressure you, there is this standard everyone is expected to live up to.. Now this man is not in love with the girl he was forced to marry, he has married her now, she will have to constantly live with a man who is emotionally distant and she would always wonder what it is, she did wrong that makes him not love her….. Imagine that emotional unattachment /abuse going on for years, eventually marriage will end and she will be forever scarred and then she will end up scarring the next man she’s with and the cycle continues… We place too much importance on frivolities and we all keep screaming “Life is short” Fucking hypocrites, all of us.
I didn’t envy him, his case was very delicate. I decided to change the topic, after all i came to Amsterdam to have fun not for sob stories!! “Hey Oga, since you said that you dance, don’t you think you should entertain your guest”…. I said, laughing… “Very soon, club hours will start, i wasn’t planning on dancing today, but since you are here, I will” “Alrighty then, I’m looking forward to it”… I switched to taking water because I was already feeling tipsy, the night is young anyways…..

People started trooping in as night came, mostly women, a few men here and there… The Dj had started playing nice dance songs, some of the male strippers could be seen walking around in thongs, their bodies oiled, Magic mike had nothing on them… They looked like big boxes of candies.
Women in groups, running their hands through their selected dancer’s body, lots of laughter, lots of moaning, lots of ooooohhhh, aaaahhhhh (sounds women make when they are excited). The ambience was gay (not sexually gay, but more of a light hearted, effervescence disposition)
I was settling into it, a bit sad i lost efe, but i took solace that i got my white waiter’s phone number… Efe had gone in to change, he was really good looking, not so tall, about 5ft’7inches tall… Just a few inches taller than me. He walked up to me; “Hi, care for a lap dance?” “Of course Papi” – I said, smiling
He started dancing on me, at first it was weird, i had never had a male stripper in front of me, but the alcohol was fading my weirdness away…. It was wild, i would smack his ass, rub his chest as he danced, it turned me on… Eventually, he stopped…. “This one is on the house” – He said as he sashayed away… I love Amsterdam!! This was a beautiful night… They had special performances from different dancers, Women cheered, throwing money onto the stage, it was crazy… Efe danced on the stage, women cheered more… There’s always something about black chocolates women can’t resist… Lol

After he was done with his performance, he brought this white girl, she had pink strips in her hair.. They both walked up to me “Hey Ada, This is my friend Abby, She’s going to keep you company” – He said and walked away almost immediately… I and Abby exchanged pleasantries and we talked for a while, she was a neighbour to Bram and efe and regularly visited the club. She owned a tattoo parlour and offered to give me a free tattoo… I told her I’d think about it… We danced together as the music boomed out of the speakers… She was very friendly and so cool….

The club eventually ended at about 2 in the morning, Abby joined them in cleaning the place, I just sat down, wasted, all my dancing didn’t even take a little bit of the alcohol out of my system. Bram drove all 4 of us to his house. … When we got there, bram went to set up his guest room for me so i could sleep there and abby went to her flat.. I quickly took off all my clothes and had a shower… I needed to calm down, highness is a bastard!
When i showered, I felt better, at least a little bit better than before… I wore a Tshirt efe had left on the bed for me and came to the living room. Bram and efe were in the kitchen.

They brought me rice and tomato sauce, it was spicy and really helped…. I sat down and watched a movie playing on the television.

Just then, Abby knocked on the door, Efe opened it and she came in. She had gone to shower and changed into a pj.

She sat on the couch, close to me and joined me in watching the movie….. She tried to make small talk but i was very tired and i just wanted to sleep. When i finished eating, I just dropped the plate on the side table, stretched my legs on the couch, i didn’t know when i fell asleep

I could hear moaning, and i felt something wet in my nether region…. I opened my eyes, i hadn’t even slept for up to an hour, it took me a while to remember where I was…. Abby was licking my pussy, sucking me, she had just lifted the tshirt i was wearing and was sucking me madly… “oh Gawd, Yesssss” I don’t think there’s any feeling greater than being high and getting head…… I couldn’t stop her, I didn’t want to stop her…… She was good, she licked my pussy good…. Lesbians are better brain givers, i swear down.
She would move her tongue in cute circular motions all over my clit and vulva, she would then suck on my pussy lips, kiss my thighs, then back to my clit. She kissed my butthole, then licked it… The sensation was out of this world, I put my hands on my knees… Moaning loudly.
I didn’t hear bram and efe come to the living room watching the both of us, I was so far gone.. I loved what she was doing to me, I moved my waist trying to match the tempo… Abby didn’t hold me, she was soft and persistent, her head didn’t leave my pussy no matter how much i moved… Ohhhh dear lawd, this must be heaven… I love dick too much or I would have converted because of abby… She ran her hands through my thighs, her soft cold hands.. She was soo soft….. I wanted more…. I opened my eyes and for the first time, i noticed Efe and Bram
I think watching us turned efe and bram on, they started kissing, slowly at first, Bram sat on the couch beside me and Efe brought his dick and started sucking it… I must say, i was impressed, i could see them clearly, there were lot of saliva everywhere…. My pussy, Bram’s dick… It went on and on…. Gosh…. This is sooo pleasing…

Efe went on all fours on the floor, backing Bram. Bram knelt down behind him and put his dick in his ass. Efe moaned… I stopped abby, adjusted myself properly so i could watch them fuck, i have never seen 2 men before…. As they fucked, efe was moaning, Abby doubled the sucking on my pussy, inserting 2 fingers inside me as she sucked it.. “Ohhhh yes, fuck yes, just like that, don’t stop, fuck me daddy… Efe moaned….” Bram would occasionally smack efe’s ass.. They were both vicious… It was a wild sight

Abby didn’t stop, she grabbed me and asked me to lie on the floor, i did and she took off her pj, her ass directly in efe’s face, he licked her while she licked me.
I moaned, yesss… Abby was doing it way better now, the pleasure she was receiving, made her more wild… Tongue moving.. Whooosh Whooosh
My pussy was dripping, she took her hands, cleaned me up, tapped my pussy and dived back into eating it… I moaned loudly, all 4 of us moaning at the same time, I was cuming, she fingered me faster, licking my clit as she did that… Ohhhh lawd, here i cummmmm……. Fucckkkk…. I came all over the floor… I stopped and laid underneath abby as her pussy was been licked by efe… And sucked her boobs, she moaned, pushing them further into my mouth. I grabbed the both of them and sucked on it, that got her wilddd… She pushed her ass backwards, telling efe to suck it harder…. He did… Less than a couple of minutes, she came too…. We got up and left Efe and Bram in the living room and went to the guest room
We were washing up when we heard the loud screams signifying orgasm…. I and Abby talked and decided we were going to see another time, at least before i leave. She is bisexual and really enjoyed sucking me…



Its been 2 weeks since the colossal waste of my pussy with John, Alex had gotten the message clearly that i do not want to have any relationship with him and had let me be. I did miss him though, I wished I chose him that day. As for John, I cannot date a man who cannot fuck… Haa, who wants to marry a man who cannot go up and down?? 😩😩. John would try and steal kisses at work and arrange dates, but I always found a way to avoid them.
He would call me to his office as if he wants to ask me to do some work and then try to kiss me, he was obsessed with me, he had never been that mesmerised before. I would delicately avoid it, I do not want to bruise his ego.
He even came to the house to spend the night, immediately i saw that it was him through the peephole, i threw on a maxi gown, quickly tie my scarf. I opened the door and said “ohh baby, its God that brought you today, I’m going for vigil and now you are here, we are going together”
John looked at me with subtle disappointment. I didn’t flinch. Baba came to fuck and i am talking about church. 😒
He made up some excuse and left and me i just went back to bed. I cannot have someone that will be biting my pussy in the name of giving head.
I was horny as fuck, time was counting, Almost 18months and I’ve not yet had sex (that thing with John can nowhere be classified as sex). I was getting cranky.
My friend from university came to visit me and after work one friday we decided to head out to a night club.

I wore a shimmery dress and black pumps and my friend wore a black dress with my glitter sole shoes. We looked beautiful. Yvonne was a great friend, while I was in school and had supported me time and time again. We were going to paint the town red.

We went to a popular nightclub in lagos & as soon as we got in, we found a seat and ordered for a bottle of champagne. We were drinking and dancing, turning up like we owned the club. We didn’t care about anyone, guys stared, probably wondering how we were so comfortable having fun all by ourselves.

A waitress came to our table with 2 bottles of champagne, that we didn’t order for. She pointed to Kelechi and said he sent them.
He was cute as fuck.

Kelechi wore a white Tshirt that had a bold inscription “Husband Material. He was sitting on a couch with a group of friends.

We waved a thank you to him and he got up and started walking towards us.

Gosh he was tall and had a lean to his walk, he had tattoos on his arms and he was quite muscular.

I looked at Yvonne and we both smiled. “Hello Ladies, I’m Kelechi, Do you mind if i sit?” – Kelechi asked. “yea sure” – Yvonne said and motioned for him to sit down “I was thinking you Ladies would like to join us at our table, I’m here with my friends and brothers, I can ask the waiter to bring your drinks there” – Kelechi said “Ok cool” – Yvonne said without consulting me, my countenance changed.
I wasnt comfortable moving to a table to sit with total strangers when we were already having fun on our own. I looked at her, she seemed like she wanted to go over and i didn’t want to be a debbie downer so i agreed.
We walked to their table with a waiter carrying our drinks behind us. When we got there, he made it a point to sit close to me. “You dance very well, you know” – Kelechi said “I see” – I replied, I wasn’t in the mood to chat. For some reason, I was still upset that we had moved here.
I got up and started dancing, grabbing yvonne so we could dance together, i figured since we were already here, we might as well enjoy it. we whined and rolled our hips from side to side enjoying the music blasting from the speakers. Kelechi and his friends were enjoying the show we were putting on, their eyes feasted as we danced.
Suddenly, some creep from nowhere came and smacked my ass. I turned around and pushed him, he lunged at me, obviously trying to attack me, I stepped back, I was afraid but Kelechi got up and punched him, then the bouncers came, obviously seeing that the creep was drunk, they dragged him out of the club. I was shaken and wanted to leave.

I got up, grabbed my purse and proceeded to leave the place, Kelechi held my hands and told his brothers that they should go somewhere else. He proceeded to settle the bill while his brother Obinna walked I and yvonne to the car park.
When they got out, Kelechi joined me in my car, while yvonne joined his brother and we all drove off on our search for a new club “Thank You” – I said “You are welcome, he deserved what was coming, I hate men who disrespect women, you know” – Kelechi said I smiled and nodded.
We drove for a while, trying to locate another club. I wasn’t really in the mood to club anymore, that creep just ruined the entire experience for me. I slowed down and stopped the car; “i don’t think, I want to go to another club anymore, the entire experience has been ruined for me” – I said “Yea same here, I just didn’t want to be the one to spoil everyone’s fun” – He replied

We both looked at each other and smiled. I picked up my phone and dialled yvonne. “Babe, I’m not clubbing anymore, I’m going home, I am going to hold kelechi as collateral until his brother brings you back. Be safe”
We said our goodbyes and ended the calls “Really, So I’m being held hostage now” Kelechi said and rolled down the window, “Somebody help, I’ve been kidnapped”
I laughed “Noone can save you” – I said as i drove away…

We got to my house and i Parked the car

I wasn’t sure if i wanted to have sex with him, he was good looking but my drive and passion were drooping like a ninety year old balls.
We walked in to my house “Nice Place” – He said “thank you, Please have a seat, I’m going to go freshen up, if you want to do the same, the guest room is straight through that door”
I went into my bedroom to take off my dress, my hand couldn’t reach my back properly to take off the zipper, this dress is 45,000 naira, I’m not about to let it spoil so i came out and went to the living room, it seemed like Kelechi had gone into the guestroom so i went there to knock. I almost went straight to my gateman’s wife, she’s usually the one who helps me with stuffs like that, I live alone with them in the house.
Kelechi opened the door “Hey” – I said, trying to not show the lust in my eyes.
Kelechi had taken off his clothes, he had a fucking crazy body, looked like something off a magazine. He had a towel around his waist and the dick print…. Fucking hell!! 🤭

I quickly took my eyes away and turned around, i smiled and said “Can you help me with the zipper please” “Yea Sure” he said and he came out to the corridor, he was standing very close to me.
His closeness gave me palpitations, “ouchhhh” – i shrieked. The zipper had caught my flesh “Oh gawd, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry” – Kelechi kept repeating.
We finally got the zipper off, i hated these invisible zippers, very tricky, if you are not careful, your dress is ruined or your skin will have a wound.
Kelechi kept rubbing that part of my back where the zipper touched. “I’m sorry, I really am, i should have worn my glasses”…….. “its ok, it wasn’t really your fault….. Ok maybe a little of your fault. ☺️” I turned around to face him “thank you” – I said, unable to move (#inmyhead Ada, dey go your room oo, this one you dey look like mumu)

I was transfixed, he was too.
For about a minute, We were looking at each other, my dress halfway open, i held the top part with one hand, to cover my breast. I wasn’t wearing any bra, just this blue lace thong.
Kelechi moved closed to me,he held my hands, looking into my eyes, checking to see if i want him to continue… He kissed me, leisurely at first then when he could feel that I want him back, he went all in… His lips drenching mine, he held me, i felt so little in his hands, I was horny as hell, I had only had ½ sex since chief died (yes that rubbish with John cannot be classified as sex)
His hands wandered, he took my hands off the dress i was wearing, squeezing my nipples as he did… I moaned, the pleasure was spectacular.. I wanted him to eat my pussy.. I needed to check and ensure he wasn’t a “John the Biter ” 🤣 Lol.
He stopped, and he scopped me up from the ground like one small child, used his legs to push open the door of the guest room he was in and he dropped me on the floor so i could stand facing him, (he was such a show off). He gently took off my dress, knelt down and kissed the mound of my pussy through the sheer lace thongs i had on.. I tilted my head backwards, my heart racing, I wanted him… He kissed the insides of my thighs, leaving a little stroke of his tongue, everywhere his lips touched.
I bit down on my lower lip.. I want this nigga, I wanted him to fuck me good,
Be nasty… Pin me down, Fuck me like a whore

Make me beg….. I wanted to loose all control… Kelechi pushed my panties aside and started to suck on my clit…. I don’t mean lick, i mean suck on it… I could practically see heaven.. He would stop at intervals and move his tongue down to my vulva… Gosh… I held his head, I couldn’t feel my legs
I need to sit…. Do i really need to sit?….. Gawd why is his tongue rolling like that……oh dear lawd….. I don’t want to cum yet…. Oh no, don’t stop…. I want this licking to go on forever…. Who even created sex…. Oh my gawd…. I want dick… I think he should pound me…….. My thoughts was all over the place

My thoughts was all over the place, his brain game was dope (brain is a different slang for head). I held out as long as i could… My pussy was dripping, I was sure i couldn’t stand anymore even though he supported both my legs and held me down.
I gently shoved his head away…. I walked to the bed, slowly, letting the silhouette of my body remain in his mind, he had to remember today… He was good and now it was time to show him who was better…. I laid on the bed, my stomach touching my silk sheets

I motioned for him to come on top of me, i wanted him to fuck my mouth.. Kelechi came ontop me, he kissed me, then put his dick in between my boobs, i squeezed my boobs together, holding his dick there, i began to jiggle the both of them, up down, up down, he moved… I opened my mouth so that, when he moves back and forth, i can lick his dick… When he came forward, i would roll my tongue around the cap of his dick, a full 360, moaning as i did so. I spat on his dick, most falling in between my boobs… And i continued to grind both titties against his dick…

I removed my hands from my boobs, he bent down and kissed me deeply, he got back up,I looked into his eyes and motioned for him to put his dick in my mouth

Kelechi moved his dick to my mouth and started fucking my mouth; slow, long strokes,

Waa, waaa, waah…. The dick went in and out of my mouth

I would suck and lick on it, rolling my tongue all over his shaft as it went in and out of my mouth.. Kelechi moaned, moving his dick in deeper down my throat, my gag reflex was not so good tonight because I had been drinking, i tapped his thighs, using my hands to gently shove him backwards.. He understood perfectly and retreated.
He turned around into a 69 position, him on top of me, he sucked my pussy while he was fucking my mouth.. Hmmmph…. Aaahhhh…. Ohhhh……. Fuckkk….. We both moaned, i sucked and licked and didn’t stop, move my tongue from the tip to his balls, licking it, sucking it, rubbing it with my hands.. I would grab only the tip with my mouth and suck on it while i rub his balls with my hands, Stay on the tip for a while and then go all the way in, he would moan, reciprocating the gesture by dipping his tongue deep inside my pussy, tongue fucking me….. We were both out to please…. Pussy dripping like a tap…… Dick hard as a rock…. I could sense he was cuming, he got up, grabbed his dick, stroked it for a few minutes “Where do you want this cum, tell me where you want it” – Kelechi said as he moaned “Pour it all over my face, zaddy” – I said as i opened my tongue ready to snatch his soul after he cums… Round 2…

Kelechi splattered cum all over my face, I grabbed his dick with my tongue and held it in my mouth, licking the tip… He went beserk, punched the bed.. “Fuuck, Fuckkkk” – he said “Where did you learn how to do that??” – He asked?

I smiled, got up and went to my room. My soaps and wipes were in my room

I was about to enter the shower when kelechi walked in… “Hey Sexy, Can i Join you”
I said “Yea of course”
We both entered the shower and i turned it on, first washing off the cum on my face… Kelechi stood there, washing or would i call it stroking his dick… Looking at me as the warm water drizzled on my body… Vapours rising, he grabbed me and kissed me, smacking my ass;

Paa, Paa – his hands made that sound as my ass jiggled under his touch… “you are so beautiful, I half expected to have to teach you stuff, but you are a closet freak, looking so innocent and yet you do the most” – he said “I don’t know what you are talking about” – I replied and made the most puppy face i could think of.
We kissed, letting the water romance our bodies… I grabbed soap and applied on his body, cleaning his head, his face, chest, dick, turned him around and washed his back… As the water rinsed the soap lather off, i stood on tippy toes and kissed his neck, rubbing my hands around his head.. He moaned, tilting his head backwards, “I want you” – He exclaimed… “you fucking turn me on”…… “I know right” – I said, as i continued kissing his lower back, i bit his ass, gently, smacked it… I stopped and he washed me, doing exactly the same things to me… The shower was exciting… We were both aroused, we wanted each other…. I knew exactly how to guide him, to show him exactly what i like by doing it to him….. It was a gift to make a man feel loved, pampered, cared for, make him feel like your bitch (only in the bedroom), Take charge, arouse his innermost desires, pleasure him, make him want to be pleasured.
I went out of the shower, grabbed a condom and gave it to him…

He moved aside, wore it, grabbed me, pinning my hands to the wall, kissing my neck as my ass rested on his dick.
I raised one of my legs up, as he inserted his dick inside me.
In, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out. “Ommph, aahh, oomph ahh, ohh yes, fuck me, fuck that fucking pussy, yes right there, ohh fuck, don’t stop, don’t you fucking stop, fuck me goood, yess, ohh, aah, yes, aah, oh yes, oh ah….” I moaned continously… He stopped, turned off the shower, we walked out into my room. I held the bed, my ass all out in his face.
I am not tall, so he had to bend a bit to put his dick in… “oohhh fuck yes” – I said

He was moving his dick in and out of my pussy, my ass bounced on his dick… He was pounding my pussy

Swoosh swoosh, swoosh, as his dick went in and out of my wet pussy. “ohh yes daddy, fuck me harder, fuck that fucking pussy”

I raised one of my legs up, he pressed on my butt cheek, it made my pussy very visible. He could see his dick going in and out of my pussy, he moaned… “Gawwwddd… Fucking hell, your pussy is so wet” so many things i want to do to you….. I turned my face towards him, “you call this fucking, fuck me, you fucking fuck”

Kelechi was going harder, fucking me, pounding my dripping pussy, i dripped more… “Ohh gawd, oh fuck, yes, yess, yessssss, ohh fuck yes, don’t stop zaddy, ohh yesss… Oh my fucking gawd…” We were both moaning, i knew he was going to nut anytime now, so i started to roll my waist matching the rhythm of his pound… (#inMyhead if not for fat eh, i for sabi dance dieee) “Aaah, fuck, hmmmmm” – Kelechi moaned as he nut inside me.

He got off, took the condom off and went into the bathroom… I was spent. I was finally free from the 18month fargin issue 😘😘 .. We took turns to shower and after we were done, we talked for a while about ourselves; He was an engineer who lives and work abroad, he just came to visit his family here, I just zeroed my mind that this is just going to be sex, no need for unnecessary drama… We eventually fell asleep.
When morning came, I woke up, brushed and showered and went to make breakfast; Kelechi wanted more of me, but naaa, I was tired… We were eating breakfast when yvonne walked in, “morning bitch” – I said…… “Morning biatch, you don chop this boy abi, sha don’t kill him” – She replied…… “I tried not to” – I retorted, staring into kelechi’s eyes and smiling…. He smiled back… When he was done with breakfast, he showered and left. That was the last I saw of him
I had no intentions to continue, long distance relationships and good dick usually cause unnecessary conflict.

John (Part 2)

john part 2

“Hi Adanne, I heard what happened so i came to pay condolence – Alex
I was dumbfounded, my gateman musa walked away, he was convinced I knew him. I didn’t know what to say ” May I come in”- Alex said, opening the door and walking in before I could say anything, typical Alex, always taking charge
All i could muster was “Alex?” it sounded more like a question borne out of disbelief than a statement of fact. “I just returned and heard your husband died, or would i say soon to be husband. I’m deeply sorry Ada, I know no words can mitigate that pain, accept my deepest condolence” – Alex said

I just nodded, it was like i was seeing a ghost. “Sorry ok” Alex said, touching my hand.

That touch brought me back to reality. “Where have you been?” – I asked “Travelling for work mostly” – Alex said.
His beautiful eyes, looking at me like a newly found lover

I was beautiful, my red on red combo, i had put on for john was making Alex want me. Nothing had changed about him “Were you headed out or just returning” –
Alex asked

Hum, actually I was headed out on a date – I said, not caring what he thought

For a brief second, i could see a tinge of jealousy on his face but i didn’t care, he was the one who decided to walk away, not me. “Ohh I see” – Alex said with his eyebrows raised
“You do look beautiful though, as always, you’ve always looked beautiful” – He continued, hoping to elicit some sort of emotion from me.

I kept a straight face and said thank you
I could smell the alcohol on him and really i didn’t have time for this. I knew if i don’t send him away, I would be late to meet with John.

My phone rang, I ran to my room to pick it up:

John: Hey babe, where are you, were you not taught not to keep people waiting?
Me: I’m sorry Sir, sorry baby, I’ll be there shortly. I have to look nice for you, don’t I?
John: Ok, I don’t want you driving when it’s too late, Call me when you are leaving the house, ok bye”
Call ended. “you should call him back and cancel”
Alex said, he was at my bedroom door.

“And why would I do that?” – I asked, turning to face Alex.
I was wondering what made him think he had the right to come to my bedroom, I hadn’t seen him in almost 2 years and he thinks he can just waltz in here with his big dick, foreign accent and hazel eyes…

He was moving closer to me now, i moved back.
“Alex don’t come any closer, I am going to scream” – I was saying as i moved back “Well you were always a screamer Ada, I’m used to it, do you think your new boyfriend would like that about you? I don’t think so” – Alex replied, stealthily coming close

He was trying to bully me, flexing his muscles, trying to see if he still had his effect on me.

Of course he does, but I wasn’t going to let him have the satisfaction, he knew Tonia was out to sleep with me, yet he didn’t warn me ahead of time, then when it happened, he blamed me for not saying No and then disappeared. No, fuck no, was i going to let him just drunk walk into my life.

He was drunk, it was obvious. Alex is a monster when he drinks (not a bad monster, a good bad monster 👹) “ok let’s make a deal,I won’t reach over and grab you which you know I can do. I am going to let you come to me” Alexander said and sat on the couch in my bedroom, he motioned for me to sit on the bed “I am going to ask you a few questions, your answers determine whether I’d let you be or not” – He said
Clock was ticking, I was thinking of John, if i rush to call John now, Alex will take my phone and probably smash it. He would get me a new one by the next day but that phone would be gone. He once threw my phone in the toilet and flushed it, because we were having a conversation and i was on my phone.
Alex spoke breaking up my thoughts “Question 1: Who’s the new guy”
I waited, debating whether to answer or not,
His name is John – I replied “Do you Love him” – He asked “Yes” – i replied

I must have said the yes too fast because Alex replied “That’s your first lie” “Is he a fling” – He asked

I shook my head, No. “Does he know about your ex husband” – He asked “Yes he knows, he helped me healed from that phase of my life, he was there for me when you bailed.

“I don’t get the essence of these questions. I don’t want you in my house and i think you should leave.
You walked away a long time ago and i have forgotten and closed your chapter in my life, why are you coming back now? You heard my husband died and you thought this was your chance? “

I said, the words spilling out faster than i could breathe. ” You broke my heart Ada, I was going to marry you, you made me so happy, why did you think, I was doing all that i did for you?? Then you pay me back by breaking my heart” – Alex retorted “What the fuck did you do for me? Huh? Why didn’t you warn me about tonia, if it was a test, well now you know, i dont play silly games” – I snapped at him, I was getting furious. “you fucked your ex in my presence, in my fucking presence all because you wanted to be a vengeful fuck” – I yelled, I was on a roll, nothing was stopping me, I was going to lay all my cards down. “you feel because you are good in bed, thats all i need, you know what, I’m so glad you left, if you didn’t, I would never have met the love of my life. You say you want to marry me, you didn’t even ask me to be your girlfriend, do you know how many times people asked what you were to me, you with all your fucking mixed signals, i didn’t want to shoot myself in the leg and say you are my boyfriend, so i kept it at friend and here you sit and say, you wanted to marry me
Please take your drunken ass and crawl back into the cave you came out from. I’m done with you, I’ve been done with you since”

Alexander was not perturbed by anything i said, he smiled, got up, walked up to me… I adjusted, getting up and getting ready to run
He held me, pushed me to the wall, grabbed me by the neck and kissed me, exactly how he used to

Dear Gawd… He squeezed and smacked my ass, kissing me fiercely… I was out of breath… Oh fuck, am i getting wet in this red bodysuit, i don’t want to mess it up, Ohh Gawd!! My phone rang, it was an unknown number, i pushed alex away, rushed and grabbed my phone “Hello who is this” – I said……. “I’m outside, Open your door”

It was John

Oh my God!! Shiiiitt!!! I was immediately thrown into a turmoil, i was pacing the room
Fuckkk!!!! Fuck!! Oh Gawd?? Alex was looking at me perplexed. He tried to get me to calm down,
“Get the fuck away from me” I screamed.

He could see, I was mad, So he retreated.

I knew I couldn’t delay so i started to walk to the living room to open the door. “Stay here, Do not come to the Living room, I will tell you when to come out” – I said to Alex

He looked at me with raised eyebrows, wanted to say something but he knew I was in my “Do not fuck with me mood” and he maintained his silence

I went to the living room, garnered composure and opened the door. John walked in
“Hey baby” – I said & hugged him “you were delaying and i didn’t want you driving out to the house by yourself, So i thought to come get you. Why the delay though?” – John Asked.. “i told you i have to look nice for you” – i said, it was the fastest excuse i could come up with.

John grabbed my ass and kissed me as he spoke, “you look beautiful, i feel like i should eat you right here”

He carried me and laid me on the couch, kissing me, squeezing my tits gently “Gosh your boobs are so soft and big” John said, he kissed the mounds of each breast, trying to bring out one of them, so he could suck on my nipple. I stopped him and said…. “The night is young baby, We have each other all through the night and tomorrow #wink” “I just want to make you feel good, you took too long to come to me, I was almost dying of overexcitement” – John said. “Go start the car, Let me grab my things, I’ll join you” – I said, getting him to get up off me “I can help you carry your bag, Let me go in and help you pack and we’ll leave together.” – John replied “No, no no, Don’t worry, I will get my stuff myself” – I said, blocking him from going inside the bedroom with me

#Inmyhead ( oh Lawd, fuck, how do i get this guy to go outside)
I got up from the couch, John kissed me again and tapped my ass, we were still locked in each others arms when “Hey Honey, I’ve been waiting for you, This tongue isn’t going lick itself, you know….. – Alex said, walking out of my bedroom, wearing nothing but briefs

Alex was smiling, I was stunned. John immediately took his hands off me, looking at me with utter disbelief. I couldn’t leave. “Hi, my name is Alexander, I’m Ada’s boyfriend” Alex said extending his hands to shake John
John took his hands “I’m John”
I was dumbfounded, How do i get myself out of this. There was a few minutes of awkward silence, All three of us staring at each other. “He’s not my boyfriend John, He’s my friend, he’s just fucking around ” – I said and continued “Let me grab my stuff so we leave”
Alex said with a serious face “what are you saying babe, are you denying me in front of your friend”. He was obviously out to ruin whatever is going on between me and john. “Alex Just Stop, this isn’t funny anymore” I said
But he wouldn’t stop, he kept talking like we had just been having sex. “hum Ada, I think i should leave. We will talk later” John walked away before I could even say a word.
I sank into the couch, I was upset, I didn’t know how to proceed, my anger was slowly replaced with a more vicious one as alex started to speak to me “He was Bad for you anyways, I told you he wasn’t man enough to handle you, He’s obviously weak, if you were important to him, he wouldn’t care” He kept on rambling, throwing shade at John, telling me how good he was gonna fuck me

I got up and yelled at him – “Will you shutup, Shut the hell up. I don’t love you, i never loved you. Why do you think i fucked tonia???” He stopped talking and retreated from me, I got up from the couch, walked past him, grabbed my bag and car keys and left the house

I got into my car, leaving Alex alone in my place. I brought out my phone calling John, He kept ending the call, refusing to talk to me.
I wanted to cry, I couldn’t explain why this evil Alex would come back now to ruin my Life.
I got to John’s House, parked the Car and knocked on the door. After a few minutes, John opened the door, He had another girl in his arms… “Yes, What do you want Ada, as you can see, I am very busy”

“Yea I can see that, Can I come in” I said “No, you can’t actually” John said, blocking my path.

I garnered courage, I have to enter his house, gain his audience or i will loose him forever.
I turned, facing the girl (I knew she’s just a fuck buddy to John, he didn’t have a girlfriend)
“Hey Beautiful” – i said, moving close to her and whispering in her ears – “How about we put on a show, I’ll double whatever he gives you” I was doing my best to douse the tension.
I half expected her to be upset and insult me, but she didn’t #moneyspeaks

She grabbed my face and kissed me, John took his hands off her, this was getting interesting, he wanted to watch. She held my hands and walked me into his house.

We went into John’s bedroom and i took off my clothes, we both laid on the bed kissing each other, slow soft kisses, our bodies sliding against each other

John walked in with a beer, grabbed a chair and watched us.

Naomi was a sexy, slim girl with big boobs, She found me daring and wanted to please.
We kissed deeply, making eye contact with john, making sure he was watching.
I flipped Naomi, she was lying on the bed, her stomach touching the bed. I sat astride her, then kissed her back, she moaned, I grabbed her hair, rolled it around my right hand & yanked her head backwards, she yelped, i kissed her, using my left hands to rub her boobs, squeezing her nipples as i kissed her.

John was turned on, he had taken off his clothes, gotten another beer, drinking it & stroking his dick.
I kissed naomi deeply, grinding my pussy on her ass as i did it.
John was turned on, his dick was fully erect.
I asked Naomi to kneel on the bed & i did the same. We were facing each other both kneeling. I grabbed her face and kissed her, she was rubbing my clit while we kissed, we moaned loudly, creating this beautiful ambience.
John was stroking his dick faster now, We turned around, both of us on the bed in doggy position, our asses facing john and we touched our pussy from underneath. John was breathing loudly now, stroking his dick faster, we were rubbing and opening our pussies, “Aah Aah, Fuck, I’m cuming”
John said, before he poured cum all over the floor

John went to wash up and shower. I and Naomi laid on the bed gisting.

She was a student, met John in a club and this was the 3rd time she’s coming to John’s house. She told me she came to visit a friend nearby and was stranded, so she tried John’s number so she could spend the night at his… I laughed and said, what a coincidence indeed. “Do you know it was when you knocked on his door, he came to wake me up in his guest room to come and open the door, I was surprised, because he had told me, he wasn’t in the mood and asked that i stay in the guest room. Are you his girlfriend, if you guys are quarrelling, try and settle with him, he was very upset earlier on.” – Naomi said

I listened to Naomi as she spoke and thanked her. I collected her account details on my phone and She got up, wore her dress and went to the guest room.

I went into the bathroom and joined John in the shower, I apologised as the water drizzled on our bodies, telling him everything about alex. He knew I wasn’t lying and he forgave me. We kissed, he grabbed my ass, rubbing it gently.
We turned off the shower, came out and dried our bodies.

John took me by the hand and led me to the bed. I laid on it and spread my legs, inviting him to feast… I like my pussy licked.

John knelt down, and started flickering his tongue just around my clit only.. Like who does that?? I wasn’t feeling it, i would push my pussy closer to his face and he was just not getting it right
“oooucchhhh” This fucking nigga just bit my pussy, WTF?? I was getting irritated, I asked him to stop, he came on top with his fucking long dick, he wore a condom and could barely find my pussy entrance, the condom kept bruising me, until he finally got in. This man couldn’t even move his waist, like his dick was big, but he couldn’t fuck for shit!! And he kept asking me
“Do you like it baby? Are you cuming baby”

#inmyhead I’m like, cuming to america abi nigeria, Nigga if you don’t get the fuck outta here.
The half baked sex eventually ended, with him moaning like a 70year old and ejaculating, he got up and i immediately fell asleep.
This was a colossal waste of pussy and time

John (Part 1)


I was a shadow of myself, a complete mess for over a year, i attended therapy sessions for months on end but i couldn’t let coker go.

It seemed like God was out to get to me. I hated my life, I felt useless, Chief’s children had relocated and we talked sparingly on the phone, Alice’s sister was quite accepting, she consoled me and asked me to move on with my life, but how do you do that in situations like this.

I delved into alcohol, all types, even snorted a few times, it was too strong for me so i stuck with my alcohol.
I employed a driver to drive me, because I was always too wasted to go ro work.
On this faithful day, John my BM called me to his office:
“Ada, you have to move on, i am talking to you as a friend, look at you, you look 10 years older than your real age. God gives and he takes, you have to move on. I know you are trying your best to put up this facade ada, but i know the real you. Move on, start afresh, even Chief Coker wanted that for you”

I was crying as he spoke, john gave me his handkerchief and i wiped my tears.
I nodded my head “you can have the rest of the day off, if you need to but think about what I said. Its painful to loose a loved one but what do we do, we have to carry on with life” He said

I thanked him and went to my desk, i didn’t want to go home, I was tired of drinking, i felt my liver would give up any moment.. When we closed for the day, John stopped by my desk. I am throwing a small get together on Saturday for my birthday, you are going to be there. Its an order”

I just nodded as he walked away.

You could say i was the most productive in my branch, i worked long hours and i wasn’t one to grumble. I love my job and i always volunteered to help out whenever there was an overflow of work.

My branch Manager was very close to Chief coker, seeing that he was a top customer of our bank and he had put in more funds after we started dating, even asked some of his friends to start banking with us, he told them, i was in business development and i needed to beat my target.
My branch always superseded our target because of chief and his friends. Even now that he was gone, Bayo maintained the company’s accounts with my bank and also ensured most of chief’s friends did the same.

It was the Friday after I spoke to John, i closed from work, went home and sat on my couch. I thought about my life deeply, 1 year had passed and i was a total wreck, i was merely existing, not living. John was right, I have to move on or my drinking would claim my life.

I cried for over 2 hours.
Screaming, Silently…. The tears dripping down my face…. Reminiscing of old times
My heart ached….. This has to end! I got up, packed all the bottles of wine and put them in the trash.
I clean my house thoroughly. It took me over 5 hours. The cleaning sort of gave me clarity. I showered and went to sleep.
The next day, I woke up, had a quick shower, I called my boss John and wished him a happy birthday, then i asked for his address so i could attend his birthday party
I quickly rushed to the Salon and made my hair, i had my nails painted and my faux lashes fixed. I fixed an appointment with a makeup artist to come to my place later in the evening and then went to the mall to get a gift for my boss.
When I got home, I chose a yellow bodycon mini gown, seeing the yellow made me cheer up. I put on some music and i danced for the first time in over a year… Time was 4pm, the makeup artist had arrived, by the time she was done, it was almost 5pm. I paid her and she left. I quickly put on my dress and my heels and i proceeded to drive to John’s place.

I got to John’s place at about 6:15pm, Everywhere was full, most of my colleagues had arrived and many were happy to see me, i looked beautiful and i could feel their eyes staring at me.
I saw my boss John talking with a group of friends and i walked over there “Happy birthday Sir, Wishing you Long life and plenty money” I said, smiling while offering him the gift i got for him “Thank you Ada, I appreciate this” John said

He turned to his friends and introduced me, one short one was already feasting his eyes on me like i was food. (#InmyHead – Oga Abeg, I don’t date short guys, carry your wahala go front)

We made small talk, and i excused myself, joining my colleagues and basically enjoying the evening. I felt relieved and relaxed and for a brief moment, i relegated Chief to the back of my mind. A waiter came to inquire if i would like a glass of champagne, I turned it down and asked for Chapman instead, I had had enough alcohol to last me a year.
There was so many games ongoing, i didn’t participate in any but i enjoyed watching all of them. It was a truly blissful evening. I decided to take a walk to the back of John’s house as the crowd started dispersing. He had a great place, a nice 5 bedroom duplex, tastefully furnished with a nice pool at the back. No one knew why he was unmarried and it was above our pay grade to ask.
I found a chair close to his pool and i sat down, watching the water, watching the lights dance… I closed my eyes, heaved a sigh of relief and allowed my nostrils take in as much air as my small nose could carry.
I was decluttering my mind, detoxifying my soul…. “Hey Ada, why are you all alone outside”
John said, breaking my thoughts
I shook my head, signifying no reason “Are you thinking again” – He said, squatting beside me.
No I’m not – I replied
He looked cute, his lips pink, skin chocolate, John had always been the most cutest man in our branch “you look beautiful today, I must say” – John said, looking into my eyes

I smiled and looked at john. He went to grab a chair and sat next to me. We sat down in silence and just stared at the pool together.

It was 10minutes past 11pm before i left John’s place, we had talked about everything, my family, his, John had only been in love once, She was pregnant and they decided to get married. The eve of their wedding, he found out his best friend was the father of his fiancée baby, She was in love with his friend, not John. He was devastated and obviously the wedding was called off. His ex is currently married to his best friend and he has been single ever since… I drove home in silence, i wanted to savor the new experience, to relish it. I got home, quickly had a shower and slept off.

On Sunday morning, I woke up to a text from John, thanking me for attending his birthday, I replied “Not a problem sir”. H e was after all my boss

John called me immediately, I picked up “Good morning Sir” – I said “Morning Beautiful, Hope you slept well, i just figured i didn’t even call to find out if you got home safely” John said

You could tell he was nervous, finicky about something. “I slept well, thanks for asking. I hope you did too?” – I said, in my most bid to sound as calm as possible. “Yea Yea, what are your plans for today? Remember my friend, the one wearing a red shirt yesterday, today’s his birthday. He specifically said I should invite you so I’d come pick you up by 2pm, there’s a boat to take us to the beach in Lekki”

John bellowed, it sounded more like an instruction, than an invite. The red shirt guy was the short guy. “That’s if you don’t mind” – John added

I had no plans for the day so i figured, what the heck. I might as well. “No problem Sir, 2pm it is” – I replied “Ok, good and Ada, We are not at work. My name is john” – He said and hung up.

Time was 2pm, John was in front of my house.

I wore a kente bikini, denim short and a fishnet kimono, I accessorised with anklets, long drop necklace and waist beads.

I looked like “come and fuck me”. I knew it was a bad idea, but i figured, well its just me and john, none of my colleagues were invited, so no gossip tomorrow at work.

John complimented my outfit and i could see, he was trying to keep a straight face.. In 2 days, he had seen how sexy i was, than he had ever seen in 3 years, that we worked together.
We drove to the boat club in lekki, there were other friends of John there already and he went to converse with them.
Men stared, women envied.. I was the cynosure of all eyes. I was used to it.
John would occasionally look at me and smile.
The boat ride to the beach was fun, there was music, champagne and small chops. I was beginning to loosen up, gisting with some of my new friends onboard, having a good time.

We got to the beach and the quad bikes took us to the house where the party will hold. It had a pool. Beautiful.

Music was blasting from the speakers, i danced a little, the sun was blazing hot, i had a small debate on whether to take off my shorts and get in the pool. My ass would be on full display. (#inMyHead noone ever died from staring at ass)

John was already in the house with friends, I was already in the pool, when i noticed more people coming out from the house, i smiled, i had a good body and i knew they all came out to look.
I did my music video pool getting out thingy (you swim to the edge of the pool and then get out slowly, and then squeeze the water off your hair without looking at anybody, make sure to keep your stomach taut) John was already seated close to the pool, i motioned for him to get me a towel. He went in and came back with one, instead of handing it over to me. He started drying me up.

I knew immediately he was marking his territory, men who like you do this. It was a way to tell other men to stand down, it boils down to basic animalistic instincts.

I half smiled, he dried my body, a bit afraid of touching my bum, he didn’t know how i would take it. I collected the towel from him and cleaned it myself.

After i finished drying my hair, i grabbed my fishnet kimono and draped it over my body, not like it covered much and i walked into the house. John grabbed my shorts and followed me.
When i got inside the house, i went straight to the bar and got myself a glass of wine. “Hey” – John Said, putting his hand on my lower back.
I turned around, he was too close to comfort, our lips were almost touching. He moved and came to stand beside me, hands still on my lower back. “Are you having fun” – He asked “Yea Sure” – I said, doing my best to avoid a long conversation.
John continued “hum Ada, can we talk pri…..” He was cut short by his friend, the celebrant. “My future wife, Thanks for coming” – Igho said
I smiled and said “Happy Birthday, Wish you long life and prosperity. Sorry i wasn’t able to get a gift, i had very short notice” “No, no, no, your presence alone is all the gift i need” – igho said

We all laughed.
Through out the party, you could see john was tensed, I knew what he wanted to tell me but he was my head, and I’m not so good at mixing work and pleasure.. I was comfortable switching personalities, I didn’t want anyone to look at me in the office and all they see is how i suck dick or how i take dick.. I had fun all through the party, participating in games, being loud and generally having fun. Even made some new friends, the moment people saw i was not a snub, they were drawn to my world. I had a lot to drink, a whole lot. I felt like a balloon. I didn’t want the night to come to an end.
The boats arrived and we had to leave, when we anchored in lekki, John carried me to the car, i was wasted.
We drove to my place in silence, When we got home, he helped me inside my house and when i was settled.
John got up and went home.

On monday, i woke up late and with a banging headache, I quickly showered, dried my hair and went to work. I had no make-up on.
I sat at my desk, i didn’t see John, it seemed like he was avoiding me. We didn’t see all through out that Monday.
Tuesday, as i entered into the bank, he was talking to another staff in the banking hall
“Good morning sir” – I said, avoiding eye contact with him
“morning” He said not paying me any attention.
That was the only conversation we had that day
********** Wednesday, I went into his office to get him to sign a customer’s form, he was so formal, acting as if, he didn’t just try to kiss me over the weekend
I didn’t mind, If that’s how he wants to play it. I’m good eitherways
******* Thursday, we had an early morning staff meeting slated for 7am, i was late by over 20 minutes and he scolded me right in the presence of everyone, it felt like there was an anger to it, ( “What??, is this guy fucking kidding me?? What the fuck is this??”) even my colleagues were asking me what i did wrong to him later on.
If there is anything I hate, its mind games, i detest it with a passion. I get utterly bored and done with men who fuck with your mind, if you want to fuck only, say i just want to fuck, if i like you well enough, we’d fuck. Not that, you’d act like you want something serious and then play silly children games. Right then and there, I was done with his shit, no need wondering or thinking about what i did, that was so wrong. Adults discuss issues, we dont become petty and stump our feet for attention. fuck this shii. Who the hell does he think he is? ***************
Friday, I got to work early, faced my job, put my best face forward, When i needed him to sign documents, i knocked on his door, addressed him in a polite formal manner, when he signed, I didn’t linger. I walked right out.
I’m not cut out for power tussles, I’m a lover, not a fighter. I avoid confrontations at all costs. If he was playing mind games, or power drags, I wanted him to know he was playing alone. I hate toxic situations.

And we continued this charade for another 2 weeks

It has been 2 weeks, since John started his BS, I wasn’t having none of it. I know exactly how to care for a man but if he starts displaying some shitty attitude, I quickly exit.

John must have noticed my disinterest, I did everything he said to the letter, even when he seemed like he was out to punish me, i would smile and say Yes Sir.

He got more frustrated, I was pellucid, I let everything roll off my back, Pain would do that to you, I guess. In my head, i thought, you haven’t even done half of what Chief did and you want to stress me, aren’t you a joker?

It was a friday, John had come with his usual bellowing of instructions, he instructed i come in on Saturday to do some work. I didn’t think too much of it.
On Saturday, I was at the bank, i had just parked, when i saw John standing at the passenger side of my car, he motioned for me to open the door and I did.
He entered the car and said “Drive”…….. “Where to, Sir” – I asked “Just Drive” – He repeated, this time more fiercely.
I started the car engine and drove out of the bank, he kept directing me with a straight face “Turn Left” “go straight ahead” “keep to the right” “Now go right”
Till we got to a popular hotel on the island.
I put off the car and we walked in, i thought we were probably meeting with a prospective vip client.
John came down from the car, waited for me to do the same and we walked in together, We went to the VIP section of the bar and he ordered a bottle of wine for me and shots of henny for himself.
I was keeping an eye out for the client, John had relaxed into his chair, staring at me. I kept a reasonable distance from him, I didn’t want any problem “come sit here” – He said and pointed to the couch he was on.
I looked at him, unsure if obeying him was the right decision.
I got up, sat close to him and i looked at him “who are we here to meet sir” – I asked
He was silent, no response “What are we here to do, I am asking so i could do a little research before the person arrives, so i am not sitting like a bimbo when the discussion start”
He was silent, No response
Just staring at me, innately… I stared back, looking into his soul.

As i stared at him, John grabbed my head, kissing me deeply, his lips probing mine, trying to find my tongue, I didn’t kiss back……. at first, but gawd, his lips… Oh his lips were so soft, he was kissing me slowly yet fiercely… I missed kissing… Dear Lawd, was kissing ever this good?? More than a year had passed and I’ve not had a man touch me, I didn’t know i wanted to be touched. Did i want this touch though? I was disoriented, John was a great kisser, he was practically licking my mouth, breathing heavily on my face, passion seeping through every kiss, he wanted me, i could see that.

I kissed back, my hands at my side, afraid of touching him, too stunned to move. I kissed him, slowly matching his tempo.. It was prepossessing, graceful. John was a good kisser.

Suddenly, i felt this rush of anger, i stopped, pushed him away. I was mad. “I’m sorry Ada, I really am” – John said.
Hmmmm, Sorry you say- I replied “i was having a difficult time, i cant put it in words, i couldn’t…. ” – He said

I was livid, Fuck you, Fuck your feelings, Fuck your difficult times… – I said, whispering, afraid that if i said it in my normal voice, I would be screaming.
I hated him, he fucked with my mind, i started blaming myself, I felt I was cursed. Why all the men in my life suddenly disappear, first Alex, then chief, then him and here he was telling me it was just a simple case of him having “a difficult time” I wanted to cry, but I held myself, i couldn’t be weak.
I’m sorry its all i can say ada, my feelings for you came hard and fast, I was afraid of been in a bad spot, i was scared you would reject me. I am sorry” – John said

The tears were welling up in my eyes,
I looked at him directly in his eyes… “And fear only leads to hate, thats basic school knowledge, you of all people should know this” – I said

He mouthed “I am Sorry”
I couldn’t hold back the tears, it came free falling… John hugged me…

He dried my tears, raised my head up and kissed me deeply. I kissed back.. He had fanned my embers, i wanted him…… Badly

I looked at him, grabbed his head, whispered into his ears.. “kiss me”

He smiled and kissed me, giving me all of him, he held my face, running his hands through my neck, kissing me.. A couple walked in, saw us in our heated state and turned back almost immediately.

We stopped, laughed and then we continued. We didn’t care, we were free, our fires burning. I looked at him and i wanted::
His head buried in my pussy, eating, licking, kissing it, making me drip and then licking everything up.

His lips dropping sweet kisses all over my body

I wanted to pour the honey i had at home all over my body and make him lick it all up

He was sexy, he was hot, this tshirt he was wearing was doing justice to all his pecks. I loved what i was seeing. I bit his lower lip gently, he looked at me. “I’ll do anything you want Ada” – he said, his eyes were pleading “I know you will” – I said, kissing him again

I had a chug from my glass of wine, enjoying the feel, nothing like kissing and wine. I remembered how much i loved kissing.. John looked at me while i chugged down the wine, he held my hand, kissed me again. “Lets go, I said… I want to spend more time with you, please let me have 15 minutes more” – John replied, he sounded like a kid. “and who told you where we are headed, we’d be apart” i said, looking at him

I’m going to snatch your soul tonight, call me the grim reaper”- i continued, smiling ☺
John’s eyes lit up, he was excited (#Soulsnatching is a slang for dick sucking, where you don’t stop even after the guy cums, he can cum on your face, but you put that dick back immediately in your mouth and keep sucking, till you swallow whats left of the cum)

John paid the bill and we left the bar.

I was horny, so I touched his dick as i drove. “I will drop you at home, then go home to pick up a few things” – I said “Ok babe” he replied
I dropped John at home, and i went home.
I was dripping… But i needed to get my honey.. I wasn’t going to make this any easy for john.. He would put his back into it.

I got home, went to the bathroom, shaved off all the hairs on my body.
(bite me, I wasn’t getting laid so i didn’t bother)

I put on some light music, i was dancing while i showered. I took my time, emasculating myself in my bath gels.

I washed every part of me until i could hear that squeaky sound 😚. I am very clean, but tonight is the first night I’ve wanted anyone after chief coker and i wanted it to be perfect.

I turned off the shower and came out to my bedroom.
I applied some cologne on my skin and started my makeup, my left eyebrow didn’t match the right.

Naaa, fuck this; tonight is the night according to John Legend, everything must be on fleek.

I grabbed a wipe, cleaned both of them up and re-drew them again, It was perfect now. I applied my eyeshadow, drawing my eyeliner to the perfect wing.
For Lipstain i chose Red, red has been known to incite passion.

I got up, found my red bodysuit with cross straps and i put it on. Looking at myself in the mirror, i looked beautiful, the red lips on red clothing combo worked perfectly.

I got a text from John, it reads “I can’t wait to see you Beautiful”

I smiled and replied “you mean eat me right”

He replied with a big smiley emoji “😊 and that too..” My pussy was dripping, ohh fuck, i cannot ruin this bodysuit, i grabbed a wipe and cleaned my p**sy

I continued my makeup at my dressing mirror

The euphoria of what’s to come hit me, it made more juice drip from my pussy, i took off the body suit and grabbed a towel and sat on it while i applied my highlighter and contour. I wasn’t about to mess up the bodysuit with pussy wetness.

I completed my makeup, went to the bathroom, washed and dried my p***y, then i put back on my bodysuit.

I heard a knock on the door (#inmyhead I’m going out o, whoever this is, just go away)

I didn’t respond, I felt it was Musa my gateman, when I’m going out, he will tell me whatever he has to say.

The knock persisted, i went to the door, looked through the peephole, it was musa (what does he want again now) I opened the door, there was someone standing beside Musa, my jaw dropped “Hi Adanne, I heard what happened, I came to pay my condolence”
It was Alex



Aren’t you tired of having to seek the approval of others? You know exactly what you are, who you want to be. Seeking the approval of friends or family hasn’t exactly brought you happiness.

Look at the people you ask advice from, they don’t even have their own lives together… Own yourself, before the world owns you.

Chief Coker

chief oker

Its been a couple of months, Alex wasn’t taking my calls, he even travelled outside the country without informing me. He blocked me everywhere and i was very sad.
I was shattered, I masturbated every time i thought of him, but shit happens and we have to move on.
I met chief coker, he was one of the top, if not the biggest customer of our branch. Even while i was with Alex, he would always try to get me to talk to him, I knew he liked me. Chief Coker was in his mid 50s, Tall, Slim and Clean, He had 3 grown up children and had lost his wife over 15years ago.

It was a hot Tuesday afternoon, I had just returned from having lunch and i met chief coker in the banking hall, the moment he saw me, he came to sit at my desk. “how are you today Ada, you are looking very beautiful” Chief said “Thank you chief, how’s the family” – I replied “fine fine, we are managing” – He said smiling “Haa chief, if you call this management, what will i now say” – I replied.
We both laughed, Chief was a very rich man, he had over 3 billion naira alone in my bank and I’m sure ours was not the only bank he was using. “Let me take you shopping Ada, I’m sure you need some new suits for work” Chief said
I looked at him, he had the boyish, cute, pleading look on his face, he had been asking me out for a long while and i never paid any attention to him, every girl in the bank wanted to marry chief and here he was, asking to take me shopping. I pretended to be in deep thought. “Please, we can go to any store of your choice, I like you Ada, Please give me a chance to show you, I’m not as old as you think I am” Chief said, still smiling.
The teller brought the cash, chief came to withdraw to him, I waited until he left and I said “Ok, I’ll tell when to send your driver to come pick me up”

Chief was excited, “you won’t regret meeting me Ada, Take this and buy lunch or airtime” chief said and dropped 200k on my desk.
I smiled and put in my drawer.
The moment Chief left, all my colleagues came to meet me, wanting to know what chief said or what he wanted.
I lied. I wasn’t about to let anyone spoil my good time.

I waited until Saturday before i called chief. Actually i didn’t call, i texted him my address.

In less than 25minutes, the driver called me that he was outside, we drove to chief’s house. He was already dressed and waiting outside, excited to see me.

He joined us in the car and we went to a popular mall in lagos, I bought clothes worth 850,000 and watches worth 600,000

Chief paid for it all with a smile, he wanted me to buy more, go to a different mall, but i told him no, this was enough.
We left the mall and i directed the driver to take us to my favourite chinese restaurant, i ordered for food for both of us and as we ate, we discussed about work, life and family.
Chief said – “i know there is more than to you than meets the eye, you seem like you have a lot to say but you choose not to say”

I looked at him, seemingly innocent, – this is all me chief, there’s nothing hidden.

He smiled, he knew i wasn’t ready to talk deeply about myself. “i like you Ada, I know you can make me a complete man, tell me what will make you agree to my proposal, I’m not ashamed to make you happy” – chief said “I’m fine badmus coker, i don’t need anything to make me happy” – I replied “Why are you sad, you have this gloomy look all over you Ada, was it your ex, did he break your heart, tell me, i can try to fix it. I really love you and i want to marry you” – chief said, I felt at home at him. He was kind and was genuinely out for my happiness. No mind games, or power tussle.
I didn’t know what to reply,i excused myself and went to the bathroom, I needed to breathe, the air was choking me

I cried, I wasn’t used to this, i was going to hurt chief, I am used to pain or maybe pain is used to me. Who can tell?
I came back, sat down, chief was looking at me, he cared for me, watching me, wanting to make me happy. “I can dance for you, you know” Chief said
Before i could say jack, he was up and dancing to silence, everyone was looking at him, he didn’t mind, he wanted me to be happy, to smile. “sit down, chief badmus coker, you are embarrassing me” – I whispered.

He didn’t listen, instead he came to me, dragged me and we both started dancing to silence. The restaurant staff was forced to play some soul music so we both don’t appear mad.. It was blissful, i was at peace, i was happy.

I and Badmus Coker had been dating for 3 months now, it was a beautiful experience, half of that time, i would withdraw, afraid i would make a mistake, fuck this all up again, chief would come to me, no matter how far i run, no matter how many times i busied his calls, he would send me cakes, flowers, lingerie, perfumes with cute little notes, telling me how beautiful i am and how i can never run away from him. He introduced me to his kids, anytime he spoke to me, he would ensure they say hello, I was close to him and his children. My life was beautiful.
Chief made me feel i was on top of the world, he called my branch manager John to let him know we were together, so everyone knew to stay away from me, he moved more money to our bank and let everyone who cares to listen, know it was because of me he did it.
My colleagues hated me, but when i started sharing all my excess goodies with them, the hate reduced to envy.
For 3 months, i and chief coker had not had sex, i was at home one day when it occurred to me. I decided that chief had been such a good lad i was going to make him feel good.
In all that time we were together, the most i had done for chief was cook for him, he appreciated it so much, i was beginning to wonder what kind of man he was. Chief would thank me if i called him, texted him, heck if i was breathing, i would get a thank you note or text from chief, I was overwhelmed with love, i glowed, I was at peace and for the first time since i was 13, I didn’t have to worry. ************************************ I went lingerie shopping, i had texted chief that i want to see him and would text him the address by evening
I bought a red sexy bodysuit and went to book a room at Radisson Blu

I texted Chief the room number and waited in the room for him.
I was wearing a kimono on top of the body suit, i wore a light sensual perfume and some pheromone oil
I wanted him to want him, i ordered for red wine from the hotel and poured into 2 glasses.

When i heard chief’s knock on the door, i sprayed a little of my perfume again and i opened the door. “welcome baby” – I said and I kissed him deeply.

You see i and chief had not had any sexual encounter, he wanted me to come to him at my own time and i respected him for it.
He touched my hair, his eyes scanning my face “you look beautiful darling” – Chief was excited as he spoke.

I handed him the glass of wine and held his hands so we could sit at window area and watch the lagoon.
I could feel coker’s eyes feasting on me, he knew what was coming, he was pleasantly surprised. He held my hands, afraid he would spook me and i would cancel the whole thing. I wouldn’t say i blame him, After Alex, i became a mess, i was impulsive,afraid, maybe too afraid even.
I gave mixed signals out of fear, i didn’t feel i was worthy of anyone loving or accepting me as i was and i made chief suffer, so he was always very cautious around me. He was a patient man, very patient.
I moved to kiss him, because if i don’t initiate, we will both sit there, chewing our cups, yes our sexual intimacy was weird if not, non-existent.

I kissed him gently, allowing him to warm up to me, slowly, we dropped both our glasses somewhere it won’t bother us and i held his head and kissed him very slowly, stroking his head, running my hands round the nape of his neck.
Our kissing was reassuring, we cared for each other, there was no doubt, I had grown to respect him, to want him, maybe even to love him. He was just happy at the fact that i did all this without him having to reassure me of his love. He was proud his work had paid off.

I gently took off the tunic he was wearing, his inner vest and then i kissed his chest, i got up and motioned for him to do the same, i took off his trousers and shorts and he was naked in front of me. Badmus had a good sized dick, approximately 6.3inches (i measured it later on, story for another day). He laid on the bed and was looking at me.

I put on some music, (Sade Adu – The Sweetest Taboo) and i danced for him, hips swaying from side to side, batting my eyelash, making kissing, pouty faces,

I took off one strap of my bodysuit, and then the other, slowly, rolling my hips from side to side, my boobs bouncing as i move, ass jiggling, moving my body like I’m some erotic dancer, I was making Badmus Coker a very very happy man. He looked at me like i was giving him a million dollars.

I went on the bed, my legs across each of his, and i kept dancing seductively, touching my pussy as i move, i went down, grabbed his dick, licking it to the rhythm of the song, kissing his thighs, I got back up, took off my body suit completely. I grabbed a condom from the bedside table i had bought previously and wore it on his dick.

I sat on his dick, guiding it into my vulva, then i pressed my boobs on his face, he kissed each one, gently and then started sucking it savagely, I moaned in pleasure. My boobs were my, for lack of a better word, g-spot.

I started to ride his dick slowly at first, he moaned, trying not to loose focus on the sucking he was doing; but then i started to go faster, riding his dick, kissing him as i did that.

Looking into eyes and making sure he sees I’m loving every moment.

I turned around, in reverse cowgirl, put my head in between his legs and kept on riding, he could see my pussy going up and down his dick. Badmus moaned, he loved the view.

I would drop my pussy all the way down then bring it up, having just the tip inside me, then move my ass, like I’m about to stop fucking, he would hold my waist, i would look back and he would have this pleading look, like “Please don’t stop”. I would drop my pussy down almost immediately, swallowing all his dick, then back up again. I kept going, i wouldn’t stop… He was moaning “i love you Ada, you are the most beautiful person in the world”

I fucked him, fucked him good, kissed his soul through his mouth.
And when chief was cuming, i went faster, harder, slow for a few seconds and then faster, till he shot his load inside of me… We kissed for a long time, then i took off the condom, got wipes and cleaned him and we slept in each other’s arms.

Chief was taking care of me, we would stay at different places on almost every break i could get, If we had a fight, we would almost apologise to each other at the same time, We loved each other and we didn’t want to fuck up the relationship, we were both genuinely happy.

Our relationship had been going on for 8 months now, chief had begun allowing me spend nights at his house, so his kids could get used to me, i warmed my way into their hearts and settled their fights amicably, none of them disrespected me and even though they called me aunty Ada, I could see they loved and saw me like a mother to them.

Chief’s only daughter Cassandra, would finish from school and instead of allowing the driver take her home, she would come to the bank and sit at my desk, I would keep her busy, making her do my photocopies and whatnots, She loved it, She was the only one who called me mum, she was 16 at the time.

It was very clear, i would marry chief, He was kind, patient, loving, considerably adventurous, willing to do anything to make me happy, he loved my family and always sent money and gifts to my mum and i had grown to respect and love him. Chief asked to go visit my mother so he could ask her for permission to marry me, we agreed to visit her on a Saturday.
He gave me money to buy different types of gifts, according to him, he wants them to know that he can take care of me very well (as if anyone would doubt that). I called my mum and informed her, that we would be coming.
Saturday arrived and we went to my mum’s house in lagos, she was finally happy to see the man who was sending all those gifts. She was however wary when i told her chief already had 3 children but i calmed her fears and assured her that I was also important to chief and even the children love me. She gave chief her permission and we left.

Fast forward – We had received the bridal list from my family elders and we were preparing for a wedding, Chief bought me the most beautiful ring i had ever seen. I had never felt more like a queen.
It was a week to our traditional wedding, I had just gotten various fabrics to select for I and chief to wear, so I went to his house to show him, Chief was in his study with his lawyers so i waited in our bedroom.
When he walked in, I went to hug and kiss him, the mere sight of him turned me on, he had shown me selflessness and care, like no one has. “ok, which one do you like” I said, showing him all of them.
He looked at them, thinking for a while – “Which one do you want me to like?” – He said smiling and continued “I don’t want this wedding called off all because I was stupid not to pick the right one”
We burst out laughing, I loved this man, he was so emotionally intelligent
He continued, pretending to be on the phone “Haa, hello uncle, the worse has happened o, you know that fine girl, yes, yes, that very fine, pretty girl, that finally agreed to marry this ugly me o, she has called off the wedding o,
Uncle: haa, what did you do?
Chief continued- “uncle can you imagine, she asked me which fabric i like, instead of me to simply answer, i like the one you like, i was foolishly selecting.. Haa please uncle help me beg her oo

I was laughing so hard, I almost choked. ” You women and your traps, you know exactly the fabric you want, but just to make it look as if, we men also play a role, you ask for our opinion hoping we choose exactly the one you like and when we don’t, Haha, problem” – Chief said “haba chief, its not like that. Although i like the purple one” I said, smiling “infact i love the purple one” Chief retorted and went to use the restroom
We had come to an agreement with the fabric and i proceeded to pack the rest.

Chief came out of the bathroom and requested to speak with me, he had a serious look on his face. “Ada, I want to discuss something with you” – Chief said “What is it my darling” I replied and sat on an opposite chair

Chief was in thought, pondering whether he should tell me or not
I touched his arm “Tell me whatever it is, Let’s not start the marriage with lies, I love you very much and I’m sure we can fix whatever it is, together.” – I said, reassuringly “My lawyers were here today, they want me to ask you to sign a prenuptial contract” – Chief said, scanning my face, checking to see if i was angry “Is that why you look sad, If i was in their shoes, i would suggest the same, you have 3 children, Badmus. Their future has to be secured. What if we fail at this marriage thing tomorrow or you hurt me so bad and i become vengeful, not like I am that kind of person; You already know i hate drama but I am not as rich as you are. Everyone probably thinks I’m marrying you because of your money, I will sign whatever contract you want me to sign, if it will make you happy” – I said, holding his hand and looking into his eyes

I continued – “at least we both know, that you are a poor man and I’m just here for the dick”
We burst out laughing, chief got up and kissed me, he seemed relieved that i wasn’t upset.
We continued kissing, we wanted each other, our bodies yearning with passion. Coker helped me out of my dress, kissing my shoulder, my back, groping my boobs as he took off my bra. He carried me gently and laid me on the bed, and took off my skirt, it was beautiful. He was very gentle, light kisses on my ass, he got on his knee, and flicked his tongue on my pussy, he knows i love it when my pussy is sucked.
He continued licking and flicking his tongue on my pussy, got up and then kissed me.
When he slid his dick inside me, i moaned, it was beautiful, he kept fucking me, kissing me as he did.
We climaxed almost at the same time, Me before him.
We laid on the bed and i slept off

It was morning, I woke up to freshly prepared breakfast “Good morning beautiful” Chief said as he dropped the tray on the bed. “Good morning dear” I said groggily. It was almost 10am “Don’t worry, I have called John, you are currently sick” Chief said and winked “If i say, resign now, its my head you will have for breakfast, so I will not say it” – Chief said, it was a snide remark.
I looked at him, rolling my eyes.
The food was nice, Chief’s chefs were very good. We spent the entire day, fucking, kissing, eating and watching movies, we could barely complete.
At night, before we went to bed, Chief spoke to me again about the Prenup “I don’t think i want you to sign that contract, since you spoke to me yesterday, my mind has not been at rest. Making you sign that contract means i also agree that you love me for my money and we both know its my dick you love more” we both smiled “I love you chief badmus coker” – I said
He smiled and replied “I love you too Ada”
We slept and the next morning, I went to work.

The sun was unbelievably hot that Thursday, even the air conditioning didn’t seem so cool that day

I had a lot of customers on my desk and my phone had rang twice, it was an unknown number. #inMyHead i thought i will call you back, this is a busy day.
I put my phone on silent mode and continued working, after about 3 hours, the crowd had reduced to just a couple of people and i decided to check my phone “Aunty, Please come to Saint Hospital, Oga Collapsed from peter”
Peter was Chief’s Driver.
What, how, my head was spinning. I told my colleague, bola to help me shut down, family emergency. My hands were shaking, I grabbed my keys, ran to my car, i almost flung my shoes off my legs as i sped to the hospital.
When i got there, I saw Peter, Chief’s lawyers, his only brother Bayo and one of his uncles, we had all met previously.
The moment they saw me, they stopped talking. “Where is Chief” – I asked
“Ada, calm down, he’s fine, it was just a minor issue, doctors are treating him now. Chief’s brother, Bayo said ” I want to see him, where is he ” i asked, crying. ” Haba Ada, don’t do this now, if you are crying, what will the children do” Bayo said
I put myself together, sent a text to my manager John and to my mum.
I went to the car, took off my jacket and my heels and wore a flat slippers. When i got back in, I went to speak to Peter. “What happened Peter” – i asked “Aunty, I don’t know, after you comot this morning, chief baff finish, so we drive go working place, as we reach working place, i go buy fruit come for chief, i give the fruit to chief, he don eat finish, even finish meeting with him lawyers and our distributors for company. Later chief secretary said, she hear something fall, so she say make she go check wetin be that, come see say na chief dey get heart attack, so she shout, everyone come carry am, put for motor, i drive come hospital”

I didn’t know what to say, my head was spinning, i started to pray, not like i was any good, i pleaded and begged and cried to God to let Chief come back to me.
He made me very happy and i didn’t want to loose him.

My Branch manager John had arrived, so i introduced him to the lawyer and Chief’s family. They all went outside to discuss, i looked around the hospital, i didn’t know what to do.
My phone rang, it was my mother. “Hello Ada, where are you. Me and emeka dey outside” Emeka is my brother’s name.
I went outside to bring them in, I also introduced them to Chief’s brother and lawyer.
We sat in the waiting section. Its been almost 45 minutes, no one had any news for me. I was getting worried, my brother was trying to calm me down. I was more worried that all this time, no one was bothered to look for a doctor so they could speak with chief. They seemed comfortable, I wasn’t. I went to talk to a nurse. “Please, I want to see my husband, he was brought in here today, he had an heart attack, Chief Badmus Coker”
She looked through and said ” Madam, please have a seat, a doctor will be with you soon” “But i have been here for almost 1 hour now, Can i at least see my husband” I replied
Madam, Just have a seat, a doctor will be with you shortly
John came to call Emeka and they went out.
I didn’t care to know, what they were discussing.
Soon they all came back in, Emeka and john sat beside me and my mum and the lawyer spoke ” Ada, I’m sorry but Chief didn’t make it, He died before they got to the hospital”

***************************** Wait😳😳, is this lawyer mad, it looks like he’s mad, Which chief died? we saw this morning, we fucked this morning *************************************** “Eh come barrister whatever your name is, don’t play such expensive jokes, i left the house this morning, i and chief spent all of yesterday together, our wedding is in less than a week, he already made reservations with his pilot to fly us to the village, so which chief are you talking about?? I was yelling, crying as i yelled.
My mum was crying.
Bayo looked at me and put his hands together, begging me to be calm. He loved me as family, he saw how much joy i brought to his brother’s life. “I want to see him” I said “you can’t see him right now” Barrister Femola said. “i said i want to see him now, i will not move an inch from this place, if i don’t see him” I screamed

The Barrister looked at bayo, he nodded.
We all followed while the Barrister led the way.

They opened the door, chief had been covered, i removed the cloth from his face, he seemed like he was sleeping.
I called out for him, with tears in my eyes “Badmus Seyi Coker, the love of my life, my God given husband, i know you can hear me, get up, lets go home. Remember we have a wedding to plan. Ok i will make that igbo soup you say you like. Just get up, lets go home”
This is not what you promised me, you said no matter the situation, we will face it together. Who will call me igbo gyal, who will cover me when it rains, who will sit with me and watch different movies that we never complete, who will bring me breakfast in bed and lie that they made it themselves, who will gossip about other people with me. Badmus seyi coker, everyone is here, show them how much you love me and wake up, lets go home. You never liked hospital smells, you say, it reminds you of when alice was ill, so let’s go home my husband “

Chief didn’t move, he couldn’t hear me. He was gone.
I cried, screamed, hit him on the chest, shouted, i wanted to climb on the bed and lay beside him, john my branch manager grabbed me, he was strong, he held me, consoling me.

I didn’t want to be consoled, i wanted to die

Why is God so mean? A man that has shown me nothing but Love and care, why did he deserve to die.
My life was shattered, a part of me died along with Chief coker.
His death marked the biggest plunge in my life. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 It was 6 weeks after chief died, We had buried chief and his children were living with me, they were suddenly orphans and didn’t want to stay with any other relative. I was the only familiar face they could relate with.
Chief had left a will and a letter for me.
His children were to go live with his late wife’s sister in Switzerland and his son, Paul was to take over the company after he had completed his education in Switzerland, pending that time Bayo his brother would run the affairs and an external audit firm would periodically audit the companies to ensure that all was going well. To repay Bayo for his work of overseeing the company until Paul’s education was complete, Bayo would get 12% of chief’s 68% ownership of the company.
I was to receive a lifetime salary.
Chief’s letter reads: “My darling Ada, you have made me the most happiest man on earth, After I lost Alice, I never thought i would meet someone else who would make me love

Chief’s letter reads: “My darling Ada, you have made me the most happiest man on earth, After I lost Alice, I never thought i would meet someone else who would make me feel love again.
I pray you never get to read this letter and that we both die old together but the fact remains, that i will die before you because i am older than you are.
I love you Ada, from the bottom of my heart and i chose to write this letter now, while i am madly in love with you, so in times of trouble, i can read it and remind myself how you made me feel.
You have brought so much joy in my household, you brought peace, you brought light in our dark home, I and the children appreciate you for everything you have done.
You might wonder why i requested, the children to go live with their mother’s sister, i have instructed the lawyer, that if we have kids, you were to keep them, but if we don’t, i do not want you saddled with 3 children that aren’t exactly yours. I know you love them genuinely, but I want you to focus on finding a companion and if God willing, you remarry; not stuck taking care of 3 children that aren’t yours.
I want you to be happy as you have made me happy. I pray you find love again my darling wife.
Until we meet to part no more,

Your loving husband,
Chief Badmus Seyi Coker

I cried and drowned my sorrows in alcohol. John, my branch manager was very kind and gave me over 1 month off. I didn’t get better, i got worse. Way worse.
Since the devil was out to get me, i might as well enjoy the pain.



After that night with Alex, We went to ghana the next day and had a glorious 2 days. Alex was a gentleman, he made me so comfortable and then he fucked me so good.
We were seeing now on a regular basis, our relationship wasn’t defined. We’d meet, have sex, go out, have fun. Sometimes he sends me beautiful flowers & expensive gifts at work. Everyone wanted to know who my new boyfriend was. When i tell them, he isn’t really my boyfriend, they all think I’m lying; So i stopped responding.
I was at Alexander’s house and he invited an old friend of his, he called her misslacious. Their relationship seemed like, they had known each other for years. They were obviously more closer. She got a call and she told alex to pack a bag; Apparently a deal they had both been bidding on just came through.
Alex walked to me and said “humm babe, i hope you won’t be bored, i have to get to abuja real quick.
Misslacious turned to Alex and said, Call Tonia to keep her company and laughed a very mischievous laugh.
Alex replied her saying not a good idea and they both left.
I was now all alone for the weekend in Alexander’s house, I decided to get some rest, probably go out later
The door bell kept ringing, i had been asleep for over 3 hours, I woke up, thoughts running through my mind, who could that be. Is Alexander married? Eh what if that’s the wife and she beats me up or pours acid on me”
I had to get up, the doorbell kept ringing. Whoever was there wasn’t leaving soon.
I looked through the door peep hole. It was a woman.
I braced myself and opened the door, there was this very pretty lady, I was envious, her skin glistened. She smiled, showing her impeccable set of teeth.
“Hello” – i said “Alex is not around” – i continued
“She replied – “I know, he asked me to come keep you company that he’s travelling, I’m Anthonia, but everyone calls me Tonia. Can i come in?”
It was then i realised, i had only opened a small part of the door. Don’t blame me, you can never fully trust a man.
“of course, sorry” I said.
She walked in and went straight to the bar, it was obvious she had been there before. While she was pouring herself a drink, I rushed to get my phone.

I sent a text to alex “your friend is here, did i tell you i need company, or you don’t trust me staying alone in your house”

I didn’t get a reply immediately, he was probably busy so i went to join Tonia in the living room. I sat down and put on the tv. “should i pour you a drink” Tonia asked

I nodded and she went ahead to pour me a drink.

Tonia came to sit close to me on the couch. “So tell me about you, I hear you work at xyz bank. I work with abc Oil & gas” – Tonia continued.

She kept talking about herself, i wasn’t really listening. #inMyHead: i was thinking, i just met you, Alex is not here, i don’t really want to know about you.

She got up to use the restroom. I tried calling Alex, he didn’t pick up. He sent a text “I’m sorry babe, i didn’t call her, misslacious did. I’ll be back tomorrow morning ok”

Tonia was back to the living room. We had a few more drinks and talked about different life issues, she was quite witty and emotionally intelligent. “I used to date Alex, you know” – Tonia said

I looked at her, keeping a straight face, if i felt anything, i wasn’t showing it. “don’t feel bad, our relationship was borne out of parental pressure, it was a roller coaster. He was in love, I wasn’t and now we are friends” – She said and let out a small laugh.

I could see she was sad but I couldn’t tell if she was sad that they broke up or sad that he’s with me now.
I quickly changed the topic to avoid any awkwardness. We talked about other things as the day rolled away. I couldn’t go out anymore. We had both finished one bottle of wine and was on the second; she told me about her life in the USA, her work, gossiped about a few of her colleagues, we bonded and i started seeing her as a friend. She wasn’t a bad person, she was actually more fun, more outgoing than Alexander was.
It was getting late, the alcohol was taking effect, i was feeling sleepy, so i told Tonia i was calling it a night, she decided she was going to finish the 2nd bottle before she retires. I left her and went to the bedroom; no sooner had i entered, I went to bed almost immediately.

It must have been a couple of hours after i got into the room, i started feeling hands on my boobs, my thighs, kisses at the nape of my neck, hands grabbing my ass.
I was enjoying it, i thought it was alex.
Then it clicked; wait, what, Alex is not around. Who can this be.
I was scared for a split second but hearing tonia’s voice made me calm
“You are the most beautiful person i have ever seen, i want to take care of you, Alex can’t do anything for you and he knows it which is why he doesn’t let me near his girlfriends” – Tonia said “I love how big and firm your titties are, i love your ass, i want to eat you out, you’ll love it, trust me”
I was dumbfounded, i had never been with a girl, she kissed me, I was too wasted to say No, she kept touching my nipples, using the palm of her hands to roll around my nipples, it felt good. She turned me around to face her.
I had mixed emotions – I wanted her and i didn’t want her.
Her hands were soft, her lips softer, tongue longer, she was kissing my neck, my face, my lips, I wanted her.
I was drunk, I wanted sex, at that moment, it didn’t matter who was giving it.
Tonia took off my top, and kissed my nipples, she started sucking on it, licking it, while caressing the second nipple. It was pure heaven. I moaned, she continued, sucking, licking, flicking her tongue around my nipples.
I started touching her boobs, she had smaller tits, probably a b cup, but her nipples were big and taut, she didn’t slow down, kept sucking and nibbling on my boobies, she was goooood.. I rolled my waist on the bed 😉, the pleasure was indescribable, i was wet and needed dick.
She continued licking and sucking my boobs, she went down to my pussy, touching my clit, rubbing it with 2 fingers.
Round, circular motions.
I moved to the rhythm of her touch, she was on top of me now, grabbed both my boobs together, sucking both at the same time, i loved it, I was moaning and saying all sorts of obscenities.
I was dripping wet, i loved how she was making me feel.
She put 2 fingers back at my pussy, doing that circular motion all over pussy from my clit to vulva

“you are so wet, i like how wet you are” she said as she kissed me deeply inserting both fingers deep into my pussy.
I screamed, she brought her fingers out and licked it.
I loved how nasty she was, so i grabbed her neck and kissed her, moved her upwards so my mouth can touch her nipples and i sucked it very well.
I went all in, sucking, nibbling, carressing, squeezing both of her boobs, she moaned “Gawdddd”
I didn’t stop, she was moaning as i sucked on her tits, she was dry humping me,
Our flesh close, bodies intertwined, passion burning, lips, tits, skin , tongues, ass everywhere.
We looked like we had been doing this for a while, she was gentle with me almost as if we were in love.
I stopped sucking her boobs and we sat facing each other.
She crossed her legs into mine so our pussies can touch, our boobs were touching too, it was electrifying, we kissed and grind our pussies against each other, it was titillating. We reveled in each other’s bodies.
We kept grinding.
Oomph, Haaa,
Oh yes, ohhh
Oomph, haaa

We moaned our way into a climax.
We were both beautiful and the orgasm made us kiss each other, we seemed like we were in love, it was pure ectasy, we knew this wouldn’t be the only time.

We slept in each other’s arms, We were both satisfied. I had just woken up, i heard Alexander’s voice outside. “Wake up tonia, Alex is back” – i tapped her.

Tonia got up groggily, she went to the guest bedroom and i quickly made the bed so as not to arouse any suspicion.
Alex had unlocked the door and was inside now, so i went to the living room to meet him “Welcome home babe” I said and hugged him

His eyes went to the wine bottles on the table. He looked at me, his eyes searching my face. I did my best not to give anything away. “where is Anthonia” He asked walking towards our bedroom
She’s in the guest bedroom” I replied

He entered the room, sat on the bed and he said Get me a glass of water.
I went to the kitchen to get him a glass of water, when i brought back the water, Alex was stark naked. “here’s the water babe” I said and offered it to him “drop it on the table over there, then kneel and crawl your ass down here” – Alex said “what’s wrong babe – I asked, doing exactly what he wants.

I was in front of alex now, he asked me to get up and stay on the bed in a doggy position. I was scared, why is he talking to me like a stranger. ************* ” Im only going to ask you once Ada, Did she fuck you? Think before you respond, if you lie to me, i will fuck you to stupor, no one will save you, you already know i can go on for hours if i want to… He smacked my ass waiting for me to answer, I groaned

I swallowed. Do i say the truth?, if i lie , will he know? “humm” i said slowly
I needed to escape, there is no way i can take Alexander’s pounding, he’s a vigorous soul. “I’m waiting Ada” Alex said as he tapped his dick on my pussy lips.

I moaned, he walked to the side of the bed and sat down so he could see my face clearly, i was still in that doggy position.

I bolted and ran for the door, ran into tonia’s room and locked the door. Alex came there, i could see through the peephole, he was still naked “Open the door, Ada you are only delaying yourself, the faster you tell me the truth, the easier I’d be on you” – Alex said as he continued to knock the door down.

Tonia was awake now. “He knows right” – Tonia asked

I nodded; yes.

Tonia Continued, albeit nonchalantly – “He’s trying to fuck me out of your system. We always have this war. He fucked the love of my life to spite me and i do it to him too”…… “you fucking bitch” , i screamed as i rushed at her, I pushed her, she fell on the bed and i proceeded to hit her, i was angry, “So you used me to get back at Alexander, I thought we shared something”…. I continued hitting tonia, She was smiling and didn’t even make any attempt to fight back.
I had to stop, I was spent. I felt used. I allowed myself to be used as a pawn in some exes war. I was tired, i wanted to go home, forget both of them, erase both of them from my mind.
Alex was still beating down the door.

I walked to the door, opened it, he saw tonia in a corner of the room, went to meet her, grabbed her and started kissing her “is this what you want” – Alex was screaming as he lifted and placed her on the bed, she had the top half of her body on the bed and her feet firmly placed on the floor, he tore off her shorts, smacked her ass, licked 2 of his fingers and wet her pussy and then he rammed into her, she screamed “Fuuuccckk”
I was about to leave, ( #inMyHead – you are both made for each other)
I was at the door and then alex shouted at me; “Sit the fuck down, you are going to watch me do exactly what you did, Sit the fuck down”
I sank into the couch and watched alex fuck tonia six ways from Sunday, he did everything he does to me, to her.
My blood boiled, I shed a tear, I was hurt, he was hurt, she felt bad for hurting both of us.
Alexander kept pounding Tonia, flipping her like she was a doll.
Kisses, lapping tongues, boobs, skin, strength, softness all on display.
It was a turn on to watch them fuck, but i was too upset to move.
Alex was going fast, moving very fast, i knew he was cuming, he grited his teeth and exploded inside tonia, pushed her on the bed and walked toward the door. “Both of you should leave, I don’t ever want to see any of you ever again” – He said and walked away.
I could only cry.



Its been a couple of months, Bode kept calling, wanting to see me, have a relationship, it wasn’t my thing. Relationships are overrated, I had been heartbroken before and one time was more than enough, I can’t remember clearly if that was when my sexual compulsion started.

It was a rainy day; I needed to get my charger from the car, so I got an umbrella and walked to the parking lot. I entered my car and got the charger. I had just come out of my car, opened my umbrella up when this guy parked beside me, he quickly came down from the car and came to stand under my umbrella.

“Sorry, can I join you? I’m just going inside the bank?”

He was wearing a white oversized, long top and grey jeans; he was taller so he had to bend because there’s only so much I can extend the umbrella.
We got to the entrance of the bank, and I could see his features clearly.
He was roughly around 6’5, He had this man bun(probably half-caste), fair glistening skin, spoke with an accent, beard gang and tattoos, he seemed well built, muscles and all.

We walked into the bank, he went to the counter, and I went to my seat, thinking of how to get his number, he seemed like such good meat to waste.

Less than a few minutes later

“Hello, humm, I was asked to come to pick up my atm card here” – Alex said

“Good afternoon, please have a seat”, I passed him a piece of paper to write down his account number, with him being only a distance from me, I could very well see his face more clearly, the guy was almost white, lips full and pink, and he talked like he was trying to seduce you. There was this reckless abandon about himself that made him more appealing; it was like he didn’t take himself too seriously.
He smelled very nice, and his eyes, ohh gosh his grey cat eyes #heavenly.

“I’ve never seen you here before, did you just open this account” – I said, in a bid to start a conversation.

“No actually, I opened it about 6 months ago, but I had to travel for a course, I just got back a couple of days ago – he replied, handing me the piece of paper containing the account details.

I got up most seductively I could think of, I looked like a dork 😂😂… I could swear I was trying too hard. 😂😂 I searched for the atm card, gave it to him and showed where to sign. I directed him to the counter so he could change his pin.

How do I get his number? This guy will not go like that, I must eat him. Don’t blame me, he seemed so edible.

Just as he was about to leave my desk, I gave him my card “here’s my card, if you have any issues on your account, call me. I would gladly help you.”

#inMyHead – Really though, Ada, who the hell says I would “gladly” help you. That’s overkill, the guy is already feeling choked, calm your tits babe

He walked to the counter, finished his business, left the bank without even saying goodbye… But then……..

Alex had left his phone on my table. I picked it up; it was a new phone, it was unlocked and had very few pictures, I dialled my number from the phone quickly just in case he was coming back in to get it and quickly deleted its record.

About an hour later, the phone rang. I picked up, “Hello, who’s this, I lost this phone today” – Alex said

“you forgot it on my desk at XYZ bank” – I replied, “oh wow, Thank you very much, I thought I had lost it, ok I’m headed there now to pick it up.”

#inMyHead pick fire, oga this is my ticket to see you, you are not picking up anything

“Sorry Mr Alex, but I’ve left the bank, I’m running a couple of errands, where do you live, maybe when I’m done, I can bring it to you” – I said “wow, that’s very kind of you, can you give me your phone number so I can text the address to you” he replied.
I gave him my phone number and said goodbye.

I was the first to close that day, left the bank, got home, showered and dressed up. I wore a red leather mini skirt and a dropping neckline bodysuit. All my curves and edges were fully pronounced.

I waited till about 8 pm; then I called him back at the number he used to reach me earlier.

“hey its Ada, I’m on my way to you now” – I said

“ok, thank you, I really appreciate” – Alex replied.

Alex’s house was a freaking mansion. whaaaaat!!! This guy is living the life. I was excited, he has not even said anything to me, and already I’m planning our weekends in his house.

I got to the gate, and I informed the gateman who I was there to see. He opened the gate for me. I was expected; he directed me to the main entrance. I drove in and parked my car, (it looked like a taxi amongst the cars in Alex’s house). I walked to the main entrance, rang the bell and backed the door.

I call this move the WOW factor, you back the man, so when he opens the door, he has a view of your ass and then turn around and blind him with your beauty

I pretended I was on my phone when I heard the door open; I didn’t turn around immediately, I let him have that few seconds view of my ass. I turned around, his jaw dropped… I always look way different from my workplace. I’m never the same on and off work.

I have him exactly where I want him now…

“Hey Alex, here’s your phone, I sent someone outside to check for you, but you were far gone” – I said

” I didn’t even know I forgot it until I had been home for a while” – he replied saying Thank you. “sorry, my bad, please come in.”

I walked into the house, sat down and he asked what I’d like to drink. I said a shot of Henny would do. “I must confess, I almost didn’t recognize you,” he said while pouring me a drink.

I smiled (#inMyHead, of course, that’s the goal) and crossed my legs, revealing more skin.
If Alex was interested, he didn’t show it. I was getting upset but yet very turned on. I never shy away from a challenge. We talked for a while about his work, family. He kept complimenting me but An hour had passed, and I was yet to eat this guy.

He was attracted to me but too much of a gentleman to do anything about it. I told him, I was leaving that I had a few places to go to.

He looked at me and said, “when was the last time you had sex, Ada.”
( #inMyhead What did I just hear?? Is this a trick question?)

What? What did you just ask me? – I said
You heard me very well – Alex said.
He continued – you’ve been flirting with me all evening, I’m a very learned person ADA, tell me exactly what it is you want, you are gorgeous, I can see that, but mind games are not your forté.”
(#inMyhead The fuck? did this guy just beat me at my own game?)

I looked at him and said – I don’t want anything, Alex” I just came to return your phone.”

As I made to leave, he held my hand and dragged me to himself. I fell on his legs.

Hmmmph. Haaaa I yelled.. “you could have injured me, you know” – I said. “But I didn’t” Alex replied, using his eyes to search my soul.

I couldn’t look at him, his eyes were too seductive, I turned my face away, my skirt was too short, and I didn’t have panties on, my ass was practically on his legs. I adjusted myself. I was uncomfortable, sweaty, suddenly dizzy. (who send me a message)

“look at me Ada, tell me exactly why you came here,” Alex said and sniffed my neck, he licked it, and I gasped for air.

He was sensual, touching me, running his hand at the back of my neck, I was still seated on his legs, it was the best feeling ever, why am I so turned on.

Why do I feel like I am dripping wetness on this guy’s trousers? Why can’t I breathe? Is my skirt short? Did I lock the car door? Where exactly am I? I felt tired, too tired?

My head was spinning as Alex was running his hands down my neck. “Ada, you said you wanted to leave, you never answered my question, when was the last time someone dicked you down.”
I was silent; I gathered myself and got up. Alex got up too and hugged me, put his hand around my waist, he was quite tall.

“can you let me go please?” I said, barely hearing myself.

This guy was doing something to me; I couldn’t say or know what it was. My knees quivered, I felt heavy.

He took his hands away, then bent down and kissed me, slowly, groping my ass, squeezing me, he continued, very slowly and then ferociously, licking me, my neck, grabbing the back of my head. I wanted him; I wanted him badly.

He stopped suddenly and said “you can go now” “Wait, What??….
#wait for #what?

I took a step back; he kept a straight face. I was angry, is this guy fucking with me?
I walked out of the house and walked to my car, I saw him coming out of the house, and I quickly entered my car and locked the door.

Alex didn’t even come to me, I saw him walk to the gate, speak to the gateman, and then he started walking towards me, I started my car, and just as I was about to drive out, he came to the side of my car and signalled for me to roll down my car windows. I refused and continued to drive off. Got to the gate and horned for the gateman to open the gate, no one responded.

“wait am I locked in here” – I thought.

Alex didn’t move from where he was. He was on his phone.

My phone beeped, a text from Alexander “you know that you can’t leave except I say so right, park the car, I just want to talk to you.”

I sent a text replying him.

“Ask them to open the gate, Alex. Are you trying to kidnap me or what?

He replied – Aren’t you cute, bring your sweet ass here?

I sat in my car for 20 minutes; he wouldn’t budge; he didn’t seem like he would budge. He left me and walked into his house.

I waited another 20 minutes, he wasn’t budging. “fuck fuck fuuuuhckkkkk” – I said, hitting the steering wheel of my car.

I parked my car and walked into his house, ready to give him hell for making me stay outside for 40 minutes.

Immediately I walked through the door, Alex grabbed me, carried me, like carried me so high, my pussy was at his face and he started eating me out, “flick, flick, whoosh, whoosh, his tongue went up and down my pussy.

I couldn’t breathe, talk, I couldn’t scream, I was still stuck at the part where I am now 7ft taller. How is this man so strong? Why am I up here so fast? Was he waiting for me? I’m lost, someone, please find me.

I was moaning so loud; more turned on by his strength than the pussy licking he was giving.
He dropped me on the couch, and spread my legs apart, held it down and kept licking my pussy. My leg was practically touching my head; he held me down, I couldn’t move, I moaned with pleasure, sucked on my own fingers,

Alex took 2 of his fingers and put it inside my pussy, licking my clit and fingering me at the same time, it was bliss.
I loved it; it was beautiful. He kept sucking, making this sucking sounds, I was wet, I loved what he was doing to me.
Alex stopped sucking my pussy and came up to kiss me; he kept fingering me.
He was going faster with his fingers; I was going to cum now.
He went back down and kept flicking his tongue up and down my clit while fingering me.
I screamed into an orgasmic haven.
He got up, I was panting. “are you hungry, I make a mean noodles” – Alex said

I was still panting, “I’ll take that as a yes” Alex said and walked away into his kitchen.
This guy just gave me an eternal orgasm, and he was acting like we just got back from church.
Lawd Gawd… Am I falling in love?

My pussy was throbbing; I was so tired. I got up from the couch and headed to the kitchen.

“where is your bathroom Alex?” – I asked.

“Why? don’t bother cleaning up; I plan to lick you up anyways” – Alex replied

I gave him this look like (e be like say you dey find who to kill).

“just show me the bathroom, I really need to pee” – I said

He pointed the door to the bathroom for me; I went in to rinse the wetness off my pussy. While I was washing up, I kept replaying the night, asking myself, how I moved from hunter to prey.

When I came out of the restroom, Alex had served one nice looking noodles 🍜, and my initial plan of rejecting his food went to blazes (yes I love food, sex and writing). “fine girl, food is ready” – Alex said breaking my reverie.

I sat down at the mini dinner table inside Alex’s massive kitchen and proceeded to eat the food. The noodles were nice, wet and succulent, just like I like it. “after we are done eating, I’d have you as dessert” – Alex said with such a straight face “I have work tomorrow” – I said quickly, trying to avoid his gaze.

No, you don’t, tomorrow is Saturday, I will drive you to your place in the morning, you could grab a couple of your things, maybe we could go to ghana later tomorrow. I have a house there we could stay, have you ever been? ” Alex asked, searching my face.
I couldn’t say anything; I just nodded no; here this man was, been a man, taking charge of things, making me feel like a little girl, feeding me, fucking me, planning to take me on a trip all in one night.
I adjusted myself, gulping air. I was feeling so small. This is not my comfort zone; I am used to being in charge.
I was tired; I knew there was no way I could drive home myself. I asked him where I was going to sleep.
Alex laughed hysterically, I was not amused. “what’s funny” – I asked “you are not going to be sleeping” – He said and walked to get us some water.
I knew I was in for it, the faster I gave up control, the easier for me, but I can’t give up control, I wouldn’t give. I felt I was loosing; why was I feeling depressed instead of happy?

I couldn’t answer this question; thoughts ran through my head.

“you wanna shower now so that I can run a hot bath,” Alex said, breaking up my thoughts. “Yes,” I replied, not looking his way.
We walked to the bathroom. Everything about Alex’s house is big; he had a big bowl-like tub. Stood there for a minute transfixed.
“Do you want me to help you out of your clothes”- Alex said. Before I could respond “No”, he was already helping me out of my skirt. Left in only my bodysuit, he turned me around, pushed my hair to the side of my head, and then kissed me…my back…soft, slow kisses.
Took off one strap of my bodysuit, kissed my shoulder. I closed my eyes; his touches were too fiery. He took off the other strap of my bodysuit, turned me around and kissed my boobs and then proceeded to take off my bodysuit, leaving me completely naked. Here I was standing in front of this man in all of my essence; I had never felt so small, so vulnerable.
“You can have your bath now; I’ll just sit here and watch”- Alex said. I couldn’t object; it was undeniable he was in charge. I went into the tub, sat in it. It was exhilarating; I let out a big breath of air. For a minute, I wished he wasn’t sitting there staring at me, gazing into my soul with his beautiful grey eyes…I wanted him to touch me, to kiss me, if possible to love me. He was making me feel more than I have ever felt my entire life, in just a few hours. “talk to me, tell me about yourself, what do you enjoy doing” Alex said, his eyes boring a hole through my soul.

My lips trembled,

Heart beating,
Knees quivering,
Body cold

“humm I like movies

#inMyHead, Really b!t&h, Ada who says I like movies to this question. This man is trying to know you, and you are saying you like movies… Who gives a fuck, like seriously, you are a shallow bitch right now, man the fuck up.

After giving myself that pep talk. “How about I tell you all my likes and dislikes when I have you for dessert” – I replied Alex.

His eyes widened. He liked that I was my old sassy self; you could tell that he does not shy away from a challenge.
I got up from the bathtub, walked in front of him naked, I was going to own this shii.

He got up, walking behind me, watching my ass jiggle.
I went to his wardrobe, “what do I wear”, I asked, turning to look at him.

Alex took off his trousers, and the white vest he had on, he was completely naked showing off this almost white 8 inches big cock.

I swallowed… “now explain to me why you need something to wear again” – Alex replied.
He grabbed me by the neck, kissing me savagely,

Ohh my lips,
Ohh my neck

Jeez, my boobs “Oh my gawdddd” – I moaned “stop, please. Please, stop” – I begged “Don’t stop, oh baby, Kiss me” – I asked.

Alex lifted me up and placed me on the bed.

He continued kissing me, slowly moving to my neck.

Then he made lines from my neck to my vagina, kissing me at every 3cm, I moaned and clawed his back; that fueled him.
He kept going, giving my clit a flicker, every time he got close to it.
He kissed the inner part of my thighs, the air from his nostrils slightly caressing my vulva.
I wanted him.

He came back up, kissed me and proceeded to lick my ears; I was going berserk.

“oh please, Alex, please” – I screamed. I was practically begging him to stop

“you can scream as loud as you want, no one is coming to rescue you” – Alex said.

“When I saw you at the bank, I already knew you couldn’t handle me, but you had to come here with your mini skirt and flirt with me. I’m going to ravage you, Ada, eat you all up. I’m going to make your pussy sore, your head spin. You will beg me to literally fuck you and I won’t and just when you least expect it. I’ll bless you with this cock.” – He continued!

Alex held my hands together above my head; I couldn’t move, he kissed me so deeply, I was weak at my knees.
He spread my legs apart and licked my pussy for a couple of minutes, got up, wore a rubber and kissed my pussy again, then immediately rammed into me.
I let out a loud scream,
His dick was big,
He went fast, faster, hard, harder,
He rolled his waist like he was dancing inside of me.
He looked like a beast; he had no mercy. He was pounding me. “Whose pussy is it?” – He kept asking me “it’s your baby, Ohh it’s fucking yours” – I couldn’t breathe.

He would fuck me, take it out, eat my pussy and then put it back in.

He would slow down, fucking me with just the tip and then ram all 8inches of beauty into me.
It was fucking glorious. “I said whose pussy it is” – Alex yelled

I kept saying it’s yours. Fuck!!!! He kept pounding me; I was going to cum; he was also going to cum “Fuck me harder, harder babe” – I pleaded.

Alex turned me around and put his hands to my head, holding it down, my ass was on his dick, and he fucked the shit out of me.

We screamed as the juices flowed out of our bodies. The cum was beautiful. He kissed my back as his dick shuddered inside me.

He was the second.